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Patriot Defense Battery Intercepts Two Missiles Just One Day After Deployment In Iraq


Patriot Defense Battery Intercepts Two Missiles Just One Day After Deployment In Iraq

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On March 31st, Turkish state outlet Anadolu Agency reported that two missiles were fired on the Ain Al Assad air base, which were intercepted by Patriot defense batteries.

The Iraqi officer who spoke to Anadolu Agency on condition of anonymity said that Patriot missiles intercepted two rockets launched towards the Ain al-Assad base west of the al-Ramadi city.

On March 30th, Washington deployed Patriot missile defense batteries in bases hosting U.S. troops in Iraq, in Ain al-Assad base and Harir base in Erbil.

On March 31st, Usbat al-Tha’ireen (UT) (The movement of Revolutionary Association; the League of Revolutionaries) issued a statement saying that they cancelled plans of an attack on US forces at Ain al Assad base in Iraq.

According to the statement, the operation against US officials visiting there was called off because there were many Iraqis present with the Americans.

The group is the one that claimed responsibility for an attack on camp Taji, that took the lives of 3 US-led coalition forces on March 11th.

In an official statement released on March 15, the group confirmed its responsibility for the recent rocket attacks on Iraqi bases hosting U.S. troops.

“In response to the request of our Mujahedeen brothers … we declare that the blessed operations [the shelling of occupation bases] are our operations, and we fear no one by announcing this,” the statement reads.

“The assassination of our martyr leaders is heat in our chests, a motive for our conscious that will not trail off until the withdrawal of the occupying forces in a humiliating and degrading manner,” the group said.

On March 17th, the group issued another statement, with a video message, threatening the US forces in Iraq.

“The movement of Revolutionary Association, Usbat al-Tha’ireen, promises the Iraqi people, the families of martyrs and the people who were wounded by the enemies and their allies, the devil America, we promise that what happened in Taji and Basmea is nothing but a simple message to clarify the fact that this is the least that we can use against them, also to clarify that our victorious, blooming, full of pride and dignity resent has more long rang weapons that can perish you in the land of your spoiled child Israel,” the group’s member said in the video.

UT called on President Donald Trump to withdraw all U.S. forces from Iraq. The group threatened the Oklahoma Air National Guard and the 277th Aviation Regiment. Both units are deployed in Iraq as a part of the so-called “International Coalition”.

“Leave vertically, before we force them [U.S. forces] to leave horizontally [in coffins],” the group’s member warned in the video.

And, now, they continue their activity by making a claim that they were about to carry out an alleged attack, but gave up. Which seems like a publicity stunt more than anything.




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