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Overview Of Military Situation In Yemen On November 9, 2018 (Maps)

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Overview Of Military Situation In Yemen On November 9, 2018 (Maps)

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On November 8 and November 9, the Saudi-UAE-led coalition faced some significant issues with its advance on the Houthis-held port city of al-Hudaydah.

Using the deep involvement of coalition-led forces in clashes near al-Hudaydah and overstretched supply lines of coalition forces, the Houthis carried out an “unexpected” attack on coalition positions at the Huseiniyah corssroads. Thus, they cut off the only supply line of the coalition forces involved in the battle of al-Hudaydah.

According to pro-Houthi sources, a dozen of coalition-backed fighters were killed and at least 3 vehicles were destroyed in this attack.

Overview Of Military Situation In Yemen On November 9, 2018 (Maps)

Click to see the full-size image

On the same time, the Houthis’ attack on coalition forces south of al-Hudaydah did not solve all the issues faced by the movement near the city itself. Al-Huaydah is still partly encircled by coalitionl-led forces. Furhermore, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and their proxies keep their advantage in manpower and military equipment in the area.

The Saudi Air Force continues massive air strikes on positions of the Houthis in and near the city. If the coalition solves its problems south of al-Hudaydah soon, it will likely be able to continue developing its tactical success in the battle of al-Hudaydah.

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Amon -Ra- DeArmond

This is just embarrassing for the Saudis and friends….


Multiple cuts. I like it :)

Icarus Tanović

Mee too.

S Melanson

Unexpected? Advantage in weapons not much good if no ammo

Icarus Tanović

N food.

Icarus Tanović

Super! Lets gas Saudi rats,so th3ll up to call Opcw.

S Melanson

Re-posting a reply for this article as very relevant

The maps are out, and are very pretty. Well not so much for the Coalition. The maps show the effects of the ‘unexpected’ Houthi supply interdiction at multiple points, just like in June. And the Coalition attack same as June attack???

at Coalition Central Command (Ronald McDonald’s Playhouse), Clueless Commander “reports show advance towards port having spectacular progress, the Houthis are running, order forces to press with all speed to keep the Houthi off balance then seize the port.

Mossad advisor: your glorious excellency, it looks very much like a trap, like the last time.

Clueless Commander: Ahhh! The Houthis would never think we are so stupid to repeat our mistake and rush into a trap, so I outsmart them by doing exactly what they do not expect. Now we have them.

Mossad advisor: you are aware that you have made this mistake several times this past year.

Clueless Commander: What, we have?…. well even better, they would certainly assume we must have learned by now, don’t you agree… we must have learned

Mossad Advisor: One would think.

Carlos Correia

soldiers dont fight in a empty belly gj houthis . thanks for the report SF


The Saudi mercs can eat worms. :)

Pave Way IV

On a slightly different note, something unexpected has happened on the propaganda front. Up until now, the neocon Israeli/Saudi-firster U.S. Deep State has avoided demonizing the Houthis. There was the lukewarm attempts to associate them with Iran, but really not much else. The reason for that – at least in the U.S. – is that the little people in the U.S. were much more likely to be sympathetic to the Houthis cause than the Evil Orb/FUKUS anti-Houthi coalition.

Barefoot Houthis with small arms fighting for their freedom from corrupt, powerful foreign influence/occupation sounds WAY too much – to Americans – like our own Revolutionary Army trying to boot King George and his lackeys out of the colonies. One could argue that the average American today has more in common with the Houthis that our own treasonous, privileged, self-serving political elite.

The U.S. Deep State can’t have the peons getting uppity. Best to just shut the hell up about the Houthis.

Last week though, they went full-retard anyway and demonized away. Do a Twitter search on Houthis and you can see all the wacky attempts: Houthis tortured prisoners (that was actually the UAE); Houthis killed civilians indiscriminately (with their invisible F-16s); Houthis are responsible for starving Yemenis (Houthi Yemenis – themselves); Houthis are insane organ eaters (that was Sudanese mercs); etc.

For once, I have to encourage the Deep State. This could very well end in a wood-chipper for them. Few tears will be shed. Go for it, psychos!


Saudi supply line looks like Jamal Khashoggi body, right now.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

I like the Houthis.

J Roderet

The Saudi-barbarians will never be able to defeat the heroic Yemeni people.

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