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JULY 2022

Palestinian Attacker Kills Two Israeli Security Guards And Border Police Officer

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Palestinian Attacker Kills Two Israeli Security Guards And Border Police Officer

Nimr Jamal

On September 27, a Palestinian gunman attacked a security gate at the Israeli settlement of Har Adar northwest of Jerusalem city. The gunman (37-year-old Nimr Jamal) opened fire on the security gate after approaching it and killed two security guards Youssef Othman and Or Arish (both 25-years-old) before killing Sergeant Solomon Gavria (20-year-old) of the Israeli border police. After that Jamal was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers.

According to the Israel authorities, Jamal had a work permit in the settlement, and he used to enter it throw the same gate on regular bases. Jamal was armed with a 9mm pistol that was stolen from an Israeli Army camp back in 2003.

Palestinian Attacker Kills Two Israeli Security Guards And Border Police Officer

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem that the Israeli authorities will demolish the house of Jamal’s family. Moreover, the Israeli authorities will suspend the work permits for Jamal’s family members according to Netanyahu.

“While we are still investigating the event and its implications, we can say some things with certainty even now. One: the home of the terrorist will be demolished. Two: the IDF has already cordoned off the village. Three: all work permits for members of the terrorist’s extended family are hereby revoked,” Netanyahu said.

Both Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movements welcomed and praised Jamal operation. However, Jamal is not linked to any Palestinian group and it was concluded that he planned and carried out the attack by himself.

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Hrumf, again, this is what pisses me of, the rotten angle on the Palestinians just fight against an invading army, because thats what it is, taking everything, from homes to agricultural lands, and somehow nobody writes That much about it, weird isnt it. huh This is what I define as double speak, and like RT whom in 99% of the events happening down there, is never written about, and when they do, its always Joojoos whom are the victim, and the reasons for this attack may be the event that RT and Other didnt bother to weite about when the Chosen Ones shoot an young man in the stomach and let Him die, when the Chosen Ones just laughed and watched Him die. Yeah, but again, this is what YOU never write about, and our MSM in the same, but again,to just mention this shooting of that young man is Jew hating, anti-Semitic rants, right, huh.

Be careful SF, I hate this, because its propaganda, nothing else. This kinds of articles will send your credibility down ward in an hart beat.

RT is dead an gone for me, the ONLY reason I go there is because of speed, they are fast and have some few articles from time to time that I read but not much, because RT is become Al-Jazzifyed (maybe, just maybe, the Qatarians have learned, but again, I dont count on it), witch means they have no credibility left what so ever. Despite the Joojos desperate attempts to guide the people to this Jazzifyed site, by reverse psychology, and it works, the same clap trap Al-Jazz became.

I can smell ZioNazi rats from an mile away.


Aristhotle Dungo

Just shut up!

John Whitehot

fantastic. Ironically, of course.

Serious Dude

I guess that these thugs will be given asylum in Germany or in Sweden now. Sad.


Perhaps, but they prefer the kind of thugs on the payroll of CIA and Pentagon, ie ISIS and AQ.

Accepting Palestinians is not aligned with the instruction which forces European countries to bring in refugees, without any kind of screening.

Serious Dude

Well, the right-wing parties that support Israel and oppose illegal immigration are on the defensive end against both liberal EU bureucrats and Islamic fundies. Also, Yasser Arafat was a friend with corrupt Greek politicians (I am Greek) who made our country a third-world one.


My reply became a bit long, though I deleted some of it. So bare with me please.

Dude, are you serious? There aren’t any right or left wings anymore, they’re all the same, following the orders from the master and make the life of regular folks a living hell.

The madness you see in Europe today, in regard of immigration (or more accurately, accepting refugees without any kind of check) is exactly the policy of neocons and nowliberals to create hate and hostility between Europeans (Christians) and Middle Easterners/North Africans (Muslims), in order to push for their extremely unpopular wars. They need you to hate us and either participate in the wars or be quiet. You know this kind of refugee policy is a poison for Europe (or anywhere), I know it, your politicians too know it. Ask why do they do it? Where did these refugees come from?

