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Pashinyan In “Self-Isolation” As Azerbaijan Largely Does As It Pleases In Karabakh

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On January 6th, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan didn’t attend the Holy Liturgy in honor of the feast of the Epiphany and the Nativity of Christ in the Cathedral Church of Surb Lusavorich.

His press secretary, Mane Gevorgyan said that Pashinyan was in “self-isolation” due to the epidemiological situation.

This is an easy way to continue refusing to take any responsibility for his failures, and remain in power, leading the country from his basement and via Facebook.

On the same day, Pashinyan released an opinion piece titled “The Origins of the 44-day War.”

“In fact, this part of the story treats of the reasons and factors behind the 44-day war. But, of course, it is also important to talk about the course of the war, the chances of victory and the reasons for the defeat, the signing of the statement of November 9, post-war events and, most importantly, the future of Armenia and Artsakh.

I will touch on these topics as needed. If it turns out that an article is still an acceptable genre for our society, perhaps I will do so in the form of articles. Time will tell.

I also realize that this article may be frustrating for anyone who is tired of discussing the past and wants to see the future. But conversations like this about the recent and not-so-close past are important to start an in-depth discussion about the future.”

This is what Pashinyan had to say as a conclusion to an article that almost entirely blamed past leadership mistakes for the failure of Armenia to mount any effective offensive against Azerbaijan.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan is beginning to improve the infrastructure of the regions that came under its control.

According to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, an international airport will be built on the territory of Varanda by his order in the occupied Hadrut region of the Republic of Artsakh. It is assumed that it will be on the site of the former airport of the Soviet period.

Aliyev also stated that “despite the existing Varanda-Shusha road, they can also use the Akna-Stepanakert-Berdzor road at any time, since it is open for them.”

Azerbaijan is building a fortified area at the exit from Karintak

The photo below was taken from Shusha.

It shows a crossroads at the exit from Karintak, where the Azerbaijani Armed Forces have begun construction of an entire fortified area.

According to the military correspondent Semyon Pegov, in Stepanakert reported that a large convoy of construction equipment entered Shushi a few days ago on the way from the Red Bazaar to Shushi.

Pashinyan In "Self-Isolation" As Azerbaijan Largely Does As It Pleases In Karabakh

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At the same time, there appear to be issues in the demarcation of borders.

“12 houses in the border village of Shurnukh in Syunik province are coming under the control of Azerbaijan,” Syunik deputy governor Narek Babayan said.

Babayan said the residents of one of the 12 homes have evacuated due to security reasons. The houses are situated below an interstate road running along the state border between the two countries.

According to the deputy governor, the government will provide compensation to all the families that have been left homeless. He said some of the families are currently living with their relatives in the towns of Goris and Kapan in Syunik, while most of them have remained in Shurnukh.

Babayan also revealed that no pasture or arable land in Shurnukh will be coming under Azerbaijan’s control.

Pashinyan In "Self-Isolation" As Azerbaijan Largely Does As It Pleases In Karabakh

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– On January 5, the ongoing demarcation of the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia forced residents of Shurnuk village with the houses on the Azerbaijani side of the border to abandon their houses
– On January 5, bodies of 19 servicemen and 1 civilian killed in Karabakh were found, according to the State Service of Emergency Situations of Artsakh
– As of January 6, 1175 bodies have been retrieved from the battle zone, according to the State Service of Emergency Situations of Artsakh


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  1. The Objective says:

    We’ll watch and see how this Russian occupation of Azerbaijan ends. No amount of sugar-coating the so-called peacekeeping mission would make Russia’s actions legal. The UN and every other country agrees that Nargono-Kharabkh is Azerbaijan territory. What the fuck is there to negotiate? Even Armenia does not consider N.K a separate country.
    Well, this situation will likely lead to intense dispute between Russia and Azerbaijan. Russia may decide to invade Azerbaijan like it did Georgia. Hence, it is very important for Azerbaijan to throw as much money as it can into its defense. Long-range, badass precision missiles should be top on the list, as should be tactical battlefield missiles. Increasing the stockpile and deadlines of ATGMs and training a large professional army will ensure that Russia does not mess with Azerbaijan in the future.
    Either way, Azerbaijan is not Georgia. First, it is much richer and can arm its military to the teeth. Second, it has a defense treaty with Turkey.
    Azerbaijan should continue to pursue its goal of liberating the entire N.K. diplomatically and politically, while arming itself with the expectation that one day Russia WILL invade. Convince the Russians that invading Azerbaijan will cost much much more than letting go of N.K.

