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JUNE 2023

Pakistan Backed Taliban Attack In Panjshir With Drones, Helicopters & Special Forces

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Pakistan Backed Taliban Attack In Panjshir With Drones, Helicopters & Special Forces

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The Pakistani military had taken part in the Taliban’s offensive against resistance forces in the northeastern Afghan province of Panjshir, Fox News foreign correspondent Benjamin Hall reported on September 7.

According to Hall, sources in the US Central Command informed Fox News that the Pakistani military supported the Taliban with combat drones, helicopters and special forces.

“The Pakistani military are assisting the Taliban offensive in Panjshir – Including 27 helicopters full of Pakistani Special Forces, backed up by Pakistani drone strikes,” Hall wrote on Twitter without elaborating.

The Taliban imposed control of Panjshir on September 6 following a quick battle with resistance forces, which didn’t fight back much.

The last day of fighting in Panjshir saw the death of Fahim Dashty, a spokesman for the resistance, and General Abdul Wudod Zara, a commander of the resistance and nephew of late Afghan leader Ahmed Massoud. The Taliban claimed that they were both killed in clashes with its fighters. However, sources in the resistance said that the two were killed in Pakistani drone strikes.

The whereabouts of resistance leader Ahmed Massoud Jr. remains unknowns. The other key figure of the resistance former Vice President of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh has reportedly taken refuge in Tajikistan.

Resistance forces refused to acknowledge defeat. Massoud said that his force, drawn from the remnants of the regular Afghan army as well as local militia fighters, was still fighting.

The reports of a direct Pakistani involvement in the battle of Panjshir were not surprising. As the battle was heating up in the mountainous province, head of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence arrived in Kabul supposedly to discuss issues related to the “peace and stability” of Afghanistan.


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Paki dogs with there taleb scum brothers


the are the SHITturks of subcontinent, the UNHUMAN GENOCIDALS to the East!

Michel LeBlanc

Ouhhh the butthurt is real aint it, nato lapdogs!

Icarus Tanović

That’s right my brother.


Fuck Pakistan

Michel LeBlanc

Screw you too buddy. Your 1000’s of km away from afghanistan, you have ZERO say in how they run their affairs.


What primitive affairs muddafucka? you live in the UK, don’t you?….jihadi punjabi…fukk you

Last edited 1 year ago by Ahson
Icarus Tanović

It is actually known as Fuckistan.


Now Southfront become Fox news propaganda’s mouthpiece. How funny!


Interesting little fact about the assassination of Fahim Dashty:

At the time of his assassination (apparently carried out by Pakistan using a drone or attack helicopter as both were used in raids on Panjshir) he was being interviewed by BBC Persian service live via Zoom. 3 Minutes before his death the video was cut off and a phone number (an Indian mobile number) showed on screen. He was killed along another commander of the so-called Panjshir resistance, General Abdulwadud. Zionist regime used and still uses tracking phones+UAV for similar assassinations.

I might have mentioned once or twice (yeah!) that BBC Persian is not supervised by BBC and is under UK SIS (AKA MI6) “management”. BBC has no authority over its Persian service whatsoever and it seems they hold a grudge for it because some time ago BBC signed a contract with Iranian government that allows it to have an office here and take films and pics on the condition that none of it ends up in Persian service or the contract is null. The head of Persian service foamed at mouth and blasted BBC management for the said contract calling them collaborators and traitors.

Pakistan denies any involvement in any kind of attack on Panjshir and BBC Persian clumsily tried to clear and distance themselves from the assassination and like idiots they said they had no idea he was killed because there was no communication with Panjshir. Liars are forgetful and they forgot they were interviewing him live!

Idiots cooperate with Pakistan to assassinate their own pawns and 24/7 accuse Iran of backing Taliban. Food for thought.

Florian Geyer

Well said my friend. Its good to see you again. I just wish this forum had a ‘block’ button to hide the CIA and MI6 trolls.


Hey… How do you do? I completely agree. I really missed NOT seeing the sorry sods.


Why wouldn’t Paki units assist? The ISI received heavy US(CIA) funding…some of which went to the Taliban. The Taliban also made a deal with the US prior to the pullout. Surprised? Not me…this duplicity has been going on for years. Of course the NA allows US notions to persist, in case they need an excuse in the future. Gotta have those ‘enemies’ and ‘allies’…just in case. Plus it makes good MSM fodder.

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