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Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 26

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Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 26

Latakia province

The Syrian Air Force carried out a series of air strikes on positions of IS terrorists in the northern suburb of Latakia. As result, more than a dozen terrorists were killed.

Aleppo province

The Syrian Army repulsed an attack of Jaish al-Fath terrorists at the hill of Umm al-Kara in the southern part of the city of Aleppo. Separately, SAA units also liberated a number of buildings in the area of the 1070 Apartment Project, as well as destroyed seven tanks and an armored personnel carrier, belonging to the terrorists.

The Syrian army also launched an advance on the village of al-Moshrefa and its surrounding hilltops.

Mortar attacks, carried out by IS terrorists in the areas of Salaheddine and Sayf al-Dawla, killed 6 civilians and wounded 26 others.

Arab tribes from the town of Tell Abyad located at the Turkish border has reportedly created a new militia group called Saraya Al-Qadisiyah. The group will fight against the predominantly Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria.

Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 26

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AFP reported Friday that the Turkish Armed Forces deployed more battle tanks to northern Syria. The current number of Turkish battle tanks in the area of Jarablus is about 25.

YPG units are withdrawing from Manbij:

Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 26

Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 26 Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 26

Homs province

During combat clashes, 10 IS terrorists were killed by the Syrian Army in the area of Akrab and in the villages of Al Anz and Um Sharshuh in the northern suburb of the city of Homs.

Deir Ezzor province

The Syrian Air Force carried out a series of air strikes on positions of IS terrorists near the El Tarde mountain, located south of the airport of Deir Ezzor. Several air strikes were inflicted on positions of IS terrorists near settlements Ayyash and Begayliya in the northern suburb of Deir Ezzor. More than 20 IS terrorists were killed during the attacks.

In southwestern Deir Ezzor, Russian warplanes destroyed a long ISIS convoy heading to Jabal Thardeh. There are no casualties among terrorists.

Idlib province

The Syrian Air Forces hit positions of Jaish al-Fath terrorists near the town of Jisr al-Shughur in the suburb of Idlib.

Hama province

According to battlefield sources, currently, a battle between the Syrian Army and IS terrorists is ongoing near the Salamiya-Israya highway on the border of the city of Hama.

Al-Quneitra province

A group of terrorists was destroyed by the Syrian Army during a combat clashes near the settlements of Ofaya and Tal-Sahi in the suburb of Al-Quneitra.

Damascus province

Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 26

Syrian soldiers are in Daraya

According to an agreement, concluded between the Syrian government and the Liwa Shuhada al-Islam militant group, local residents will be evacuated from the city of Daraya to the suburb of Qudsiya, which is under control of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). In exchange, militants will get an opportunity to leave the city freely and then move to the province of Idlib. As militant representatives said, they had to surrender the city due to lack of ammunition.

Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 26

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Civilians enter buses to be taken to Qudsiya (an approxiamte number is 4,000):

Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 26 Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 26

In a separate development, SAA units have destroyed a group of terrorists, consisting of about 15 members, near Al-Jura and the Highway 30 in the southern part of the city of Damascus.

Daraa province

The Syrian Arab Army killed more than 15 terrorists in a headquarters of IS terrorists near the city of Daraa.

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I do not see the military logic in fighting your enemy and then when they have run out of ammunition just allowing them free passage out of the battlefield. All I see is that these arrangements leave these people free to re-arm and fight another day. In these circumstances capture and status as prisoners of war would seem a wiser course of action.

Why leave your enemy able to come back and kill you?

Divesh Kumar

because they leave on this condition only. otherwise SAA will have to do combat in these heavy populated areas leading to great loss of man and material on both sides. More over to the west especially media there is no issue with the loss of SAA life but they will leave no chance to drum up even slightest scratch on their so called head chopper “moderate terrorists”

Tom Johnson

moderate terrorists you mean residents.

Boris Kazlov

NIgga -fucked Johnson again parrotting his jewish boss pay him for, ‘Assad killing his own people’ , we have seen this BS before for Saddam, Jhadafi, etc. and those are the resulta, terrorism and chaos, so muricans can better plunder those countries.