Please ask yourself, for every crime they commit in European countries, these religious nuts murder thousandfold in ME/NA. Why your MSM’s focus on the European ones and ignores or barely mentions the ones in ME/NA? Do you know how many they killed in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Afghanistan and Pakistan? How many in Europe? I’d say even ONE is too much, but don’t even think for a second that the regular people of ME/NA are hell bent on destroying your life.

If you think the conditions is too bad now, wait for them to push their agenda and start the real wars. Then you’ll have the desperate people who lost their family, homes, everything, really hell bent on avenging their loss and then, they won’t care if you didn’t bomb them personally. If your country participated in the war, they’ll consider you as guilty as generals because you didn’t stop them. The ones who terrorise Europe now are on the payroll to ready your mind for the wars.

I hope such day never comes. I miss the ’70s, where Europe was European and ME was more or less safe and stable, with no Neocon or Wahhabi nut-job on sight. Hope your country can free itself of the snare it is in now and the ones it regularly finds itself into, like the heritage theft by the “New Macedonia”.

Serious Dude

There aren’t right-wings and left-wings? And who is the one that wants the destruction of the nation-state, Christianity and traditional family? And who is the one that fights against it? Islamic extremism has existed long before American imperalism. I hate the so called Anglo-American deep state (which has created the 3 evil ideologies of our century: nazism, communism, islamism). The Anglo-American deep state is against the European people’s will and support centralized socialist government ruled by banks. A century ago, 25% of Arabs were Christians and now only 2% are Christians. Who is responsible for that? I am not against people of Middle-East, only the fanatics. The so called thing called “Macedonia” is a theft like “Palestine”. However, Israel’s government are patriots and ours are a bunch of pro-islamist, pro-tranny, pro-narcotic drug, pro-illegal anti-Greek scum.


They are two faces of the same coin. What you call right supplies the refugees and what you call left brings them in. Both actively participate to ruin your and our lives The only ones care and fight for your culture and Christianity and traditional family are your regular people, not the politicians, no matter right or left. Both of them have other goals and USE you to achieve them.

And no, there was no Islamic fundamentalism or extremism before GB (Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabism) and US (various groups) creating one. They tried to do the same in my own country and it bit them in the butt. FYI, Islamic Extremism has nothing to do with Islam. Can you be a Christian and reject the holy trinity or Jesus being Christ? These nutjobs do the things that are forbidden in Islam, yet everybody is happy to call them Muslims.

Not trying to be a smartarse, but as you say, the existence of %25 Christians in Islamic countries one century ago, nullifies the claim of Islamic extremism being then and there, don’t you think? Regarding percentage of Arab non-Muslims, I really can’t form an opinion unless I have the breakdown of population numbers. Would you point me to the right direction?

Finally, are the Palestinians the land thieves here and patriotic Israelis fight those thieves? Good to know, indeed!

Serious Dude

I don’t like politicians. Almost all politicians are scum. The regular people that are fighting for Europe are against politicians and their SS called antifa. Yes they were. Khawarij. Way before Muslim Brotherhood. Arab Christians were forced to convert or die and many migrated to Latin America. Look at wikipedia for numbers. Palestinians are Israelis. The land thieves are Hamas, supported by Qatar, and PLO (used to be support by the commies).


Khawarej was a sect created at the dawn of Islam, 14 centuries ago and Muslims dealt with them there and then (not implying anything, but a big number of them were former Jews of Beduin tribes). Less than 10 remained alive after the battle of Nahrawan.

