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JUNE 2023

‘Pandemic’ Narrative Over – False Flag In Ukraine Next?

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‘Pandemic’ Narrative Over – False Flag In Ukraine Next?

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Written by Gavin O’Reilly

During the past week, the world has looked on as the now two-year long COVID-19 mainstream media narrative collapsed almost instantaneously.

In timing that cannot be described as anything less than suspect, in the same week that the World Economic Forum held its virtual Davos Agenda event, Ireland and Britain announced the sudden and immediate ending of virtually all Covid measures and the World Health Organisation called for the end of Covid-related travel restrictions, with the organisation also stating that the end of the ‘Pandemic’ may be in sight, in stark contrast to a recent announcement that such a prediction was premature.

With the theme of the World Economic Forum’s 2022 annual summit meeting, due to be held in May and the first in-person meeting of the forum since 2019, being ‘Working Together, Restoring Trust’ the optimistic among us may say that there has been an acceptance amongst the global elite that the growing awareness worldwide of the corporate power-grab over public life that the past two years has entailed, as well as the steady march towards a digital ID system as envisaged in Klaus Schwab’s concept of the fourth industrial revolution via the use of vaccine passports, has become so widespread that it is no longer feasible to continue the current COVID-19 media narrative.

However, the sudden dropping of COVID-19 by the corporate media also presents the opportune moment to immediately switch its focus to something else – a possibly imminent false flag attack in Ukraine, used as a pretext for the Western-backed Kiev government to launch an attack on the breakaway pro-Russian republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in the east of the country, thus triggering an armed conflict between Ukraine and Moscow, one that has the strong possibility for worldwide ramifications.

Since the end of November, the Western media, in lockstep, has promoted the narrative that Russia is planning an ‘imminent’ military invasion of its smaller Western neighbour – with Kiev having come under control of the US and EU backed governments of Petro Poroshenko and Volodymyr Zelensky since the 2014 CIA and MI6-orchestrated Euromaidan colour revolution was launched in response to then-President Viktor Yanukovych’s November 2013 to suspend an EU trade deal in favour of pursuing closer ties with Moscow.

Despite the only ‘evidence’ offered so far over the past two months of such an incursion being the legitimate movement of Russian troops within Russia’s own borders, the Neocon-influenced Western media still determinedly vows that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is only a matter of days away from taking place – in a manner not dissimilar to their previous assertions that Saddam Hussein had the capability to launch weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes in the run-up to the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq.

The claims of a Russian invasion of Ukraine also come at a time of wider tensions in Eastern Europe with Russian President Vladimir Putin, alongside his Belarusian counterpart and sole European ally Alexander Lukashenko, being accused of attempting to destabilise the European Union via a build-up of African and Middle Eastern migrants on the Belarus-Poland border – the fact that many of said migrants are fleeing the wars and colour revolutions imposed on both regions by the US-NATO hegemony being conveniently ignored by the Western media.

Should a false flag attack be launched soon in order to trigger a conflict between Moscow and Kiev however, it would be a tactic with recent previous usage by the regime change lobby which, like a theoretical war between Russia and Ukraine, also almost resulted in a wider armed confrontation between Moscow and NATO – In 2017 and 2018, two chemical attacks where launched against the Syrian town and Khan Shaykhun and the city of Douma respectively, both attacks being blamed by the West on the Moscow-allied government of Bashar al-Assad and both resulting in the US launching cruise missile and air strikes against Syrian government targets – just stopping short of a full-scale military intervention.

Indeed the use of a chemical weapons provocation was outlined as such by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu only last month – a false flag attack that the Western mainstream media, with its sudden dropping of the COVID-19 narrative, may soon be focusing its attention on instead.


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Israel is an apartheid colony

I’m wondering when the COVID insanity is going to end in Europe.

It will be hard to convince people to support Ukraine, while the West has become a COVID QR code dictatorship with very limited freedoms.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Indeed. They lost the narrative. They are in a panic because we can see them. They are out in the open. People are revolting all over the planet against the fake plandemic. So their solution? Distraction, WWIII.

