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JUNE 2023

Palestinian Forces Carry Out Massive Shelling Of Israeli Targets. IDF Responds

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UPDATE 3: According to the IDF, 3 Israeli soldiers were injured in a new series of strikes from the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Navy also intercepted a Palestinian boat attempting to break the naval blockade over the Gaza Strip.

UPDATE 2: More details about IDF attacks on the Gaza Strip:

UPDATE: The Israeli Air Force has already hit 36 targets inside the Gaza Strip, according to the IDF.

The IDF also says that Israeli forces are currently operating in the Gaza Strip.


At least 28 mortar shells launched from the Gaza Strip hit Israeli targets, including the areas of Majdal Asqalan and Shlomit.

Iron Dome missile defense systems of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) intercepted a major part of the shells, according to pro-Israeli sources. However, the Israeli side confirmed that at least one person was injured in the shelling.

The IDF responded by hitting several Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip. According to Palestinian news agency Wafa, Israeli jets launched five airstrikes at locations in central and southern Gaza.

The strikes reportedly caused no casualties, but inflicted some damge to the local infrastructure.

Palestinian Forces Carry Out Massive Shelling Of Israeli Targets. IDF Responds

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Michał Hunicz

Long live Gaza, the longest besieged city in the entire human history.

neil barron

Go crawl around in your empty head. Gaza is territory not a city it is not besieged it has chosen not to be a part of the civilized world what ever that may be. They are the pinnacle of evil using their own people for fodder of their evil ways that’s why their classified terrorist.


jew motherfucking bastard…i´d really like to fight uuuuuuuu….u satanic moral asshole….. israel…what a satanic country…..

Lena Jones

@neil barron

Spoken like a brainwashed israel-first porker.

Hard Hawk

a zionist troll has an opinion, about who is civilized. How could you know been an expendable tool of defective DNA, whose civilized and whose not? You coming of a long line of thieves and idiots who was 40 years lost with one square km, wondering around like blind idiots.

Trut Tella

Fuck you, neocon scum. Any enemy of the Jews is a friend of humanity.

Feudalism Victory

In the face of hopeless odds with no help from their supposed arab brothers they figure out how to strike. The god of war approves.


Dear South Front: ‘Palestinian forces’ is to general a term because it covers many factions that are liable to fight each other. Hamas control Gaza and isn’t on speaking terms with the PA. Then their are many less important splinter groups that all pursue their own agenda. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/hamas-blames-palestinian-authority-men-pm-assassination-attempt-201602986.html https://uk.news.yahoo.com/abbas-says-hamas-behind-bomb-attack-palestinian-premier-183215701.html

Icarus Tanović

You know why’s that? Israeli policy of devide and conquer. Not ten years have passed since Mossad infiltrated Wahhabis to Gaza, so to speak Hamas. Now they have spread as a pestilence, that Zionistic fake Islam.


No, this sort of situation exists in every Muslim country. There’s a major social problem in the Muslim world that is difficult to describe. Words like disunity, lacking cohesion, chronically low morale, semi-feudal, inter-office rivalries, lacking canaraderie, rampant corruption, internal war, or even that they have no concept of a nation. All these expressions are not original to me, but I think this is the easiest way to describe the human factors that prevent Arabs from making peace or war. The Palestinians aren’t stupid, and Israel does not have a superhuman ability to employ Machiavellian schemes. This is a societal problem, not strategic.

Icarus Tanović

Yeah, preacher! Preach that to Bilbo Baggins.


satanic jew bastards….always were, always will be.

Lena Jones

A small taste from a small corner of what’s coming your way bigly, Mr. and Mrs. israel.


Israeli migrants secretly entered from EU member states and day by day taking lands from unarmed Palestinians.

Each and every single day Israel moving their borders to take more home land from unarmed Palestinians and when they retaliate then Israel complain that Palestinians are attacking us and then Israel do airstrikes and kill many Palestinians.

So one side they loosing homes and other side Israeli migrants killing them in air strikes.

Its good for Israel, US, UK, France and Saudi Arabia that Muslim leaders are in their control otherwise the Israeli terrorist headquarter survival was impossible in Middle East.

Joe Dirt

Can I donate money to support the IDF?


Correctio: you mean the “Israeli”-ᛋᛋ-Force.

Hard Hawk

why the israshit call the fighters against the occupasion forces against thier land `terrorists` we all know the habit of the jew to call for help while hitting you on the head. SF why he repeat their wording and not call things with their real name I have yet to figure out.


IsraHell will be the Final Pocket….

Jonathan Cohen


John Whitehot

“massive shelling”

What happened to the 10s of thousands of guns opening fire all at once during Operation Saturn?

What about the massacres perpetrated by artillery all over ww1 trenches?

Forget that shit. Shellings get really massive only when israel is on the receiving end.

Joe Dirt

Israel! Israel! Israel! Time to go fight some Palestinian scum!

Jim Prendergast

It is good that Israel is shown that they are not in control.


When are those mortar attacks going to get a bit more accurate. Firing them is 1 thing, hitting targets is quite another, and so far “Israel” is not suffering :-(

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