You know I’m gonna need a more definitive source. I rather have the one you picked your info from. If that’s not at hand, at least give me an address (even from Wikipedia) and I continue from there by reading it’s references. Palestinians are not Israelis. Even a very big percentage of Jews are not Israelis, in the actual meaning of the word (Beni-Israel). Israelis are Semite, with Dark eyes and hairs and skin complexion. Hamas and PLO, although corrupt are representatives (rightfully or not) of Palestinians. Palestine is a UN member (also Interpol).

I thought the one who evicts you forcefully from your house and razes it and grabs your land is a thief. Good to know that here the one who loses his house is considered a thief.

I give you a source, Here: http://ifamericaknew.org/about_us/4maps.html

Here’s another one: http://uprootedpalestinians.blogspot.ro/2014/11/balfour-declaration-nakba-and-origins.html

Serious Dude

Still, Islamic extremism is older than American imperialism. Also, the Shiite assassins. There is no such thing as “Semites”. Semite is a made up word. In the ancient world, Israelis, Amorites, Hittites and Philistines were depicted as white in the Egyptian monument. On the other hand, Arabs descend from brown Kushites that resided in the peninsula mixing with the coming yellow-brown people of Central Asia that settled in Middle East. Palestinians are Jordanians, why don’t they go live there?


Be careful not to tell Saudis that they are descendants of the Sudanese. You have been warned! Call them “Zanji” and we’ll have a good laugh.

But biology doesn’t approve that claim. Arabs, Mizrahi Jews and Berbers of North Africa have the same traits, Anthropology calls them Semites, like it or not, while Ashkenazi Jews have completely different features, exact image of the people from north/north east of the Black Sea. Now tell me why don’t they return there? For Mizrahim ME is home, for Ashkenazim it’s not.

With every comment I learn something new from you. This time Shi’a Assassins. Perhaps you meant Ismaelis, or “Hashashin” which entered French language as assassin? They were Ismailis and not religious extremists, they were a political sect. Their battles had nothing to do with religion and everything with politics and power. Here’s two links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassins

and: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hassan-i_Sabbah

Very light read. If you’re interested in the subject, I can post a few more in depth, just tell me which languages are you more comfortable with.

Do you notice that your examples of Islamic Extremism are belong to several hundreds (one 1400 and the other 900) years old and extinct? Are you Serious?! :)

What do you think about groups like “Zealotry” (Kanai), “Irgun”, “Sicarii”, “Brit HaKanaim”, “Lehava” and many more the likes? Both ancient and modern are presented here.

Serious Dude

Arabs are a mixture of brown, black and white races I believe. Arabs, Egyptians, Hebrews, Assyrians and Persians were probably castes in northwest India who lost the battle against the Aryans (Kurukshetra war, Brahmins vs Kshatriyas) and they got kicked out of Central-South Asia and they settled in ME. Arabs and Egyptians went lower and mixed with Kushites, Nilotic and Berber people while Hebrews went into Levant and Syria and mixed with the Hellenic-Anatolian Sea peoples. And when Assyrians conquered Israel, many tribes went to Scotland and others to Scythia and mixed with the population and there is a possibility that the British Royal family are descendants of David. God knows best. Also, I have found a blog called jandyongenesis that it says that the so called Semitic people were Nilo-Saharan cattle herders. I strongly disagree with that. “Semites” is a made up term used by the ignorance of the middle ages when they thought that all humanity is from 3 people Japheth, Shem and Ham. Also, Indo-European race is a myth, Greeks have been from at least 10000 BC (that’s what ancient Egyptian priest told a Greek philosopher). There is no such thing as a “Semitic race” either. Irgun, Zealots, Sicarii, Lehava are all extremists. The organization of Meir Kahane is banned in Israel while Muslim extremists are finding good havens in Arab nations.


