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Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 20

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The Syrian Arab Army continues its advances in the provinces of Damascus and Aleppo, while clashes between the National Defence Forces and the People’s Protection Units are ongoing in Hasakah.

Overview of Military Situation in Syria on August 20

Photo: AP

Damascus province

The elite fourth mechanized division of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continues its offensive against terrorists in the south-western outskirts of the capital. During the military operation, the government troops have recaptured 24 buildings, located in the southern sector.

Aleppo province

The SAA’s Special Forces (the Tiger Forces), launched a new operation to oust the Islamic State (IS) terrorists from buildings of the Artillery School in the north-east of the city. By now, the Special Forces took the Al-Akraa hill, which provides a direct view of the base.

Due to the fact that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are increasing their success in the north of Manbij in the direction of Jarabulus, the IS terrorists have started to arrest civilians, who are helping the SDF.

Homs province

Earlier, it was reported that Jub al-Jarrah and Maksar al-Hisan districts in the eastern suburb of Homs were fired with mortars. As result, houses in the residential areas were damaged.

Hasakah province

Clashes between the National Defence Forces (NDF) and Kurds from the People’s Protection Units (YPG) continue in the city center.

The NDF advanced into the center of the city, taking control over a new hospital and the Al-Amal quarter in the Marsho area. In addition, the NDF seized 14 YPG militamen near Marsho.

According to battlefield sources, the escalation of violence in the normally peaceful city occurred after the YPG fighters attacked the NDF last night. The YPG militamen claim that they were provoked. The SAA does not intervene in the conflict, except of checkpoints in the city and a few air strikes aimed a headquarters of the YPG.

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abu kornet


the rebels repelled a nusairy attempt to attack the arty base and the 170 apartments project


the rebels announced that over the last few days they killed 150 nusairys in their attempts to capture the 1070 apartment complex and the artillery base

yesterday alone 35 nusairys were killed by 2 fagot atgm strikes



jaish al islam managed to recapture hawsh nasri from the nusairys and destroyed a bmp,a t72,and a shilka and killed 14 nusairys

failaq al rahman sniped an off duty nusairy soldier

jaish al islam combat footage from hawsh nasri


Monte George Jr

What is the meaning of the term “nusairy”?

Boris Kazlov

It is a pejorative term used for alawites, this terrorist ignores that SAA is majority sunni, not nusayri, sunnis in SAA could not care less about confessions, they are loyal to a united, independent Syria, their homeland.

Monte George Jr



Who wrote this part about “Aleppo province”? It makes absolutely ZERO sense! First of all it’s not IS that is opposing SAA there it’s FSA terrorist coalition. Second Aleppo is NOT a border town (city)! Third: How the hell would IS try to capture Jarbolus when THEY ALREADY HAVE IT FOR A LONG TIME NOW and how the fuk would it allow them to attack SAA from the rear?????! :P

Ram Aryal

It says north east syria not south western syria. Recently large number of IS fighters came from manbij as they were provided passage to leave city by SDF so they could fight government forces in eastern aleppo.




I agree. This paragraph doesn’t make sense at all and needs to rewritten. There is no SAA within at least 100 km of Jarabulus.

The Kurd’s were killing Syrian solders long before ISIS came about. And Kurd’s continue to kill Syrian solders, and plan to for the next 4 decades. If Syria fought the Kurd’s as they fight ISIS, then the Kurdish terrorist will fade, and then they can go back to just being Arabs as they were before Joseph Stalin changed their identity for political motives targeted against Iran, whom Stalin was at war against in the Second World War.


Tigers just had their appetizer. Now for the main steak course.

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