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Pakistan Warns “Nuclear War Cannot Be Ruled Out”. Pakistan Fire Kills 4 Indian Soldiers In Kashmir

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Pakistan Warns "Nuclear War Cannot Be Ruled Out". Pakistan Fire Kills 4 Indian Soldiers In Kashmir

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At least four Indian soldiers died on December 23 as a result of  an alleged Pakistan fire in the disputed region of Kashmir at the Indian-Pakistan border.

According to the Indian Army’s statement, Pakistan forces opened fire at Indian posts in Rajouri sector. The Indian side described the firing as an “unprovoked cease-fire violation” and Indian soldiers retaliated “strongly and effectively.”

The Indian casualties incides an army officer. Meanwhile, cross-border shelling was reported across the disputed region.

Earlier, Pakistan National Security Advisor Lt Gen (retd) Nasser Khan Janjua said the stability of South Asia was hanging in a delicate balance and the possibility of a nuclear war cannot be ruled out.

“The stability of the South Asian region hangs in a delicate balance, and the possibility of nuclear war cannot be ruled out,” he told participants of a seminar on national security in Islamabad.

Janjua added that India has been stockpiling dangerous weapons and threatens Pakistan of conventional warfare. He also accused the US of conspiring against the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) with India.

“As the Taliban grow stronger in Afghanistan, America has started to shift the blame for its failures in the country onto Pakistan,” he added.

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Whip the PAkistan people into submitting to their military leaders who own and run the country, same old story, greed corrupts.

Expo Marker

Although Pakistan has been known to be in the wrong in the past in its actions, it remains true that the US is shifting blame to Pakistan more and more, and it also remains true that the US is trying to interfere in Chinese economic belt plans.

Richard M

China consistently supports rogue terrorist regimes like N Korea, Khmer Rouge and Pakistan.


Why would muslims in Khasmir be part of India ?

It’s very simple. Muslims go with Pakistan. Buddhist whith China and Hinduhists with India.

And when you look at, 99% of Pakistan kashmir is composed of muslims. But, indian part of Kashmir, 5 millions of 7 millions are muslims. So, India is wrong and can’t maintain soverainty in most of the Khasmir part that they have.


Bradford in England has a majority muslims.can they declare independence as per your logic.

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