I never wrote that Semite is a race. I said Anthropology categorizes Arabs, Mizrahi Jews and Berbers as Semites. Persians are not Semites also, as the name implies, If you accept the Aryan theory, then notice that the original inhabitants of Indian subcontinent were Dravidians which were forced to migrate further south due to push from Aryans who conquered northern India, Greater Khorasan, Afghanistan and Iran. Tajiks, Kashmiris, Iranians and some Afghanis are descendants of Aryans, according to most historians and Anthropologists. That’s why we have different genes compared to “Semites”, despite living relatively in close proximity.

British Royal family are definitely have Ashkenazi roots, so the Monarch of the kingdom of Greece have the same roots (the last one, Constantine II lived some time in exile here in Iran, being a guest).

All in all,Ashkenazi Jews have very different features than Middle Easterners. We can safely compare them to Assyrians, one of the oldest group of people that remained relatively “pure” (in the perspective of gene mixture) in Middle East that lived “continually” since ancient times. Palestinians and Mizrahi Jews are much much closer to them. If you need a source, just holler.

And finally, regarding Extremists, you know that extremist groups like ISIS, AQ, Muslim Brotherhood and their spinoffs are banned in almost all Islamic or Arab countries, don’t you? The only ones helping them are Wahhabis (monarchs of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE). Like I said before, the horrors this nutjobs do is against Islam, yet everybody calls them “Islamic Extremists”. Heck, we actively fight and exterminate them. Does Israel do the same? They provide the safest havens to them complete with medical care and food/fund/arms supplies.

One last thing: If you are a Zionist, be kind enough to say it and I’ll leave the discussion as it’s pointless. If you’re not, please clarify and I happily continue if you are willing to do so (still waiting for the sources on the percentage of Arab Christians one century ago though).

Serious Dude

Mizrahi Jews are from Yemen? Then probably they are close. “Semite” is a made up word in the 17th century. Persians were in the defeated parties of that battle, that’s why the gods of the Hindus are the demons of the Persians. Personally, I believe that the Aryans are not European but Asiatic (not East Asian, btw). The so-called “Indo-Europeanism” is a myth trying to erase our history. they say that Greeks are not natives and only 3000 years old while Greeks were the ancient Balkan-Anatolian people and are more than 10-11 thousands of years old. It is a nazi myth. I believe that peoples like Persians, Assyrians, Amorites, Mitanni, Hittites went north and mixed both their genes and their languages with the native people and became white while others like Egyptians, Elamites, Arabs, Berbers went west to Middle East and North Africa and mixed and retained their brown color (many Berbers are white because of the mixing with Germanic tribes and Romans while many Egyptians are white because of the mixing with Greeks and Turks). Some others like Chadians, Somalis, Sudanese, Ethiopians went to Africa and mixed and became black. British Royal family are from Hebrews who migrated to Scythia then to Germany and then to Britain. Modern Palestinians are not the ancient Greek-Cretan Philistines but are of Arabic stock mixed with Levantines. Jordan can accomodate them. I don’t hate Morocco, Egypt, Jordan or Algeria because they are against extremism. I hate the Gulf states and Iran because they like extremism. I am not a Zionist but I am pro-Zionist. And search from wikipedia about Arab Christians.


Then I think this is my last reply. Perhaps you need to read more to form a more valid opinion about human races and ethnicity, and of course a more in depth reading about the languages to learn why they’re called “Indo-European”. Your current view on the subject seems to be ideological, not based on evidence. You almost parroting a mixture of Extreme Nationalism and hardcore Zionists’ view on the subject of history and anthropology. British Royals children of David!? You know when you migrate to an area with a weaker sun, your complexion becomes fairer, but your bone structure and your DNA never changes. How Middle Eastern Jews turn into Ashkenazis just by migrating into Scythia, this is something only G-D knows.

Don’t resort to a strawman argument (Mizrahim being Yemenis).

You hate whole countries because some of it’s people create extremism, and hate Iran because it fights the said extremism?

I searched, didn’t find anything in that regard. There are articles about Arab Christians but nothing about their percentage one century ago and now. I’m gonna assume you don’t have any source to back your claim, otherwise you would provide it, as I did when claiming something.

