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Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 24

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The Syrian Arab Army continues its advances in the provinces of Aleppo, Darya and Hama. The Islamic State continued a large-scale offensive in the southern countryside of the Al-Hasakah Governorate. Turkey launched an operation to seize Jarablus.

Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 24

Aleppo province

Jaish al-Fatah terrorists tried to regain the advantage in the area of Umm Al-Karya, but failed again. The government forces have launched a massive counter-attack against the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham in the south of the province. The main goal of the operation is to seize the Armament College at the Ramouseh Artillery Base.

Islamic State terrorists are attacking the Kuweires air base 50 kilometers to the east of the city of Aleppo. The Syrian Army is successfully fighting off the attacks. The Islamic State has lost several units of its military hardware.

Darya province

The Syrian Arab Army successfully advances in the city of Darya, dividing positions of surrounded terrorists into two parts. After heavy shelling, the army attack resulted in successful seizure of more than 20 buildings. The government forces advanced deep into a quarter, occupied by terrorists, up to the railway line passing in the center of the city.

Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 24

According to reports, the Syrian Army needs to overcome just 500 meters away to split the area controlled by terrorists.

Hama province

After reflection terrorists’ attacks in the district of Shaykh Hilal near the highway Salaam-Raqqa in the east of the province, the Syrian Arab Army captured terrorists’ weapons and ammunition.

Hasakah province

The Islamic State and the Ahrar al-Sham launched a large-scale offensive in the southern countryside of the Hasakah Governorate on Tuesday. Terrorists have captured of a number of sites, including four villages, including Kashkash, Kashkash Jubur and al-Alwa. The Islamic State made a major push for Al-Shadadi’s southern perimeter, capturing the town of Al-Sheikh Hilal along the way.

Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 24

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ISIS units are currently deployed south of Al-Shahdadi, a strategic city near the Deir Ezzor Governorate border. Despite nonstop airstrikes by the US-led coalition, the Islamic State is sucessfully pushing north towards Al-Shadadi.


Meanwhile, the Turkish militarny and Turkish-backed militants have been continuing operation to sezie the strategic city of Jarablus. (MORE HERE)

Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 24

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The latest escalations isnt that suprising to be honest.

As the Turks have Their agenda its now going to be, hopefully coordinated with the Syrians fight against this ISIS groups and right now when there is an end in sight, for all parts incl Kurds, we can hope some of them thinks abit further than than their own nouses, and into the future of the region and its people.

Whats is the consern is what the Imperial banana republics UssA will do to protect their assets on the ground, aka the Merc army and so on the so called ISIS, where everything is conviniently morphed to be about Kurds, of course, and our MSM is white washing ISIS the happy head chopping moderates, whom even showed in an Youtube video, an 12 year old Palestinian boy.
That take humans to such debts of evil.
I really dont know, its beyond belife.
Some silver coins, is that all, petty greed and power tripping, from its leaders and an certaty of never be punished, the morale will die.
It always do. no war is good, war is always bad.

What is more supricing is the Golan hights, to be honest, and for the entrie region, may wisdom penetrate the brains in Saudi-arabia, and may the People burn down the forst that protects the little klick of top rats aka the Kings in those little private prisons called states, and hang them.
And chase the rest out and take the land back.

Do it, and within an week, the world will be born again.
When the cackles of the past is gone, the future is wide open.


George King

One can only imagine the trembles today in Riyadh, Tel Aviv and Doha.


Well, it´s on now. The next few months will not be boring at all.


The foolish Putin partially enabled the Turkish invasion of Northeastern Syria, because of his ill-advised thaw with the unrepentant, unreformed, aggressive regime of the Islamist dictator Erdogan.

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