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MAY 2021

Overview Of Syrian-Israeli Encounter On January 20-21 (Map, Videos, Photos)

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Overview Of Syrian-Israeli Encounter On January 20-21 (Map, Videos, Photos)

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On January 20, the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF) repelled an Israeli airstrike on positions south of the city of Damascus.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that 4 Israeli F-16 warplanes launched 7 missiles at the Damascus international airport from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea. The SyAADF shot down the missiles with its Pantsir-S1 and Buk-M2E systems.

Following the incident, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced that its Iron Dome anti-rocket system had intercepted a projectile over the occupied Golan Heights.

Later on the same day, the IDF carried out another strike on the outskirt of the Syrian capital of Damascus claiming that it is aimed at Iranian Quds Forces. The IDF claimed that it had targeted munition storage sites, a military site, an Iranian intelligence site and an Iranian military training camp.

Overview Of Syrian-Israeli Encounter On January 20-21 (Map, Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Overview Of Syrian-Israeli Encounter On January 20-21 (Map, Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

The Israeli strike destroyed a Syrian Pantsir-S1 air defense system.

According to Syrian sources, the IDF launched over 50 missiles.

The Russian military said that Syrian forces had intercepted at least 30 cruise missiles and guided bombs. The defense ministry noted that 4 Syrian soldiers were killed and 6 others were wounded in the attack. It added that the airstrikes “partially damaged the infrastructure of the Damascus international airport.”


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  1. MADE MAKER says:


    1. Tom-Einar Nikolaisen says:

      What would they have to gain from dooing that?
      Do you think the crazy zionists will just stop over loosing 4 F-16’s, or may they use that as an excuse to ramp things up bigtime?

      1. World_Eye says:

        You are zionists troll gtfo of SF.

      2. RichardD says:

        What are they going to ramp up with if they start losing a lot of planes?

        1. Sinbad2 says:

          Ramp up the Americans
          If Syria started shooting down Israeli aircraft over Lebanon, the western media would go berserk, poor little Israel attacked by the butcher of Damascus, needs help. Before you know it NATO would be bombing Syria back to the stone age.

          The Israeli attacks are a stunt, they have no military objective.

          1. RichardD says:

            The US is in the process of getting out of Syria and hasn’t intervened in a single Israeli war with it’s neighbors beyound resupply in 70+ years and is unlikely to sttart now.

  2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

    Where is S300? unbelievable what’s is going on.

    1. Tom-Einar Nikolaisen says:

      The S300s are in Syria, integrated in the system that shot down all the missiles. What is unbelivable? That Pantsir and BUK does the job and the S-300 is not used to start an all out war?

      1. World_Eye says:

        What was that, S-300 shoot down all missiles are you been sarcastic or what? S-300 are never been used even once since their deployment in Syria don’t be ridiculous, all that Syrian forces launching is Pantsirs and Buks and S-125 and S-200. And obviously form the first video you can see that the Pantsir does not doing its job at all ! And how does the deployment and shooting the S-300 with high precision of 90% success (shoots 9 out of 10 missiles, but some times it have to shoot 2 rockets to take down 1 target, depends what target it is and how high is the priority of the target, it is nuclear cruise missile then 2 rockets will be shot other than that 1 to 1) will TRIGGER ALL OUT WAR. The plan was that S-300 should be integrated in the network and attached to the S-400 Radars to better see and track targets and to replace all out dated S-125 and S-200 and Pantsirs and Buks to be beside S-300 to defend the very S-300 it self.

        1. Redadmiral says:

          The air defence system is integrated, which includes P1s, P2s & Buk. They are not going to use S 300s to take out atgms nor should there be a need to use the S-300s to take out the cruise missiles as e-w systems and the P1s, 2s & Buks did the trick when FUKUS launched their 100+ after the fake Douma gas attack. The Big problem here is the taking out of one P1 unit, which suggests either the unit failed to move from its lock and strike position. Or the IsraHelli have found a way to target P1 unit on the move after launch. Have to believe it is the former.

          1. χρηστος says:

            i beleive the pantsir is a propaganda target..they have used the exact method they used before on them…they fire multiple missiles and they supress the system…if you check the video the pantsir launces 2 missiles prior to the attack. maybe the last ones , the guns must be firing at other targets or exausted their ammo…and in all this mayhem a small suicide drone hits it…..must be an ‘error’ on its programming…it considers the drone of minimal threat and doesnt engage it…and it is…if you launch 10-15 rockets-missiles with a warhead that can destroy a whole building at once why bother with just a small fly?

