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Overview Of Recent Kurdish Attacks On Turkey-led Forces In Northern Syria (Map, Video)


Overview Of Recent Kurdish Attacks On Turkey-led Forces In Northern Syria (Map, Video)

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  • On January 25, a Turkish-backed militant was reportedly killed by Kurdish rebels in Azaz;

  • On January 22, Kurdish rebels killed 3 Turkish-backed militants in Azaz with an ATGM;

  • On January 20, Kurdish rebels attacked positions of Turkish-backed militants in Abla with an ATGM killing 3 persons;
  • On January 20, a Turkish-backed militant was killed in an attack by Kurdish rebels in Sherawa.



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  • rudy

    Kurds are the upmost stupid peole in that area, again and again the have been fucked by the americans who bribed their bosses, but in fact the ordinary Kurd would be better off and defended by the Syrian or Iraki Armed forces ! Loock how many lives they spoild and at the end the result will be the same, only Kurdish leaders become richer !

  • Illegal

    Death by a thousand cuts. Turkey is repeating mistakes learned at the hands of American military advisors.

  • Anastasis

    The protocol signed by Turkey and Syria in Adana in 1998 is at the expense of the Kurds because Turkey considers them terrorists. Erdogan’s and Putin’s meeting in Russia this week might have been decided for Turkey to intervene in Manbij and exterminate the Kurds. If that is the case, then the Kurdish forces must strike directly Erdogan’s troops even in Turkey before it is too late.

    • You can call me Al

      That is not the case, quite the opposite (my understanding).

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      RE anastasi you try that many times. let kurdi attack turkey to then you will see what happened ha. silly breanless, priest

  • jako

    Kurd’s and local pro Turk militias killing each other is absolutely ideal scenario for Assad…
    Unfortunately the numbers of killed on both sides are still far too SMALL!

    Just make some extra effort and try to kill as many as you can and try not to miss at all !!!
    The more you kill each other the better is for Syria and Assad !
    The sooner will peace come back to Syria.