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Pack Your Bags: Turkey Ordered Syrian Mercenaries In Libya To Prepare For Pull Out

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Pack Your Bags: Turkey Ordered Syrian Mercenaries In Libya To Prepare For Pull Out

Meet the former US-supported FSA, now Turkish-backed FSA, who are committing the same war crimes in Syria they’ve been for years.

Turkey has ordered Syrian mercenaries in Libya to prepare for a nearing withdrawal, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on March 19.

“Turkish-backed Syrian fighters in Libya have been informed to pack up and prepare themselves to return to Syria,” the monitoring group said in a report. “This development comes in light of Erdogan’s new political stance towards the Arabs through attempts to amend its diplomatic and political relations with Egypt.”

The London-based group noted that Syrian mercenaries in Libya received similar orders before. Yet, there was no real withdrawal.

Turkey deployed over 18,000 of its Syrian proxies in Libya in 2019 and 2020 to support its allies in the Government of National Accord against the Libyan National Army. Currently, at least 8,000 are still in the war-torn country.

The SOHR’s new report came following news of an initial agreement between the US and Turkey to pull out all Syrian mercenaries from Libya. The withdrawal process will take two weeks only. Washington and Ankara are yet to confirm the agreement.

The Libya political process saw some serious progress in the last few months. The withdrawal of Syrian mercenaries will boost the political process and reduce Turkey’s influence on the ground in the country.


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Where are they headed next?

A. Northern Cyprus

B. Nagorno-Karabakh

C. Erbil

D. Syrian Golan

E. Gaza

Anyone … ?

Kay Os



Confronting Putin’s ersatz army?

Mustafa Mehmet

Why not?


I agree … why not? go for it





That would be great …

Mustafa Mehmet



Putin stands in his way …

johnny rotten

For 10 years they have us beating our balls with the story that these were moderate anti-Assad rebels, the West has become, or perhaps always has been, a Nazi sewer and NATO is the new Wehrmacht, only more ridiculous than the original.


Turkish mercenaries will pack up and go to the Idlib meat grinder, Russia will retain its presence in Libya.

Pave Way IV

Good article out today from Ahmed AbdulKareem at MintPress, SF. You should reprint it.

Recruited, Arrested, On Trial: Yemeni Spies Tell of Their Reluctant Work for CIA, MI6 [link]
The CIA and MI6 have recruited hundreds of Yemenis to work as mercenaries and spies gathering intelligence and coordinates of Yemeni military positions, promising them money and even passports for the dangerous work.

Icarus Tanović

Where badass erdogan is transferring them now?

Peter Jennings

The SAA and the Russian admin are waiting for these terrorists to return to Syria before making sure every last one either starts living a peaceful life according to the laws of Syria or dies a gruesome death. Any that escape will only return with more arms.

There are no virgins waiting for those who spend their blood stained dollars on cigarettes, booze, drugs, women, and western trappings. There is only disappointment, and its waiting in Syria.

Hind Abyad

Not for long now..


Also, Erdogan is now offering up section of Turkish run Islamist mercenaries to Saudi’s, for their ongoing war of aggression against Yemen. This proposal would a.) boost links between Turkey and KSA, that have been in free-fall for years, recall KSA leads an informal Arab boycott on Turkish goods, and, b.) also put section of Turkish run mercenaries onto Saudi payroll, and thus take some of financial pressure of Turkey, who have been bankrolling terror factions in northern Syria, and an entire mercenary Islamist army in last few years. But for those mercenary pawns – be rather bleak and very dangerous future on remote fronts in Yemen.

Arch Bungle

They failed in their task in Syria.

Then they failed their task in Libya.

Now they move on to fail in Yemen.

And back to Syria to fail again.

Hind Abyad

‘Please take a good look at these “peaceful protestors” and tell us what you see. I see angry al-Qaeda head choppers and some kids for cover! What about you..?!’

Rodney Loder

SOHR is one Jew maggot I heard he moved to Sheffield, if anyone approaches him for an interview he has them arrested in 25 minutes, so it’s just the British Government doing the talking, anyone who supports Haftar is anti-Syria/anti-Assad, as for Brother Erdogan wanting to make up with the slime ball Sisi don’t make me laugh.

For that to happen the Muslim Brotherhood would be required to have a mass extinction event, on purpose, – harken !!! so why would this greasy Jew maggot living in Sheffield hope for that to happen?.

Mainly because the Homosexual Sid Loder had the world convinced I would become a Freemason Evangelical or just a Satanic Heretic supporting israel, anything is possible when you control the power of God, that’s mind control provided by 2 things the Holy Ghost and keeping me Jesus Christ locked up in solitary confinement, all I’ve got for company is 2 racing motorcycles, but no matter how good of a rider I become I can’t bust out till Assad gives me the green light to press my case in Damascus.

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