        2. Kelli Hernandez says:

          The S-300 can shoot an Israhelli jet out of the sky as soon as it is in the air in Israhell. You don’t think Israhell told Putie’ what they were about to do?
          So much for Russian help and no fly zone .

          1. χρηστος says:

            israel uses Libanese airspace for such attacks..they dont dare to enter Syria

        3. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

          First of all I cant see nothing in the first video..as the image cut before hit target..then another image with an explosion and later the missile hit the ground..but it seems that is another diferent missile of the first image..we dont know if it is a Pantsir..Second image is a Pantsir clearly parked in open field( without camouflage or be hide) as usual in the unprofessional SAA !

    2. Tommy Jensen says:

      The S-300 are in training camp.
      This is Kremlin´s no.176 excuse since Assad asked to buy S-300 in the 1980´s.

    3. Drogba says:

      The S300s are for Isis aircraft,if they dare enter Syrian air space.But at the moment the zionist cowardly lunatics fire their missiles as hit and run tactics from Lebanon, med,north Palestine.

      1. gustavo says:

        Syria has the international right to shot down planes in Lebanon sky. The reason is just Syrian does not want to shot down Israel planes (maybe Russia suggestion).

    4. Zionism = EVIL says:

      S-300 are being used as pot plants, look good for decoration.

    5. gustavo says:

      Yes, we need to ask Russia, but know already what will be the answer (Russia allows ISrael whatever it wants in Syria, even to shot down Russia planes, accidentally).

  3. Tom-Einar Nikolaisen says:

    Why should Syria shoot down the F-16s and take the Isreali bait?
    Would Russia automaticcaly defent syria agains Israel because it gives marginal help versus the Wahabbis?
    If not, how would Syria profit from an all out Israeli assault?

    1. verner says:

      no way israel can do an all put assault – too small and too weak now that syria has geared up with russian weapons, aided by iran and hezbollah. truth is that israel is hard pressed and is allowed to do some mischief but it’s no more than mischief. once the syrian situation is finalized, the parties in syria, turkey, iran, syria, iraq and hezbollah can clear out the trash occupying palestine, who, the trash that is, will be onto their next 5000 year diaspora – and that will be the day!

      1. Ich Bins says:

        Turkey??? Are you kiddin’?! Buddy, the ottoman suckers in Turkey are no way better than “the chosen one”. Just take a look at our friend Turkish Greywolves: same shit, another package.

        1. George King says:

          Greywolves are a construct of the CIA along with Turkish and other European criminal gangs since the 1950’s. Not sure of the Gulan connections within the CIA construct, maybe some one can update?

    2. Promitheas Apollonious says:

      right now is no profit for syria to open another front.

      1. Ich Bins says:

        …and that’s why the “international tribesmen” bomb right now…

        1. Ich Bins says:

          …I would like to see some IDF’s F-16 shot down though…it’s about time!

          1. Justin says:

            Wait for the S-300 to be setup and deployed in the T-4 airbase! Estimated the Syrians will be trained by March!

    3. jm74 says:

      Exactly, there are other forces at work and one of them is to bankrupt the US by attacking the dollar.

      1. Sinbad2 says:

        Exactly, people think China is not in this fight, but they are.
        Whilst Russia encourages the Americans to borrow money for weapons, China is killing the American economy.

        Here’s my little prediction.
        The US will suffer an economic collapse this year, and will be forced to pull its troops out of many of the countries it occupies over time. South Korea will be the first to be liberated, but others including most importantly Germany will also once again be free.

        1. zman says:

          There you go, getting my hopes up. I know many here hate the US and it’s people…but I can tell you this…there are many in the US that are willing to see a worse economic situation if it will engender the collapse of the Zionist agenda. Hopefully, if it is bad enough, we might see a purge of the dual-citizenship traitors.

        2. jm74 says:

          My thoughts also. More than one way in skinning a cat; as the saying goes.

        3. Nucu says:

          no way they will let their best colonies free.