    1. John Brown says:

      it is very important for Azerbaijan to make more silk road deals with Russia Iran and China and integrate itself into the EEU so Azer can become rich.

      Soon there will be no more EU or USSA and if they do manage to survive they will be in severe economic depression with wide spread famines 80% plus unemployment, for decades or longer. Meanwhile the number one economy in the world China is expected to grow by 9% this year while USSA and EU economies are expected to rapidly shrink by at least 20% or more.

      Or Azer can do as you say follow the corrupt criminal losers and go bankrupt and join the USSA and the EU in a super depression 80% plus unemployment, etc., spending on the miltary when they would have no chance if Russia and Iran decided to invade no matter what they spent on their military.

      1. The Objective says:

        “spending on the miltary when they would have no chance if Russia and Iran decided to invade no matter what they spent on their military.”

        My friend, this is pure delusion. Suppose Azerbaijan is able to arm itself with thousands of precision missiles of all ranges from 300km to 2500km. Suppose Azerbaijan has thousands of ATGMs and over a million well-trained army. Suppose it has Anti-Ship missiles of 1000 km like the one Turkey recently tested. Can you tell me how Russia would invade such a country?

        Russia will have just two options to invade Azerbaijan: Airstrikes, followed by ground invasion. Airstrikes can be launched from ships and land airbases. Should Azerbaijan put Russia’s airbases out of action, Russia will not be able to maintain sustained air operations against Azerbaijan. Russian planes have much shorter range than american planes. Russian planes have less than 1200 km combat radius. Plus, Russia does not have the kind of robust aerial refueling capability of the U.S. That means Russian planes will mostly not get refueling in the air, thereby limiting their range. With a severely damaged airbases, most or all planes would be grounded.

        Russia also faces the same problem of range if it tries to attack from ships. How many planes can Russian warships even host? Most Russian carrier-based or ship-based planes have ranges of less than 1000 km. With the latest Turkish anti-ship missile of 1000 km, these Russian naval platforms are well within range. And don’t forget that Turkey is working to extend the range of this missiles. Even as it is, analyst consider the missile a game-changer.

        Russia would be left with just one option: Rely of missile strikes and ground army. But then, missiles are not capable of some surgical strikes like planes are.

        Russia can subdue a well-armed Azerbaijan through invasion, but only at a prohibitive cost.

  2. Saso Mange says:

    Armenia has still moved out of this war better than expected. Occupying others land for 30 years usually has worse repercussions.
    BTW Azerbaijan can not be occupier on its own fucking land, get serious.

  3. Mr T says:

    for now the Russian will behave bad, create chaos between armenians and AZ army. Patient is the best medicine for a weak Russian army. We need to wait, at the end they will leave and retreat, they will have new bigger fires inside Russia (Chechnia, Tataristan, …) .

  4. Al Balog says:

    Pa$hinyan is everyone’s guilty pleasure here for political sitcom. ?

    1. Al Balog says:

      That’s unfortunate, Azerbaijan made a ceasefire violation. Not good ?. I really hope that it is just a few bad apples in the Azeri army. Aliyev himself said that the war was over and had a full victory parade, so why the hell did this happen? He better tell his army to stop it.


      Azerbaijani army starts shelling in Karabakh – WarGonzo

      The armed forces of Azerbaijan opened fire in Karabakh from small arms. This is reported by the authors of the WarGonzo project with reference to their own sources in Stepanakert.

      Indiscriminate shooting can be heard in the Shushi region. Basically, these are shots in the air, but they also shoot at the positions of the Artsakh Defense Army. The peacekeepers were reportedly notified of the shooting.

      “The actions of Azerbaijanis are connected with the events in the US or they” celebrate “Orthodox Christmas this way, it is not clear,” it was reported.


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