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Palestinian Groups Carry Out Military Drill, Set Up Joint Operations Room Against Israel

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Palestinian Groups Carry Out Military Drill, Set Up Joint Operations Room Against Israel

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On December 28th, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas started a joint military exercise from Gaza.

A statement was also released from a joint operations room that said any aggression by Israel would be met with a united response.

“Our decision is unified in responding to any confrontation imposed on our people at any time and place, and the occupation leadership must realize that the mere thought of an adventure against our people will be confronted with all strength and unity and will carry many surprises,” said Palestinian Islamic Jihad spokesman Abu Hamzah in a speech marking the beginning of the drill.

Palestinian Groups Carry Out Military Drill, Set Up Joint Operations Room Against Israel

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According to Israeli outlet KAN news, Iran requested that the Gazan groups carry out the joint exercise in order to send a message to Israel that any attack could be responded to from all fronts.

Palestinian Groups Carry Out Military Drill, Set Up Joint Operations Room Against Israel

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Pictures published by Palestinian media from the beginning of the drill showed rockets being fired and drones belonging to the terrorist groups in the air above the Gaza Strip. They were not fired at Israel, but at the Mediterranean Sea.

Palestinian Groups Carry Out Military Drill, Set Up Joint Operations Room Against Israel

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Abu Hamzah added that the resistance was also always in a state of development and improvement.

“The resistance is in a constant state of development in its tools, tactics, and management of the conflict, and that the enemy before the friend realizes that the resistance today, thanks to God, is stronger and stronger and more capable of confronting him, deterring him and hurting him.”

Palestinian Groups Carry Out Military Drill, Set Up Joint Operations Room Against Israel

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The spokesman added that the terrorist groups in Gaza “will not allow the Zionist enemy to impose rules of engagement that it does not consent to,” adding that “shame agreements and failed normalization ceremonies will not change anything on the ground.”

In addition to Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas, according to Israeli media 10 more groups will take part in the exercises.

And reportedly the drill “comes in the context of enhancing cooperation and joint action between the resistance groups to raise their combat readiness permanently and continuously,” according to a statement by the Gaza-based Joint Operations Room, a group consisting of various factions.

According to the groups, the drill aims to send a “message of deterrence” to Israel.

“The main message is that the Palestinian resistance groups are ready to respond to any Israeli aggression,” a Hamas official in the Gaza Strip told reporters.

Meanwhile, Israel continues demolishing homes in the Gaza Strip, and there were clashes with citizens.

This all followed an Israeli submarine reportedly openly crossing the Suez canal in a “show of force” directed at Iran.

The move was approved by Egypt, according to the Kan public broadcaster, which cited Arab intelligence sources. The submarine reportedly surfaced and faced the Persian Gulf, which lies on the other side of Saudi Arabia. The intelligence sources said the move was meant to “send a message” to Iran.

IDF Spokesperson Hidai Zilberman said that although Israel was not aware of any specific plans by Iran to attack the Jewish state, Iranian forces could carry out an attack from Iraq or Yemen, according to a translation of the interview by the Ynet news site.

He said Israel had information indicating Iran was developing unmanned aerial vehicles and “smart missiles” in Iraq and Yemen, and that the weapons could have the ability to strike Israel.

In response, the top naval commander in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps warned that Iran was ready to defend itself and was prepared for any scenario.

“Forces, systems and equipment are at the desired level of readiness to defend the water borders, the interests and security of our country,” said IRGC Navy Commander Admiral Alireza Tangsiri.


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  1. Great Khan says:

    Great Khan happy….all Palestinian brother must UNITE! then Zionist rat kishmish mamtu….hahahahha Hezbollah #1 warrior…….

    1. Condor says:

      In military terms, even to a casual observer, the IDF has been a miserable failure in Gaza. Just the crude concrete barriers put around the totally encircled Gaza gulag work to the advantage of the Palestinian resistance, which is dug in, has tunneled extensively and now armed with hundreds of very sophisticated ATGM, thanks to Iran. The Israelis have no stomach for a ground invasion, even against their weakest enemies. That message has not been lost on anyone.