    4. jako says:

      Russia will not directly participate on Syrian side in any war with any neighboring country if Syria starts war.
      But also Russia will strongly advise those neighboring countries from attacking Syria.
      Small incident like the one above doesn’t count.
      Officially Russia is in Syria only for 2 reasons:
      1. To help liberate Syria from terrorists and nothing else.
      2. Because of 2 military bases. The role of those bases ( among other things) is to prevent invasion of Syria by US & NATO…

      I really hope that Iranian Quds Forces are not so close to Israel. There is no reason for that.
      War is on the other side of Syria so no need to present easy target within the range of Israeli air to ground missiles.

      1. gustavo says:

        It does not matter where in Syria Iran troops can be located, Israel will attack them easily since Russia has allowed Israel to do this.

        1. jako says:

          Oh shut up you NATO bitch will you!
          I had enough of your bullshit “Russians are guilty for everything”!
          You keep talking bullshit all the time without arguments or proves and have support of morons like yourself !
          Israel keeps attacking more or less identical area all the time!
          Only exception was that attack when Russian Ilyushin was downed !
          I am more than sure that Israel will NEVER AGAIN go close to Russian military bases or they will be shot down by Russians!

          WHY are Iranians THERE?
          Aren’t they suppose to help liberating Syria in Idlib or fighting leftovers of ISIS near Deir ez-Zor?
          Why Iran uses Syria for their own plans against Israel if Syria is still in war, isn’t liberating Syria much more urgent?!
          So no I do NOT buy you anti-Russian NATO propaganda!
          And I totally support Russia to be indifferent on those attacks
          on Iranians !
          And if Assad is supporting Iran in all that than he is working against best interest of his own people to liberate country as soon as possible!

          1. zman says:

            You should have taken the chill pill I prescribed for you. Your continued name calling is getting really old. You also spread false rumors and when caught out do the same as here…start name calling. You also said before that Russia warned Israel not to attack Damascus airport or Russia would act…would you like me to copy and paste your post for you? If it looks like Russia is preventing Syria from attacking Israel, well, everyone has an opinion. Like you for instance. You BS is that Russia alone saved Syria. NOT TRUE. Some here may be dis-illusioned with Russia, but they are a minority. It certainly does not mean that Russia’s efforts and Russian blood are not appreciated. But then again, Russia is not in Syria just because they are good guys. Syria as well as Iran are vital to Russia’s security and economic lifeblood. Is Russia not using Syria and Iran for their own ends? By the way, to continue using the Israeli propaganda line about Iran, IRGC and Hezbollah does not speak well for you…as you have ZERO proof of what you claim…just like Israel. So does this mean you are an Israeli shill? That BS goes both ways.

        2. Sinbad2 says:

          There are no Iranian troops in Syria, that’s a lie spread by Israel to fool the less intellectually endowed.

      2. Sinbad2 says:

        There are very few Iranians in Syria, Israel always lies.

        1. jako says:

          Maybe not so few Iranian “advisers” but they brought with them Shia mercenaries from Afghanistan and even maybe militias from Iraq .
          But I agree basically.
          Let us think for the moment … what if Israel is not lying about Iranians stocking the missiles in Syria and also sending them to Lebanon for Hezbollah?
          Call me crazy but from military point of view that would be good military move!
          It is MUCH cheaper to hit Israel in retaliation with thousands short range missiles than to target Israel with EXPENSIVE long range ballistic missiles.
          And on the top it is huge deterrent against Israeli attack on Iran or invasion of Lebanon

          I know I would do that if I am Iranian top military commander

          1. Sinbad2 says:

            Why would Iran want a war with Israel, what would it gain?
            Selling weapons to Hezbollah, sure why not, everybody else sells weapons to anyone with the money, why not Iran?

          2. jako says:

            I thought you are native English speaker?!?

            I’ll copy paste it so that you read it again:
            “It is MUCH cheaper to hit Israel in retaliation”

            Also…I ,doubt Iran “sells” those missiles to Hezbollah

  4. John says:

    The SAF did fine. The IAF expended a lot of ordnance and got virtually nothing for it. Behind the scenes, BN is probably going crazy. My take.

    1. Tom Nicholson says:

      4 soldiers are dead.it is not fine.

      1. John says:

        It’s war, people die. If you can’t take it, don’t watch.

  5. Daniel Miller says:

    and ofc another example of how incompetant arabs are they again leave ainactive panstir to be destroyed.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Arabs are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

      1. Lena Jones says:

        Some Arabs are too sharp for you.

