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Palestinian Fighters Open Fire At Israeli Drone Swarm Over Gaza (Videos)

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Palestinian Fighters Open Fire At Israeli Drone Swarm Over Gaza (Videos)

Screen grab from one of the videos showing two Israeli drones passing by each other over the Gaza Strip.

Late on June 3, a swarm of small quadcopter drones launched by the Israeli military invaded the skies of the Gaza Strip.

A source in Gaza’s armed factions told the al-Quds newspaper that the drones had flown over military posts as well as civilian homes and buildings. The drones were targeted by Palestinian fighters, who managed to shot down some of them.

“By flying these drones, occupation forces attempted to test and confuse the resistance, as it attempted during the last round in different ways and failed to do so,” the source said.

The Israeli military usually use similar small quadcopter drones in reconnaissance, intelligence and even combat operations.

Last month, the Israeli military launched a large military operation against Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip after a rocket attack on Jerusalem. Israeli strikes on the enclave claimed the lives of 256 people, including 66 children.

The large operation ended on May 21. The Israeli military failed to stop rocket fire from Gaza or to assassinate the top military commander of Palestinian factions.


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Peter Wallace

Does that constitute an incursion thus breaking the ceasefire in which retaliation is warranted ?. Is it worth waiting until Netanbooboo is removed and off to jail and seeing id the new leadership try and defuse the situation. Might be nice to tell BooBoo that the ICC investigation of war crimes may well see him in prison for the rest of his life.. Give him something to think about while looking at his four walls . Would be nice if he has to serve his term where they imprison Palestinians as I am sure their living conditions are no where as good as for Israeli prisoners.

jens holm

Seems like UFo footage to mee. Meesa thinks they covme to brinhg mee bacck to uranus.

jens holm

Fake again. You are not even big enough to get a minus in my diary.

jens Holm

you are the fake jens. We know the real jens from the rest. He is the dumbest one of all and has the most downvotes of anyone on this site. He is so dumb he thinks all those that downvote him are wrong instead of looking at himself . Now that is dumb . So are you the real jens which means you are the dumb dumbest of all. Put your hand up the real dumb jens.

Arch Bungle

Oooo, he’s got to you hasn’t he?

He’s in your head…

jens holm

Palestnian Gang Bang :)

jens holm

Im Jens Holm – not him.

eff you

don’t forget Palestine, don’t forget Tiananmen Square

L du Plessis

Use pump action shotguns with buckshot shells.

Arch Bungle

Nice of the joos to offer sniper training to Hamas.

Last edited 1 year ago by Arch Bungle
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