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JUNE 2021

Palestinian Forces Continue Their Operation Against ISIS Cells in Ayn Al-Hilwah Camp in Lebanon

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Palestinian Forces Continue Their Operation Against ISIS Cells in Ayn Al-Hilwah Camp in Lebanon

Palestinian joint security forces members stand guard in Ain al-Hilweh, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016. (The Daily Star/Mohammed Zaatari)

On August 17, a coalition of the Palestinian Fatah Movement and other Palestinian armed groups launched a security operation in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp in Sidon District in southern Lebanon.

The Fatah-led operation has an aim to drive the ISIS-linked Bilal al-Arqub terrorist group out from the area. Last April, the Bilal al-Arqub group attacked many Palestinian armed groups in an attempt to capture parts of the camp.

On Saturday, clashes intensified in the camp after Bilal al-Arqub had attacked the headquarters of the Palestinian Joint Security Forces. Bilal al-Arqub killed one fighter of the Palestinian Joint Security Forces. However, the attack was repelled.

Some reports of the Lebanese media claimed that the Hamas movement withdrew its fighters from the Fatah-led collation while other reported that Hamas only protested the way Fatah is leading the attack.

Palestinian sources predicted that the operation will end soon as many of Bilal al-Arqub fighters were killed or injured in the last three days. One of them is Bilal al-Arqub’s son Obidah al-Arqub who been killed in today clashes.

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Moussa Saab

I saw it, I was on my way from Beirut to tyre and we saw the place only 30 minutes after the clashes. It did not seem too bad.


Very good I’ve no doubt they will succeed in crushing daesh :))

Samuel Boas

And they still wonder why Israhell keeps crushing them and stealing from them. They can’t even work together. Hamas really needs to just die out, they rule Palestine as if it is their personal play ground.

Wahid Algiers

You are right. But fatah isn’ t better than Hamas. They should reunite or work together for their aims.

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