      2. Daniel Miller says:

        agreed i mean if it was just the SAA ok but Saudis,Egypt,Iraq and Jordan all have been humiliated.

  6. World_Eye says:

    Damn that first clip 2 rockets fired from the Pantsir and they both missed the missile, and of course the IDF will target the no working Pantsir and why in the hell in first place the Pantsir that was blown didn’t work, instead to be ON and shooting again off as many times before. Damn this was very strange to see, from that TV-Guided Rocket, it clearly shows how the Pantsirs are missing the missile 2 times tho. Such a shame, why the $uck Syria does not give rockets back at the Zionist and the imbolistical evil Netanyahu devil. Hello Assad they are attacking your main international air port, do you know how dangerous is that, there is a lot planes take off and land there internationally, does this zio-motherfuckers know how much damage can they do if they hit some passenger plane. And of course S-300 is not been implied here, Syrian techs guys are still in training or they are saving it for deterrence of Israhell not to enter with jets. Use the S-300 shoot everything down.

    1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

      you think they dont know? Kind of naive question you making, no offense mean here.

      1. World_Eye says:

        None taken. But I really had to ask and say that question but I guess that’s it.
        You know what, the fools should always been screwed in the #ss. Especially Assad when he wants to play like this.

        1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

          it is a question many of us are making, none of us has any answer, or explanation as to why they will not defend themselves against the scum of the earth. The only explanation is that syrians dont want for the time to tackle two problems at once.

        2. Sinbad2 says:

          Hitler was defeated because he was fighting on 2 fronts.
          You want Syria to make the same stupid mistake?Syria is preparing to finish off Idlib, the Israelis and FUKUS have lots of troops in Idlib, so the Israelis are trying to distract Syria.

    2. Daniel Miller says:

      the first system i doubt is a Panstir since not only is the image fully blured for some reason but also panstir missiles do not act like that they fly straight.

      1. World_Eye says:

        I don’t know man, its obvious that missiles are been shoot at this very TV-Missile but none of them hit it. And we see the next missile stuck another in-active Pantsir, why just why are inactive, you have no idea how many inactive Pantsirs the Zionists have taken out in Syria, oh man a LOT.

        1. Daniel Miller says:

          if the firs video that really is a Panstir then the irratic flight trajectory indicates that the taget is ether behind this missile or that the missile it self is too close and the crew fucked up and needed to switch to cannons to take it out.
          Also arabs have a bad tendancy to well…shit all over weapons systems since they do not know how to use them.
          I mean last time this happened the monors had just been standing next to the system while it was out of ammo in the middile of the runway.

    3. Bob Starsky says:

      arabs being arabs, useless even against jews who are useless against european and east asians. arabs are bottom of a bottom

    4. KGBDonald says:

      We don’t know if the first one is Pantsir or something else, it’s deliberately blurred. It was obviously targeted/overwhelmed with multiple missile (we see explosion and the camera is still on, that missile is still flying). That’s why it’s firing on different missiles, but it can’t intercept them all. Probably used their previous attack to locate targets. Second one (looks like Pantsir) is indeed inactive.

    5. FB says:

      Actually one of those Pantsir rounds did hit an Israeli missile…you could see the one filming flew right through the flying debris and smoke, before hitting the Pantsir…there are two separate films here spliced together…the first part of the film is from the missile that got destroyed…then the film from that second one takes over as it flies through the explosion…it’s clear that second half of the footage is NOT from the same camera because of the dramatic and sudden change in brightness at about the 17 second mark…right when that second missile coming up behind and from a different direction flies through the explosion and flying debris…the Pantsir looked to be operational as it had just fired a couple of rounds…had it been offline it should have booked out of there…it was not a good showing of the air defense crew…they should have had info on this large missile salvo and changed positions…with their radar shut off to prevent the Israeli missile from homing in…

  7. jm74 says:

    The day will come when the Syrians will retaliate and one can imagine to look of utter surprise and anguish on the israelis. It does appear that Syria is biding her time.

  8. potcracker777 says:

    learn from hezbollah……jews only understand 1 language………….

    ps.. hilarious as russia stands at the sidelines , laughing and watching

  9. Drogba says:

    Patience is required by the Syrian Forces right now.There is nothing to be gained in hitting back while terrorists are still active in country.The day of reckoning will come soon enough.God bless Syria and it’s allies.