      1. Frank says:

        Frankly, the IDF has been exposed as pretty useless child-killers, the Hamas guys are roaming around in new uniforms firing rockets in broad daylight quite brazenly.

  2. Just Me says:

    Lot of joint operations taking place in the region that are freaking out the Zionist losers. Russian MOD has released rare photos of Iranian Special Forces operating with them. It is intended as message to all enemies. There are Pakistani Zeinabiyoun Brigade members in the photo as well operating alongside the Iranians.


    1. tzatz says:

      Oh … so scary

      1. Frank says:

        but, but Twatz, the mightly mouse IDF was supposed to drive Iran from Syria a decade ago. maybe the Russian Major is passing the message :) you are a complete Twat.

        1. tzatz says:

          Israel’s Air Force attacked Damascus LAST NIGHT …

          Weapons stores of Hezbollah … only 1 dead /5 injured but it’s not mass casualties the IDF is after … eh?

          They were stored in mountain caves … oops

          Aren’t there lots of caves in Iran where nuclear sites are hidden ? lol

          BTW … Russian troops have a base nearby and were undisturbed … that’s what INTEL / precision missiles / capabilities can achieve

          Ya f/kn Iranian chimp

          Coming ta git ya …

    2. Condor says:

      Russia would be wise to arm Iran with the latest weapons in its inventory as a strong Iran is a guarantee of Russian Federation security. The Turks and NATO have plans to weaken Russia’s southern flank and the only impediment that is standing in the way is Iran.

  3. Proud Hindu says:

    Israel can just drop a mini nuke and gaza is over.Wish we had technology like israel.

    1. Hadi Heidary says:

      the world is not gonna sit there and watch while a country uses nuke, and this is about all the countries possessing the technology not specific ones. nuke is just for deterrence.

    2. Proud2BArab says:

      Don’t forget to drop nuke on your country as well as India will be Muslim majority in the future .

      1. tzatz says:

        Modi will put something in the Muslim drinking water … don’t worry … it’s not lethal … eh?

        He still wants to collect taxes off their backs


        1. Proud2BArab says:

          What water ? Isn’t China building dams on Brahmaputra and Ganges rivers ?
          Indians have to either accept Muslims as part of the society or they will all vanish .

          1. tzatz says:

            No … they aren’t … lol

          2. Proud2BArab says:

            That will help explain , Here you go : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CEo4NNo7oaM

          3. tzatz says:

            There are LAWS regarding damming International waterways … hello?

            China is NOT above those laws …


          4. Condor says:

            India is in grave danger of fragmentation, largely due to Modi’s divisive policies. The Chinese and Pakistanis are actively working on various insurgencies to break up India, and the last thing India needs is to alienate its 200 million plus, largely peaceful Muslims so far.

    3. LRcaptain says:

      then the radio active fallout would blew into Israel’s face, the world would force Israel to either sign a nuclear treaties as the other nuclear powers or face sanctions like those imposed on north Korea.

      Note that these sanctions would be impose on a country by country basis. This means no US veto can stop them.

      1. tzatz says:

        Without US sanctions … they’re worthless

        A neutron Bomb is more appropriate … kills but doesn’t pollute … although Gaza is already a garbage dump


        1. LRcaptain says:

          next ok here what happen next

          after a war anti-matter neutron bomb nuclear bomb is dropped.

          1) the UN would impose sanctions on Israel but the US will veto all 5 attempts

          2) a lot of countries will stop buying Israeli made goods and will stop selling good to them as well on their own.

          3) the US uses pressure to some countries to remove their sanction laws against Israel.

          4) some companies/group still refuse to buy Israeli goods but are vocal about it

          5) US tries to apply pressure to these group but can only for them stop their vocal support

          6) the result even through it is legal to buy Israel goods they won’t end up on the shelves

          7) some companies will put Israel products on the shelves after enough government pressure like in the US and Brittan but people will walk right buy them people on personal level will boycott Israel.

          Deal with it
          but if you want to know what happens next just say it.

