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JUNE 2021

Overview Of Syrian Army’s Operation In Southern Damascus On May 11, 2018 (Map, Videos)

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Overview Of Syrian Army’s Operation In Southern Damascus On May 11, 2018 (Map, Videos)

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Syrian government forces established full control over the eastern part of the southern Damascus pocket from militants after a reconsiliation agreement had been implemented in the area.

Now, government forces are combating the remaining members of ISIS in the western part of the pocket, in the areas of Yarmouk, Taqaddom and al-Hajar al-Aswad.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq has repeatedly claimed that ISIS members have carried out counter-attacks and have killed a large number of Syrian troops. However, ISIS is continuing to lose area under its countrol in southern Damacsus.

The Syrian Army and its allies are actively using their advantage in firepower and manpower to pressure the terrorist group.


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Trustin Judeau

After 6 years of having presence in Damascus city no more rebel forces there – finally.Only ISIS remains in few districts but by the end of this month they will be also history.Then Damascus will be fully free and under goverment control

Smith Ricky

Syrian soldiers arent fukn around!


If Daesh are apparently getting weaker, how come AMAQ is still broadcasting and no-one has actually found where it broadcasts from or ways to stop it?!

Adam Husein

those beasts surely broadcast from american facilities in Hasaka


Syria should use large telescopes, night vision cameras / Infrared cameras and UAV drones and avoid strange objects. Due to high risk, Syria also establish checkposts in the whole country and not allow any vehicle without thoroughly checkup.


If instead of ISIS it was me to be honest I will observe the situation that can I advance against SAA or not. Can I keep occupy the current pocket or not. If the answer is negative then fight for what. LOL. Then definitely I would surrender with out any condition but these morons are Israeli migrants and they know that they are dead now. So as many they can kill from Syrian army then this will be a bonus for them. Now SAA and their allies don’t care and slowly slowly advancing in the Yarmouk pocket which will take maximum three days to liberate it from Israeli migrants (ISIS).

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