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Palestinian Gunman Injures Three Israeli Service Members Around Gaza In “Lone Wolf Attack”


Palestinian Gunman Injures Three Israeli Service Members Around Gaza In “Lone Wolf Attack”

Israeli soldiers are seen next to the border fence on the Israeli side of the Israel-Gaza border, as Palestinians protest on the Gaza side of the border, Israel April 5, 2018.. (photo credit: AMIR COHEN/REUTERS)

An Israeli officer and two soldiers were injured in the morning of August 1 in a “lone wolf attack” by a Palestinian fighter around the Gaza Strip.

Israeli military spokesperson Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis said that the Palestinian fighter, who was killed during the attack, approached the fence around Gaza at 2am while armed with hand grenades and a Kalashnikov. A unite of the Israeli elite Golani Brigade detected him immediately and clashed with him.

“Normal course of action was taken by troops after an infiltration is detected, an action that occurs a lot … but it is still unclear whether the force that arrived at the scene realized that the suspect was armed,” the Jerusalem Post quoted Brig. Gen. Manelis as saying.

The attacker was identified as Hani Abu Salah, the brother of Fadi Abu Salah, a disabled man who was killed by the Israeli army during a protest on Gaza’s border, last May.

Hani was a fighter of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas Movement. However, Brig. Gen. Manelis said that he likely acted on his own out of personal motives. Despite this, the Israeli military struck a position of Hamas in Gaza’s outskirt.

The unusual attack came a few hours only after the end of “Four Seasons” a large-scale training by the Israeli military around Gaza.

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