          1. tzatz says:


            All you got is bs

          2. cechas vodobenikov says:

            titzy upset

          3. LRcaptain says:

            the mere fact im talking to you about this, the fact that people are downvoting your comments
            that sites like this http://www.boycottisrael.com/ exist shows that the ground work exists such a boycotts

          4. tzatz says:

            Israel’s GDP is $400 BILLION USD or $40,000 USD per capita

            As a reminder …

            Iran’s GDP $410 BILLION USD or $5,700 USD per person

            Turkey’s GDP $772 BILLION USD or $9,400 per person

          5. Frank says:

            all BS and western taxpayers charity. TWATZ you are total bullshitter.

          6. tzatz says:

            $6000 USD per year … Iranian per capita GDP … ROTFLMAO

            Denial is a River in Egypt


          7. LRcaptain says:

            GDP don’t mean shit, Zion often complained about not finding work, when not being on tour.
            new York’s GDP per capita is 85,000 USD are there a lot of homeless/jobless people there.

            sure Israel can keep sucking the USA tit but if all the money its getting is to keep it countries CEO’s happy and people remain jobless, that does not contribute to the stability.

            Now the same reasons why a person won’t buy from Israel would be why a person would not sell to them either. Now me and Zion talked about in the 1970’s how Israel government put fourth many projects that still benefit the region today. Such wind farms desalination plants and hydroponic gardens.

            The end result of the chats was yes the Israel economy will be hurting but Israel can still produce enough to feed itself construct to new building etc, but where is will really suffer is luxury good that cannot be produced locally.

            But you said that what i say is BS so… no need to talk about fantasy of a recovering self reliant Israel now do we.

          8. tzatz says:

            STFU … GDP is the WORLD standard metric

            Zion is one person … that’s called ‘anecdotal’ information … you can’t make decisions based on one individual … LMAO

            My son & wife live in NYC … she’s a teacher earning $85K alone … hello?

            Luxury goods not locally produced? WTF are you talking about … lol

            YOU and your buddy Zion?


          9. LRcaptain says:

            Zion actually lives in Israel and you don’t, and their is world metric called income inequality

          10. tzatz says:

            Yes … ya zit faced punk

            YOU need an income in order to have income disparity … hello?

            Opportunity abounds in Israel … some make it …. others don’t … hello?

            Per capita ~ $40,000 USD per

            That’s a lot of ? compared to Turkey or Iran

          11. LRcaptain says:

            and new York has 85,000 USD per capital but like Israel its all concentrated in the hands of a few peope.

    4. tzatz says:

      ‘We’ ? Who the f/k are ‘we’ ? LMAO

      YOU’RE a f/kn Shia adopting an Indian disguise? lol

      ‘We’ ?

      1. Proud Hindu says:

        Im not a shia you idiot.

        1. tzatz says:

          You shill for them ya f/kn tool

          They castigate you but YOU shill for them

          1. Proud Hindu says:

            Lol when did i shill for them ya fkn wanker??

          2. tzatz says:

            Every day …

    5. alel says:

      same to dimona neguev…i missil ..and is over kazaraslands

    6. Condor says:

      What are you, a six year old?

  4. tzatz says:

    The Palestinian Cause is finished ….

    Their missile show and their bluster are an attempt at relevance … hello?

    What have they accomplished in 3 Wars and other stunts? Absolutely nothing ….

    The March to Jerusalem ended up killing hundreds and crippling hundreds more … pathetic insignificant turds …

    Hamas Islamists continue to act like a mafia over their people … stealing / living in luxury albeit in Gaza (?)

    50% of Gazans when polled … admit to wanting to emigrate and 50% are under the age of 15 … they’ll soon get their wish … eh?

    Leaving ONLY the diehard Jihadis / Islamists … now as Buddy Holly sang:

    “That’ll be the day that THEY die “


    1. Cromwell says:

      Well you would want to get out of Gaza if YOU lived in a Ghetto you Zionist Pig.

    2. cechas vodobenikov says:

      colonial slave believes Hollywood consciousness industry……north amerikans=automatons!

  5. cechas vodobenikov says:

    while Palestinian militias are not as capable as israeli, Hizbollah already humiliated Israel in 2006; today they are better equipped and organized according to reporting. Without USA mommy Israel becomes underdeveloped

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