So, you too have one more reply which probably I’m not going to answer, but it’s your right to finish the talk, if you feel like it.

Nice talking to you, take care.

Serious Dude

Last reply? Lol you seem the most logical on the anti-Zionist camp. There are 3 views of history. The mainstream-materialist, the conspiratorial and the traditionalist. I happen to follow the third. “Indo-European” is a myth. If you take a Spaniard and a Persian they have less similarities than a Persian and an Arab. Marxist professors in Greece also say that we took our alphabet from Phoenicians while we have had many alphabets before the Phoenicians. Extreme nationalism? Are you serious? I support moderate nationalism but extreme nationalism is evil! Nazism, a variant of extreme nationalism, also made use of this “Indo-European” myth. If I am not mistaken, British Royals themselves believe that they are descendants of David. Also, the great mystic Edgar Cayce talked about Hebrew migrations to England and also to North America. I am mistaken, Mizrahis are not Yemenis but authentic Jews. Iran is responsible for creating Shia militants all over Middle East. I don’t hate the people, I hate governments. However, Iran’s hate for Zionism is not about religion but about Iran’s regime despise for Anglo-Americans for keeping the Shah. They think that Israel is an organ of American imperialism. I can’t remember the source about Arab Christians. I also made a mistake here, it is 4% instead of 2%. But it is still down from 20-25%.


SeriousDude …..You won’t find an article like this on your favorite Brietbart site. Here below is the link:

America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars http://www.unz.com/pgiraldi/americas-jews-are-driving-americas-wars/

Serious Dude

Long article mate, it is like reading a book.


There’s a pattern, whenever the peace talks start or an envoy is sent to Occupied Palestine to talk about the two state solution, such attacks happen. So, he had no relationship with Palestinian organizations, had access to an Israeli Army camp and was able to steal a 9mm piece (how he got his hands on the weapon?), had work permit in a settlement -obtaining one for Palestinians is extremely difficult- and is way over the age which men usually decide based on emotions.

Such events repeat whenever Israeli government wants to divert pressure from itself into Palestinians. This time this man did their dirty work, willingly or otherwise.

Wahid Algiers

Such things happen when people are in degraded and hopeless situations. The victims in this case are the guilty subjects.

Amine Mansouri

Faake news! These soldiers died when their tank accidentally overturned and killed it’s crew, now they’re saying it’s a palestinian, LMAO!

chris chuba

Was this a result of the $150B that we gave Iran? Just being facetious, it was a stolen pistol.

I can’t believe that the lemmings on the U.S. message boards get whooped into a frenzy by fake reports that part of the money released as part of the JCPOA has been used for terrorism. They don’t need examples or proof. They just sputter, ‘THANKS OBAMA!’ Partisan politics and stupidity is poison.


Yes. We Iranians thank you wholeheartedly for the “free money” you “gave” us!

Everyone of us received $2000 and are planning to buy our suicide yachts and VBIED limos. Every afternoon we have tea and “yellow cake” bought by the billions US “gave” us. On the evening we take our Nukular (!) missiles for a stroll and every night we plan to pummel our brand new Boeing planes the US will “give” us into the face of the Great Satan (R)(TM). We also thank Obama for all the bounty he bestowed upon us and secretly draw cartoons of Trump, which we hate by the way, because he wants to take back all the free toys and gifts that Papa Obama gave and wants to stop us from detaining US Navy sailors in our own waters, you know, our usual hobby. Bad Trump!

Don’t underestimate the power of propaganda repetition. If you ask the loudest ones on the message boards, they even can’t pronounce the name of Iran correctly, let alone locate it on a map. Yet they believe the Planes Iran bought will be used in terror attacks, you know, like the ones all of us did before or plan to do.

Igor Dano

Brave guy!

Igor Dano

He shot and killed occupation army He did not harm unarmed civilians A real great man and patriot.

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