Peppe il Sicario

It’s their last card left. They don’t realize if Russian troops roll thru Europe’s streets, many like myself will be joining them to kick out the zionist bum licking scum presently in power.

Last edited 1 year ago by Peppe il Sicario

I think they are using this as cover to convert to the new Digital financial system. This is a good chance for them to expand on the ‘war effort’ of citizens being drafted to work in factories, while being paid a ration of digital currency which they can spend on certain amounts of essentials. The carrot will be all debts wiped for the majority.

I think they will look the other way on China taking Taiwan in return for wiping the debt.

I am grasping at straws a bit here :) but I do think it would be the big event they need to reset without copping too much flak from the general public.

Florian Geyer

For the US/UK to use yet another False Flag attack against Russia is a step too far for the US/UK.

It’s a fact, that the US/UK are essentially bankrupt and that only the looting of the vast Russian country by the US/UK can postpone bankruptcy for a few decades.

The real issue is that a real war with Russia would be looked at by the Russian people as a return to the horrors of another Bolshevik genocide, this time with the connivance of the US/UK, that are both inder the thumb of the Bolshevik cabal Deep State.

The 1990’s de facto looting of Russian assets by the US/UK that caused great poverty premature deaths in Russia is another reason that the Russian people will fight again to preserve their homelands.

The stakes are now too great for Russia to prostate itself at the foot of the US/UK oligarchy.

Alexandre Moumbaris

Whaqt bolchevic genocide you mouthpiece of imperialism: By who and what are you being paid.


Yes, when all else fails, they take you to war. The tragic reality is that millions upon millions of unthinking morons in the US and its lapdogs (NATO and the EU) will actually swallow this big, steaming, just defecated, filthy pot of horse dung. On another note, the General Administration of Customs in China recently released the following foreign trade numbers: China had a trade surplus of the equivalent of $676.4 BILLION in 2021 – the largest of any country in history US-China trade was $755.6 BILLION US trade deficit with China was $396.5 BILLION Total foreign trade for China was $6.05 TRILLION! US tariffs on Chinese imports cost the average US household of ~$400 in 2021 China’s largest trade partners in 2021 were 1) ASEAN, 2) EU, 3) US, 4) Japan, 5) Republic of Korea. The trade war and sanctions on China are really effective in the demented, incompetent minds of the US and NATO/EU politicians, ay.

Chris Gr

This is a distraction, they want war with China actually.


Hmmm, had a comment, but doesn’t want to post. Let me try something else, an edit. An interesting post. However, what we see is not necessarily what they have planned. IF Russia is part and parcel to the NWO which, after their UN votes supporting sanctions such as those against Iran and Yemen, it seems likely, especially since they have suffered sanctions as well. There is little in the way of logic there, unless the strategy of playing along is part of a bigger plan. But what plan, and whose? Would the EU go along with an unlimited war with Russia? I very much doubt it. It looks more like a way of bringing the west and Russia into alignment by way of negotiation after a limited engagement. Another Yalta? If their planning was as visible as we think, they wouldn’t be as far along as they are in their plan. Then again what we see might just be what is happening. But I doubt it. Then there is China. My own opinion is that it’s time to create another juggernaut, another era, as the west is used up. But how to get there and make people believe it? After all, they made the Russians think the Bolsheviks were the answer in 1917 to the revolution of 1905…which was the answer to getting rid of monarchy run gov. In the end, they ended up under Zionist control for nearly a hundred years. Had the Russian people known where it all led, would they have gone along with those revolutions? Not to mention they were the first of the ‘color’ revolutions. Is it coincidence that the same formula has been used ad nauseum lately? As before, only time will tell…unfortunately. Ahhh, success! Strange this comment would not post on it’s own isn’t it.

Last edited 1 year ago by zman

I think there needs to be war for their great reset to happen.

And the majority of people will go along with it.

Democracy is the death of mankind. It is the system that makes all of this possible.


Ppl still believe in viruses after 2 yrs of contradictions, lies, bullshitting etc :D how stupid and brainwashed can onyone be?

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