    1. nibot kram says:

      God bless one of the most tyrannical and Murderous regimes is in the Middle East?
      What are you smoking in your hookah?

      1. Ken Nonickname Nonecknom Under says:

        Western media inc AJ is lies. It is the strongest part of the Western offensive.
        Hookah lol!

      2. Kelli Hernandez says:

        The tyrannical lawlessness in Israhell is the source of all instability in the region as well as KSA Wahhabi extremists ISIS terrorists

        1. nibot kram says:

          Clearly this is a Jihadi sympathetic channel.
          We will agree that ISIS is bad.
          I’ll go back to my pork chops and leave you all to your Hookahs.

          1. zman says:

            …and clearly you are a western dupe…or an Israeli. ISIS is bad, but their supporters are good, eh? You need to up your propaganda game…it’s pretty bad.

          2. nibot kram says:

            A damaged Liberal mind is a terrible thing to waste.
            Have a nice time caged at the ISIS indoctrination camp.

      3. Neurasth says:

        You must be new to this conflict, lol.

      4. Enkidu says:

        This narrative has fallen flat ages ago, stop trying JIDF, it’s over

      5. Sinbad2 says:

        You’re right, fk the Israeli child killers.

    2. gustavo says:

      Trur, first Idlib, second AL-Tanf, third, Afrin, fourth Kurds area. Then, Dimona (Israel).

    3. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

      Israel have been at constant war since the 1970’s, and you still do not think it is time to counter attack??? Miles of Syrian land is being conquered, fortified and integrated into the Jewish-Empire, but still Syria must wait… Wait for what? Till Syria only exist east of the Euphrates river?
      200,000 Syrians have died to this Zionist war, perhaps Syria’s only sin had been not counter-striking back.

      1. Sinbad2 says:

        Look I agree, Syria should have done something about the Israeli terror attacks decades ago, but they didn’t, and it’s not up to Russia to fight for Syria, if Syria can’t be bothered to defend itself.

  10. Bob Starsky says:

    syrians dont deserve a country, they should surrender to turkey as turkey would never allow to such behavior without bombing and killing israelis in response

    1. Albert Pike says:

      Erdgan is Doenmeh crypto jew himself, why do you think he would do anything different then the Syrians under the command of jewish decendant Putin…

  11. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    Tit for tat. LOL

  12. Kelli Hernandez says:

    So much for the S-400. And Putin must have given the Ok for Israhell to begin bombing Syria again. When will Russia stop being a pussy and stand up to the Zionist entity and shoot down those F-16. You’re a fool to think Putin didn’t know about this premeditated attack on Syria

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      The Russian position has always been, they are in Syria to kill terrorists.
      If Israel attacks another Russian plane, Israel will suffer a devastating blow.

      The Israeli attacks on Syria have been going on for 50 years, and it’s up to Syria to secure its own borders. Russia is not in the habit of destroying little countries like the USA does.

  13. Estranghero Arafat says:

    Iran should help Syria to retaliate an attack against the Axis of Evil Murderer Israel. They should serve justice for the monstrous attacks against them.

  14. Angelo Cinarelli says:

    God bless Syria, its allies and Assad. ISRAEL CANCER OF THIS WORLD.

  15. Patriotic_White_American says:

    Wow, not even a single Israeli plane scratched

    Russia and Syria got humiliated

    1. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

      Be worry of your soldiers that are being killed eating in restaurant thinking that they are defeated ISIS…

    2. AJ says:

      37 out of 50 missiles shot shown – Epic Fail!

    3. funebrero1936 says:

      go and start build the southern frontier wall rather than barking here

    4. Sinbad2 says:

      Israel can’t build planes, only advanced nations can build planes.

      1. Patriotic_White_American says:

        Haha you’re so besides yourself, you don’t know what to say

  16. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

    Syria could retaliate easily..just launch Smerch rockets ( 100km range) and dozens of Fatheed 110( 200km range)..then israel will retaliate..but need many airstrike and hundred of missile to make significant damage..so in less than 3 days israeli stocks of cruise missile would be in red line!..the problem is that Russia would not support such actions!..above all when israeli population be in panic and hide in shelters!

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      Which is exactly what Israel wants.
      The Israeli plan is to attack Syria until Syria responds, and then cry to the US/UN that the bad Syrians are killing poor defenseless Jews.
      They always use the same ploy, and it always works because Israel controls the western media.