Agree with Divesh. In addition Assad’s amnesty is in force, and rebel fighters are allowed to disarm and join normal society if they wish, even join SAA. Would be interesting to know how many chose this in Daraya. The rest are beaten and they know it, and everyone knows it. They will have to give up their heavy weapons and return to their terrorist brethren beaten and demoralised, possibly in disgrace. Assad knows that for these fighters to carry on living defeated is probably harder than dying in the rubble.


Southfront reported 200 militants surrendering.



Thanks mate!

forever young

dont forget they take full details of these people who are given this one chance, if they get caught he second time they are instantly killed

plus as you can imagine what this done to the morale of their “comrades” it must completely demoralise them and destroy their will making it easier to defeat them

and in the end the SAA are the moral army in this and let that morale shine , truth will always win, the Assad government is not like these people , they are fighting for truth and those who fight for truth are merciful and forgiving

Andrew Illingworth

You summed that up well.

Tom Johnson

“Safe Passage” is a military discipline that has been practiced for thousands of years and is segatious in a region where revenge is habitual.

Boris Kazlov

CIA trolls will always blame Assad no matter what, those are their marching orders, if amnesty and safe passage, its is ‘segatious’, if killed they are moderate rebel fighters or civilians massacred by the evil dictator.

Boris Kazlov

go back to your pushups, nigga is waiting.

Andrew Illingworth

Let me ask you a question (and I bet you won’t answer this).

If Assad was such a tyrant, how come after 5.5 years of this so-called “civil” war he is still the popular leader of that country? How long did Guadaffi and Mobarak last? Weeks? Why after 5 years do Syrian people still take up arms in defense of Ba’athist Syria? Because if he was as evil as you say he is, he’d have been kicked out long ago and there is nothing Russian airpower could do to stop that.

I live in Australia and at my university I talk to many Syrian Muslims (Sunnis, Shia and Allawhite) – up to one dozen so far. As far as I remember, none of them blame Assad for anything, so when I ask them why they moved to Australia, they all seem to re-call it was the “moderate” opposition that killed their family and relatives and forced them out of their homes.

Anyway, you are probably a paid troll (Kurdish, Zionist, Wahabbi or something).

Lasse Riise

Why do You think there is a war in Syria in the first place? Australia is as far away from the Middle-East You can get. Obviously, also mentaly, Worshippers of Tyrants are a disgusting disgrace offending all decent people. Just like the Nazi followers of Hitler was. By the way, Assad will be assasinated. The Assad gangsters have made millions of enemies. Even the Russians will grow tired of the Vampire mafia in Damascus. It’s just a question of time. It may take decades. But in the end, somebody’s gonna get him.

Andrew Illingworth

“Why do You think there is a war in Syria in the first place?”

Several reasons why the powers that be started this illegal war against the Syrian people (although I may be wasting my time explaining this to a troll, if indeed you are one).

1) The Zionist-US alliance has decided that a fragmented Middle East with dozens of infighting criminal groups best suits their economic and geopolitical interests in the region – the arms industries of the United States have much money to make and the imperial ambitions of Israel can be realised with the destruction of the last secular Middle Eastern country.

2) The colonisation of Syria by the US-Zionist Empire will also open the door for an invasion of Iran, which is one of the empire’s ultimate goals.

3) As long as stupid-arse Wahabbis continue to fight one another, the illegal state of Israel continues to live in peace.

Talking of vampires … how are things in Israel and Saudi Arabia nowadays? Last time I checked, people there were still child murders.

Lasse Riise

The significanse of tiny Syria as a partner is vastly overestimated. You forget that for any enemy to get to Iran, they have to go through Iraq. The Shia’s dominates Iraq. Baghdad is a much more reliable partner for Teheran, than a desperate “secular” dictator in Damascus, that are willing to beg for help from anybody that serves the purpose of keeping him in power. Assads willingness to kneel down and kiss the ass of Erdogan proves that Assad have no principles and are willing to sell out the Syrian people. And by the way, Bashar would most likely let Israel dominate the rest of the Middle East, as long as he can keep Syria as his personal property.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Exactly very correct.

Norman F

Good to see that the AT 4 from Sweden on the first picture could come to some use. -Sweden is a humanitarian superpower as you all know. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AT4

Langaniso Mhlobo

Very shocking as a military man I have never see this type of arrangement on a battlefield , were the enemy surrenders because their have run out of ammunition.So far most of the militants which we’re relocated to Idlib are use and mobilize by Turkey to fight SAA.

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