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Pakistani Policemen Killed In Terrorist Attack (Photos, Video)

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Pakistani Policemen Killed In Terrorist Attack (Photos, Video)

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Late on August 8th, a terrorist attack targeted policemen in the city of Quetta, the provincial capital and largest city of the Province of Balochistan in Pakistan.

At least two policemen were killed and 12 others were injured in an explosion that targeted a vehicle carrying 15 policemen near Quetta’s Serena Hotel. Six civilians were among the injured in the attack.

The attack was carried out with a motorcycle fitted with an improvised explosive device (IED).

Pakistani Policemen Killed In Terrorist Attack (Photos, Video)

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The injured were taken to hospital, while Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) teams were deployed at the scene.

“[We] will bring to justice the elements trying to create disturbance in peaceful Balochistan,” Balochistan government spokesperson Liaquat Shahwani said in a statement.

The same day, a vendor was injured on Quetta’s Sariab Road after unidentified persons launched a grenade at his shop where he was selling Pakistan flags and other paraphernalia ahead of 14th August, the Independence Day in Pakistan.

No one has taken responsibility for today’s terrorist attack yet.

The same day, the security forces of Pakistan launched an operation against Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan and eliminated three militants in the Lahore district. They turned out to be citizens of Afghanistan, who were reportedly planning terrorist attacks against Shiites.

The Quetta Hotel has a notorious reputation. The attack was committed in front of the same hotel in April . Then the Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan group claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that its target was a Chinese diplomat. A bomb exploded in the parking lot of the Quetta Serena Hotel, killing five people and wounding a dozen others. Later, several attacks targeted Chinese citizens there.

The number of terrorist attacks in the region remains high. In July, four people were injured and a vehicle of Frontier Corps was damaged in a blast in Hazar Ganji, on the outskirts of Quetta. On July 1, at least six security personnel were injured in a bomb explosion that targeted an army convoy on Quetta’s Airport Road.

The attacks are tacking place amid the ongoing war in Afghanistan.


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US & EU are Zion slaves

Mark my fuking words,
Baloch and Pashtuns going to fuk the mother of Pakistani gays and Taliban Khan.
Also, SF wth? That is a terrorist attack?
But …but…Taliban aren’t terrorists? Baloch are…you guys can’t do that.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Ohhhh, yeah, India did it… right I forgot my bad.

Islam collapse

Pakistan will collapse it’s not a matter of if but a matter of when.Sushant sareens video analyses the coming implosion of Pakistan


Once Pakistan collapses from within Islamic empire will suffer irreversible loss 😂😃

Icarus Tanović

You’re such an zionistic punk.


Agree haha
Long Live Assad
Long Live Abdul Malik Houthis
Long Live Gaddafi


He is a Hindu turd and not the sharpest of trolls.


India is supporting the Baluch insurgency, but the real problem is the Punjabi dominated Pakistani army that since the Bangladesh disaster has been alienating its minorities and eating up the bankrupt failed state’s aid dependent budget. The British created an intentional disaster by partitioning India in 1947.

Islam collapse

Rebel attack soon pak will breakup as the punjabis will become isolated and the other ethnicities will start targeting the punjabis 😁

Icarus Tanović

Oh there we go! Spilling to Pakistan sh!t from Afganistan. You saw those seeds, now you get it right back.


Hey hey hey…whats going on here.Wait… Just pakis killin each other…proceed.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sonofamalek

Frankly that is an idiotic comment and shows a feeble minded troll. The area which is so called Pakistan today is ethnically diverse and inherently unstable. The Baluch and Pashtun are large minorities who want out. The Baluch in particular are waging an increasingly successful independence war, with limited support from both Afghanistan and India.


Frankly speaking, all of South Asia is a failed, corrupt over-populated impoverished cauldron of 2 billion miserable people who can not govern themselves. The most frightful fact is that such failed states as India and Pakistan, unfortunately are nuclear armed and can cause a lot of mayhem.

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