Pakistan Calls Emergency Meeting After Indian Strikes in Kashmir


Pakistan Calls Emergency Meeting After Indian Strikes in Kashmir

Pakistani troops walk on a hilltop post near Ladha, a town in the tribal region of South Waziristan in May 2011

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif called for an emergency cabinet meeting on September 30 after India had claimed a number of air strikes along the de-facto border between the two countries.

The Pakistani military comirms that two soldiers were killed in clashes with Indian troops and announced a “forceful response” if there operations are repeated. in the recently released statement, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry blamed India for “deliberately” escalating tensions.

India says that the operation took place against militants that were planning to carry out attacks on cities in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir. Unconfirmed reports say that some villages along the border are being evacuated. This escalation comes after 18 Indian soldiers were killed in an attack by militants on a base outside of Srinagar, the capital of Indian-administerd Kashmir about two weeks ago.

Kashmir is a Muslim-majority region that has been disputed between India and Pakistan since 1947.



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  • India and Pakistan should not go to war. Over stupid little border lands. This will only serve Israel and the UK, as they wish to sell more junk to India and Pakistan. The people of India are truly a lovely people who are wise. True they have some problems to over come, but with love and patients and adaptability they can overcome.
    Pakistan is going to be a mess for the next 50 years. They have to many Israeli-supported-Sunni running around their country.
    I am at the conclusion that Pakistan needs to break into three different countries and separated by race and religion for peace to work.
    India needs to remain whole, and advance relations with Iran and Greece and Ireland and Spain and Russia and Italy and Serbia and Austria.
    India needs to abandon relations with the UK and USSA and Israel. Israel works against the better interest of the good Indian people.

    • Nexusfast123

      Give them a call and tell them not to be so naughty. That’s what comes from developing and wasting resources on technologies that have no use other than national destruction.