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Overview of Military Situation in Aleppo City On September 24

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Overview of Military Situation in Aleppo City On September 24

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After the announcement of operations inside and outsede Aleppo city on September 23, the Syrian army, the National Defense Forces, Hezbollah and other pro-government paramilitary groups have launched offensives in Almeria, Sheikh Sa’eed, around the Aleppo Citadel and at the Handarat  refugee camp.

Inside Aleppo city, the main activity of the pro-government forces is focused on securing the southern supply road to the government-controlled western neighborhoods of Aleppo. This is why the Syrian army and its allies are expanding buffer zone near the Ramouseh roundabout and roads there.

Separately the pro-government forces achieved minor gains near the Aleppo Citadel. Most likely, the Syrian military has decided to divide the militant-controlled areas into 2 separate parts in case of successfull advance in the area.

The pro-government forces have also attempted to approach the strategic town of Khan-Tuman in southwestern Aleppo. Now, the pro-government forces are holding Mushrifah, Tel Uhnud, the Army Defense Base and Quarriers at the Ramouseh-Khan-Tuman road.

On September 24, the pro-government forces have also intensificated operations in the 1070 Apartment Project and nearby Hikmah Hill, engaging Jaish al-Fatah militants in the area. Firefights are reportedly ongoing in the area.

It’s important to note that up to 8,000 fighters of various Iranian-backed militants have been recently deployed to Aleppo city. This allows pro-government forces to conduct few separate advances in the area.

Operations of the pro-government forces in Aleppo are supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces. Pro-militant sources argue that the Russians make 40-50 air strikes on various targets per day.

The Russian marines are also still in control of a significant part of the strategic Castello Highway in nortwestern Aleppo. Russia has also announced that it is strengthening the military grouping involved in operations in Syria, deploying a carrier strike group led by the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” to the country’s shores. Admiral Kuznetsov ‘s air grouping is going to perform air strikes on terrorist targets in Syria.

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If they take Aleppo then Idlib’s next, and therefore the war will be over. Don’t get me wrong, it will be painstaking to take Idlib, but this will be a turning point.

Jens Holm

very optimistic

John Whitehot

of course, it would be much easier if the US would not support islamic integralists. But as the masquerade is now over, and it’s pretty clear who is who in the syrian war, at least there is some chance that those who are responsible will face their responsibility. Also, it’s very refreshing to observe how brainwashed is the US public opinion in general, and the christian section of it in particular, since even retards understand that their country support all those that wish to exterminate and evict christians from their lands. I bet many folks commenting here believe Obama is actually directed by zionists – no doubts it’s like that, but also keep in mind he’s been one of the less israeli friendly presidents ever in US history. If clinton gets elected, the US could well be rise the israeli flag over the white house. Bernie Sanders (a jew), would be actually a blessing to the entire world, compared to the senile ex-secretary of state, who’s only interest is to mass money, no matter what or who she sells.

Jens Holm

Ha-ha : And the winner kill them all.


Bernie Socialist would bring utter ruin to America, Venezuela style, but I guess many in the world would be glad to see that happen considering the ruin of US foreign policy.

Is that what you’re trying to say?

Jens Holm

No, Sanders way will bring no ruin to US and total far out to compare to Venezuala.

Sanders compare to Scandinavia and whats their BNP. They are in the top too. Check it Your lying ingnorant.

Its what You get back, when You pay a high tax like free school, medical care, pension, roads and what You can effort – such a house, cars, tv, internet, dentist a.s.o.

The other main point for Sanders are, that the level for the poor should be raisen, because they then are in better condition and therefore can have jobs paying for more by themselves in a higher income.

In dollar 2014: Sweden 50,272.9 -Denmark 52,002.2 -Finland 41,920.8 Norway74,734.6(oil) -USA 40,438.4 -Germany 41,219.0 -Turkey 9,130.0 -China 7,924.7 -Israel 35,329.5 -Venzuela seemes broke.

Turks fx has a B a b in credibility – Denmark fx has A +++


Other as Wikipedia says same thing. A big public sectore seems to be extra if its well construckted and well driven.

The Sanders point is mainly that publiv help more or less free raise the many poor people, which is a shame for USA.

In those scandinavian countries You have only handfull of people a la USA.


More ignorance from Sanders supporters…

Scandinavia went socialist in the 70s, and were brought to near ruin, thus they reverted back to capitalism. His policies propose multiple trillions to be spent and he can only come up with just 100 billion to pay for it, like a typical socialist; expensive plans with no way to pay for them. So the debt increases until the country buckles and ends up like Venezuela. The ignorance of your ilk is truly frightening.

Jens Holm

Im no Sanders supporter -not even an american. Sanders points are to take some good points in, where USA has almost any of them according to big problems for paying low incomes and replace with investments and motivation and get paid back.

In it is/was people owing – lets say 500.000 dollars income probatly paying 10.000 more probatly wouldnt be starving and living under the bridges by that.

Thats the points.

And true finacial problems in the 70`ties. But thats the level above the wishes for Sanders and not comparebleme exept for a few dolars here and there.

You forget, that after the raise in 70`ties all countries had finaciel problems and had no driving car days and wasnt allowed to warm up every room. the oilcrises was global.

Scandinaviens therefore had to go one step down -but we had those extra steps. A lot didnt. – fx the poor ones incl. USA.

Its also true, we got inflation and a lot of people had bought too many high loans.

But if You compare lets say Greece an Sweden/Denmark/Finland the first one has a very big public sector and not very good and need mony for it or/and has to lower it or go bankrupt. The 3 about has not such problems, but its the private sector, which owe. The theory by that is, that if private get too much money a lot of them use it and bye and loan more than they can effort.

If true – seems to – it make very much sense to keep the have a big public sector, because private user can get minimum back payed bý constituion and parlament. Childcare, unimployment, pension and many billions every year.

Its not socialism in scandinavia. Its a mix and changes during elections. Sanders are no real socialist because USA only have democrates and republicans, but takes in socialistic aspects, because something is terrible wrong by not raising the bottom level, where a lot are direct pay back and a lot is to take care of everybody nort just giving them a bigger social sócial security check – but give them better school, education, not som many days ill because of enough docors and dentist, where You dont live in slum and on the streets anymore.

Employers in scandinavia agree with most of it, because they can get educated people, which have low days about being ill and other problem. They can easier fire people without insurrance, because they go to public(low paid) level – But not as low as in US. Thats makes companies much more flexible.

Of course very many companies as well high tax payers think they pay too much tax. You have problems with bureaukrati too, but that part seems to be in the low end.

But the best way to compare are the homes and whats in them, cars, internet.

Jens Holm

Well, take a shower yourself.

I take it again: Obama cant do anything without the parlament, so at least the parlament are with him.

67 countries are supporting our version of the big picture.

You could learn a lot from the jewes.

John Whitehot

“the parlament”? and wtf is that? thought it was the congress. 67 countries don’t mean nothing against 4000+ nuclear warheads, which is the only obstacle that stands in the way of zionist global domination. About learning, everybody learns whatever suits him most. I’m just not suited to the things jews normally do, although my dislike goes to zionists, not jews. Besides, Sanders would be a much better prez than Obama, not to speak abt Clinton.


It is but think about it; thousands of soldiers with their backs turned towards Idlib, focused on Aleppo city, able to turn around and strike, with all of the ample distractions from the rebel held parts of the city no longer existing, imagine the momentum of such numbers, backed up two air forces. And now thousands of Russian soldiers.

Jens Holm

Well it happens. But Your are right about releasing troops, but they will have loses too incl. ammo.

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