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Palestinian Forces Attack Israeli Engineering Vehicle North Of Gaza, Israeli Battle Tanks Shell Hamas Positions


On August 8, the Israeli military announced that Palestinian gunmen opened fire at an Israeli engineering vehicle north of the Gaza Strip. Despite that the shooting attack didn’t result in any casualties, a battle tank of the Israeli military responded by shelling a post of the Hamas Movement in Gaza.

Few minutes after the incident, Palestinian fighters launched eight rockets from the Gaza Strip at an Israeli settlement around it. Israeli military said that the Iron Dome anti-rocket system managed to intercept two of the rockets, while the rest landed in civilian areas.

According to the Palestinian news agency Shehab, Israeli media said that 2 Israeli civilians were injured in the city of Sderot as result of the shelling. The Palestinian rockets also caused material damage.

These developments will likely hinder the UN-proposed ceasefire agreement between the Hamas Movement and Israel. During the last few weeks, a delegation of Hamas discussed the ceasefire proposal in Egypt. However, the Palestinian party is yet to accept it.



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  • Promitheas Apollonious


  • northerntruthseeker .

    I smell a set up here… This is too good for the psychos in Israel and will give them their excuse to plaster and destroy Gaza..

    This one smells of a Mossad false flag operation, definitely!

  • northerntruthseeker .

    And notice the report that NO Jew was injured in this attack? Either these “gunmen” are that bad of aim, or logically this was indeed a false flag attack.

    • Thunder

      what jew??those guys aren’t the real jews u all lie about those white folk out there the whole world calls em jews u r ALL liars!!

      • Rob

        Israel have no religion. They use Jewish religion for excuse to take lands from Palestinians.

      • Concrete Mike

        Hahaha well said

  • Rob

    Everywhere in the world US and Israel have opened child butcher houses.