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Pashinyan Clings To Power And Claims “Military Coup” As Army Demands His Resignation

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Pashinyan Clings To Power And Claims "Military Coup" As Army Demands His Resignation

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On February 25th, the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces issued a statement demanding Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s resignation.

It came to this after Pashinyan fired the Chief of General Staff over a comment that the Russian Iskander missiles weren’t the reason Armenia lost the war against Azerbaijan.

“The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia expresses its strong protest against the dismissal of the First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia for short-sighted and unjustified reasons, which was carried out without taking into account the national and state interests of the Republic of Armenia, based only on personal and ambitious feelings.

The Prime Minister and the Government of Armenia are no longer able to make adequate decisions in this crisis and fateful situation for the Armenian people.

The Armenian Armed Forces have long patiently endured “attacks” aimed at discrediting the Armed Forces by the current government, but there is a limit to everything.

The Armed Forces of Armenia fulfilled their duty with honor, fought shoulder to shoulder with their people against the enemy.

In connection with the current situation, the armed forces of Armenia demand the resignation of the Prime Minister and the Government of the Republic of Armenia, while warning them to refrain from using force against the people whose children died defending their Homeland and Artsakh.

The army has always been with the people, just as the people are with the army.”

This was published in a familiar field for Pashinyan – on Facebook.

He immediately started moving, calling for his supporters to take to the streets and claimed that this was a “military coup” attempt.

Pashinyan during a live broadcast on Facebook about the dismissal of the Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces:

“The situation is very difficult. You know that I made a decision to remove the Chief of the General Staff and his first deputy. I will announce the reason for these decisions in the square. The most important task now is to preserve civil and people’s power.”

Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan, who is now in Yerevan, made a statement:

“I advise all sides to show composure and sanity, otherwise our defeat will deepen and become even more fatal. Enough, how much blood we have shed, now is the time to soften the crisis and take the path of long-term development and strengthening.”

Harutyunyan added that he is ready to fulfill a mediating mission in overcoming the political crisis in Armenia.

Police are being sent to Republic Square in Yerevan.

According to media reports, protesters are gathering in front of the Government Building.

As mentioned above, Pashinyan, whose resignation was demanded by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia, called on his supporters to go to the square.

Pashinyan also made a statement:

“We have reached a stage, when, unfortunately, we can’t avoid asking questions our some high-ranking military officials, as if we want to know the whole truth about the war, we can’t avoid asking questions our some high-ranking military officials, but some generals are not happy that we can have some questions for them regarding some episodes.

We must have answers to several questions about some specific military episodes, connections between particular high-ranking officers and particular political circles, who were the people who contacted the army and called upon to solve the issue of the authority, rather than telling them to wage their war.“

The video below shows citizens at Republic Square in Yerevan, gathering for a protest.

Members of Parliament expressed support for Pashinyan

The “My Step” faction made a statement about the inadmissibility of a political statement by individual servicemen. According to the faction, which is Pashinyan’s party, this statement was an attempt at a military coup.

The authorities may impose a curfew in the country to control the situation.

Despite the rallies, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia confirmed its demand for the resignation of Prime Minister Pashinyan and the government.

“This is a clear conviction and position of generals and officers, whose goal is the same – at this critical moment to serve the salvation of the Motherland. Once again, we reaffirm our clear position,” the headquarters said in a new statement.

Nikol Pashinyan is prepared to go to great lengths and throw his entire country into chaos to cling onto power for as long as possible.

Turkey issued a statement, condemning the alleged “military coup” attempt in Armenia, saying that it supports the active government.

This comes after Turkey said that it was only prepared to negotiate and normalize relations and work together with an adequate government, which wasn’t this one.

As such, it would be a large stretch of the truth to say that Nikol Pashinyan is serving the interests of his own country and not outside forces.


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Rhodium 10

Erdogan and Aliyev support Pashinyan and reject coup!…obviusly Pashinyan was the best weapon ( ahead of theTB2) to retake NK..


Nikol Pashinyan has full Western support (France,US, UK etc.) Otherwise he would have nothing to “cling to”… He also counts lot on indifference and stupidity of the average Armenian…


Lol, Erdoganian Turkey which wants to genocide the Armenians and remove them from existence supports Pashinyan. This is 100% logical though since Pashinyan is doing immense damage to Armenia so ofc the Erdoganian Sultanate will support Pashinjan.


Now why on earth would turkey go against russia for the sake of the nazi lgbtqists?Dumb!

Get off gender change tabs,turkey may be greedy,but they ain’t stupid,that speculated genocide was set up by germans,infact most were relocated,the world knows who is the real evil of societys todays,not just nationalists,being cia/soros/brussels,they whom genocide, not turkey nor russia nor armenia not their neighbours,either way no future in fascism/lgbtq!

johnny rotten

If Armenia does not get rid of this traitor and his entire clique, it risks facing the same fate as Ukraine.


It may or very well may not,either way Eurasian economy is the future+brussels buggers off, The world would fare far better without they incestive nwo deplorable brusselspouts indeed!


Turkey should stay the hell out of it.


If the current opposition (previous administration) comes back to power, it is will be very bad for ordinary Armenians. Corruption, over-reliance on a 3rd country. Sold-out energy system, railway, airlines, military equipment, political say. Everything. Basically Armenia will seize to exist as an independent unit.

Random Dude

What a nation. want to get rid of PM but don’t like the alternatives. And stuck with the frustration

cechas vodobenikov

turkey wants George Soros to be Armenian prez


Get rid of this useless Soros puppet already.


Soroshits nearly beat pindos in stupidity. Everyone else is guilty for their abject failures. The sheeples overdid themselves electing such sorry creatures. Quo vadis hominum?


Iran needs to put out an offer to Armenia to rejoin the motherland and get some seriously needed protection from guppu ass fukkin mongolian jihadi squatters. They’re having a hard time staying independent. Iran can provide this protection.


Why had no Armenian patriot shot that traitor?

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