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Pakistan Foreign Affairs Minister Calls On United States to Negotiate With Taliban

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Pakistan Foreign Affairs Minister Calls On United States to Negotiate With Taliban

Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif. (Photo: AFP)

On Sunday, Pakistan Foreign Affairs Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif told Pakistan Radio that the US should change its policy in Afghanistan and negotiate with the Taliban in order to bring peace and security to the country.

“Peace talks with the Taliban could be arranged if Washington works with countries in the region that have influence over the militant group” Asif said

Asif said that Iran and Russia should be given a role in the peace process in Afghanistan. Asif claimed that these two countries have a great influence over the Taliban.

Asif statement came after the US administration accused Pakistan of hiding the Taliban leadership inside its territory.

Meanwhile, the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad claimed on Sunday that NATO warplanes targeted a position of the Afghan Police by mistake in Nawa district of Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan.

Voice of Jihad claimed that 5 Afghan policemen were killed and 3 others were injured in the supposed friendly fire accident.

The Taliban continued its advance in western Afghanistan and captured a checkpoint of the Afghan Army in Farah town, the capital of Farah province. According to Voice of Jihad the checkpoint was captured after a 5 days-long siege, during the siege the commander of the checkpoint was killed.

The Taliban influence is now increasing in northern and western Afghanistan away from the border with Pakistan.

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Sadly for some time now and particularly since the Trump Presidency the US government dictionary is getting smaller every day. ‘Diplomacy ‘ ‘Negotiation’ and ‘Peace’ are no longer listed. ‘ Very powerful ‘, ‘ bomb ‘ and ‘sanction ‘ are four regularly used words.


A voice of reason , considering the Taliban holds over 50 % of the country , and are not Americans .


The USA does not really want peace. There is no $$$ in peace!

mehboob gani

Talibans are pro Osama bin landen. Al Qaeda was openly made to function under Taliban rule of Afghanistan. Back to square 1.


Its the other way around. AQ was under taliban and taliban hosted them as guests. It’s not like they loved them or anything but Mullah omar was a classical man and he didn’t want to hand them over without evidence and only to muslim court to become the true judges of the AQ case not the Americans because he was of the opinion they were untrustworthy which proves to be true

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Osama bin Laden wanted out of Al Qaeda his health was terrible he had kidney issues , no proper medical care.That’s why he left before the attacks in 2001 all those videos were poor and grainy on purpose they were very old.

mehboob gani

so finally US sittng on table with terrorist. good luck, you both deserve eacthother.

mehboob gani

Sheikh Osama (rahimula) and Taliban are a true Muslim who was defending schools and masques, and fighting for the couse of children’s and woman. Indians are violent terrorist. Yes Islam is a peaceful religion. ISIS are not Muslim. They are originally jews but supported by redIndian Zionist (I mean Hindus) who wants to occupy land not belonging to them. All Muslims, Christians and other minority live in fear of their life in India. Yes Pakistanis And Chinese are most honest people and respected around the world. Gazwehind zindabad, pak fauj Piandabad.

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