  17. occupybacon says:

    But why did they stopped bombings for a while after the new s-300 in Syria? They trolled all of us.

    1. funebrero1936 says:

      they made sure that the Russian did not install it in the Damascus area … then the two-faced Russians gave the Zionists the green light

  18. kraaiiii says:

    second attack, Pantsir crew door open, search/track radar down, legs up, gun (black on vid meaning hot) not in combat probably all ammo spend even the guns.

    stealth suicide drones like IAI Harop accompanied by other types of missile

    1. FB says:

      No…there is no door open…that’s the spare tire space you see just behind the cabin, the doors of which are closed…see the picture… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MAKS_Airshow_2013_(Ramenskoye_Airport,_Russia)_(521-05).jpg

      The Pantsir was firing and killed a missile just ahead of the one filming the hit…footage from the first one was spliced to the second…

      1. kraaiiii says:

        your right, some heat source there

  19. FB says:

    That’s an excellent video of that hit on the Pantsir, obviously from the onboard missile camera…

    You could see the Pantsir was firing, even before it came into view, by the black smoke trails of its missile shots…but the footage is NOT from a single Israeli missile…it is from two separate missiles, with the footage spliced together…the first Israeli missile filming is flying ahead…its camera sees two launches from the Pantsir…you can see the actual round emerging from the smoke and snaking right toward the camera…this happens two times and the first Pantsir round flies right past the camera [perhaps having locked onto another of the missiles in the salvo]…

    Then…at the 17 second mark…the video switches to camera 2, onboard the second [traling] Israeli missile…it shows a big black explosion in midair, just ahead…that was the first missile getting hit…the one filming the footage until the 17 second mark…you can clearly see the sudden jump in the framing of the picture, as a result of a different camera angle…[due to the fact the second missile was pointing in a different direction]…this second missile makes it to the Pantsir…a legitimate hit…

    So the Israelis have done well to score this kill…the Pantsir was simply overwhelmed with too many missiles targeting it…there is no doubt that the Israeli missiles were coming from several different directions…you could see the missile coming in on the port side of the Pantsir, whose missile tubes were pointing aft…the Israelis are no dummies…and the Syrian air defense crews are not exactly top notch, to be caught out like this…the Pantsir crews would have received sufficient advance warning of the large number of inbound Israeli missiles, and the multiple direction vectors…at some point you need to make the right decision to shut down your radar and skedaddle out of there…that’s why those things have wheels…the name of the game is surviving to fight another day…defending every ground target just isn’t possible…

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      The video is a con, it is cut at the 22 second mark and then another video is inserted.
      They filmed 2 separate Pantsir’s, and the first Pantsir shot down the Israeli missile.
      The second Pantsir was unarmed, so it was like shooting Palestinian children, very easy.

      1. FB says:

        I guess you were unable to read the part where I wrote this…

        ‘…the footage is NOT from a single Israeli missile…it is from two separate missiles, with the footage spliced together…’

        And this…

        ‘Then…at the 17 second mark…the video switches to camera 2, onboard the second [trailing] Israeli missile…’

        I spotted the doctored video and posted this several hours before the south front team posted the article stating the same thing…

  20. Prince Teutonic says:

    I really hope Russian crews are not manning these Pantsirs…

  21. Radom Persey says:

    Just shoot down shekel’s jets already!

  22. LaRata says:

    Nice Job for The Syrian Air Defences…. Only minimal damage from the suppose the best Air Force in the Word. After Iblib the SAA will be ready to face Israel . No more fear from Israeli Air Forces…

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      They have been shooting down bombs, something the Americans said was impossible.

  23. gustavo says:

    It looks like the those Pantsir are easily destroyed by multiple missile attack. If Syria can shot down those Israel planes in Lebanon sky, why didn’t Syria do anything about this ? Really disappointing Syria defense system.

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      Lebanon will not give permission to Syria to shoot down the Israeli planes.
      The Lebanese Government is controlled by Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia is controlled by the USA, and the USA is controlled by Israel.
      So effectively Lebanon is Israel’s bitch.

      1. gustavo says:

        Totally in agreement.

  24. jim crowland says:

    it is important that iranian forces are kept checked in syria. they upport terrrism and human rights violations. they should not be in that country

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