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Palmyra Falls To ISIS

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We are waiting the SAA reaction for kill all the satanic monkeys!


Unbelievable .four thousands of rats in open area without antiaircraft and primitive weapons.Where is the Russia intelligence with satellites?Where is the RUAF?Desuetude?Or one Lavrov stab in Assad’s back and a present to his friend Kerry for to balance the lost of Aleppo


Not for long. Relax.


More to the point, where are the self-proclaimed ‘forces of civilisation’ – US, UK, France, Canada etc – to stop this disaster taking place? Ah yes, they’re in Mosul, giving IS free passage to Syria to pursue their war on Assad.


It is a crime against humanity that the world is not enraged by this and has simply stood by and allowed it to happen. Syria and Russia could turn the IS victory into a trap by carpet bombing the entire place (except for Roman ruins). Unfortunately, if any of the few civilians who refused to evacuate were killed in the process, then we would hear the outrage.


This must be the war you have when you cooperate with your enemy, hello the Russian Federation Vs kibbutzUSA


Totally in agreement with Byzantines. Question ¿ Is this the type of negosiation carry out between Lavrov-Kerry ? It is not possible to explain it other way because of the high tec (inteligent) weapons russian have, and its capacity (they have made the World believe) to destroy the terrorists. This is just unaceptable !! It is not possible that Russia seems to behave as stupits .


I suppose its no different from post WW2 Germany being carved into four spheres of influence in 1945.


This is me being the amateur armchair general. I feel the latest Palmyra campaign is nothing more but to delay the inevitable that is Raqqa. Whether Raqqa were to fall to either the Turkish backed coalition or Axis of Resistance / Kurdish grouping, its now considered too indefensible for ISIS to hold indefinitely. ISIS needs a fallback position of great significance i.e. Deir ez-Zor. IF ISIS captures it, that’s one important SAA held city gone (thorn in the backside), a counter blow to the Assad government (after winning Aleppo city) and geographically ideal to be protected by ISIS’s powerful backers.

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