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JUNE 2021

Overview Of Syrian Army’s Operation In Southern Damascus On May 8, 2018 (Maps)

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Overview Of Syrian Army’s Operation In Southern Damascus On May 8, 2018 (Maps)

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The military situation is rapidly developing in southern Damascus as government forces have made another step towards a victory in their battle against ISIS terrorists in the area.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Liwa al-Quds, the Palestinian Liberation Army and other pro-government factions have liberated more points from ISIS in the eastern and western parts of the ISIS-held pocket. According to pro-government sources, the SAA and its allies have re-established control of the Baath school, the Japanese Hospital, the Shafi’i mosque, an IT school and other points.

Overview Of Syrian Army’s Operation In Southern Damascus On May 8, 2018 (Maps)

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Currently, main clashes are ongoing in the northern part of the district of al-Hajar al-Aswad and north of the district of al-Taqaddom.

The Syrian Air Force has continued carrying out airstrikes on ISIS positions inside the pocket. According to local sources, about 30 strikes have been delivered by Syrian aircraft since last night.

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Michał Hunicz

Well, max week and it will be done. Since 7th anniversary of war’s start (15th March), the SAA recaptured East Ghouta, Qalamoun and Rastan, Yarmouk are ongoing. First 2 months of 8th year of the war will be successful.


I reckon it could go on longer then 1 week. Unlike the Green Daesh rats the ISIS rats have nowhere else to go. And cornered rats are at their most dangerous. So unless they do manage to get a free busride to somewhere it will be to the death and it will be slower once we get to the ground of their last stand.


A hard dogged battle until the last ISIL rat is exterminated. Rats set the benchmark when they brutally murdered 2SAA soldiers on Sunday. If there is mercy and justice in this world let it protect those who protect the world from these Yanki Zionist Scum dressed in Satanic garb

Hassadnah Abraham

Good luck Assad. Thanks GOD for delivering PUTIN to the world. Without PUTIN, the entire world become slave to US and Zionist


Well spoken!


God bless SAA, Assad and Syria!

Jens Holm

More like Allah is punishing all Syrians in stead of only the evil ones.

Hard to be Your God making more walls in heaven having a hard time, so You cant go on fighting even there – If you get there. A real punishment would be to be send back to Syria.


Watch your back, the THREE MORONS (Trump, Macron and May) are still in the area pretending to ‘fight’ their ally … ISIS.


Lol. The Three Stooges – how appropriate.

Jay Sheehan

How have these pockets been getting food all this time? Are drones from Israel delivering supplies? I’m serious, it makes no sense that these pockets seem to be starvation proof.

Jens Holm

Some has rural districts growing their own food or most of it. Some normally sell their corn, vegatables and meat to the Towners. Now they cant and therefore they have more.

You also having examples of needed trading. Fx in the Bosnia war some big area as a part of Sarajeva had no water itself, but most of the rest(mainly muslims) had no gas from USSR. By that they found a trading solution.

You also can sell, what You have fx gold, cars and like that. You get a low price, but You get food.


BS Gov and UN send in supplies, terrorists steal those, starve non-Wahhabis, rinse, repeat. Big stashes of food and weapons left behind as they ride off in the busses. A lot of unmarked mass graves too.

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