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Overview of Military Situation in Aleppo City on November 2, 2016

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Overview of Military Situation in Aleppo City on November 2, 2016

The Russian general staff announced on November 2 that President Vladimir Putin had ordered a humanitarian pause in Aleppo from 9am to 7pm on November 4.

General Valery Gerasimov, the chief of the Russian General Staff reported that joint militant forces failed to break the government forces’ defenses in the city and lift the siege from militant-controlled areas.

“Considering that our American colleagues were unable to separate the opposition from terrorists, we are addressing all militant leaders directly, urging them to cease hostilities and leave Aleppo with their arms,” he said. “Two corridors will be opened, from which Syrian troops and weapons would be pulled back.”

The corridors for militants will lead to the Turkish-Syrian border and the province of Idlib. Six additional corridors will be opened for civilians.

Since November 1, the fighting in the area has become stationary. The western part of the al-Assad Neighborhood is contested. The al-Nusra led coalition, Jaish al-Fatah, controls the southwestern part of the 1070 AP.  The militants’ attacks on the 3000 Apartment Project have failed. The Syrian government forces’ counter-attacks have also not resulted in any notable success since yesterday.

Overview of Military Situation in Aleppo City on November 2, 2016

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On November 2, the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces, the  Desert Hawks Brigade and Hezbollah launched another attempt to clear the western part of al-Assad neighborhood and the western part of Miyan area from the vestiges of militant forces. Clashes have been ongoing there since morning.

Overview of Military Situation in Aleppo City on November 2, 2016

The Syrian Air Force has delivered a high number of air strikes (over 30) in western Aleppo, targeting militants in in Al-Assad, Rashidin 4, Rashidin 5, the 1070 Apartment Project (1070 AP), Southern Sawmills and along the road to Khan Tuman. At least 4 units of military equipment, belonging to Jasish al-Fatah, were reported destroyed.

Summing up the developments since October 28, there are no doubts that the joint jihadi forces have failed to achieve even tactical goals of their operation in western Aleppo. Now, their striking group is drawn in urban warfare in the western parts of 1070 Apartment Project, al-Assad Neighborhood and Miyan area. The ongoing clashes most likely lead to a full liberation of the area gained by the jihadists in western Aleppo.

In turn, the  Russian and Syrian leadership exploit (in PR and political means) the inability of US-backed ‘oppositioneers’ to achieve a military success in the city. The strategic goal of these actions is (most likely) to continue military operation in the militant-controlled eastern areas of Aleppo, avoiding significant losses on the diplomatic and media levels of the standoff.

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Gary Sellars

Kill the filthy goat-fuckers…. All praise to the SAA!!!


russian efforts sounds stupids…the war continues without them…forza SAA, the militias and HEZBOLLAH…fuck the diplomacy with the snackbars

Peter Magnus

The Russian effort is brilliant, most likely they have taken over all other theatres of war from the Syrian Airforce. Leaving it to concentrate on aleppo alone, I Doubt the move significantly weakens the airpower avaliable to regime forces in aleppo.

While at the same time telling the rebels that the saa dont need Russians to win. And telling the world that the rebels are the agressors. Its for a reason that amnesty have started to condem the rebels for ” lack of respect for civillian life”.

In modern low intesity warfare the media picture are almost as important as the facts on the ground.

Igor Ochocinszk

Ain’t getting my upvote just cause you used words “regime” and “rebels”, while neither being truth. Though I agree with points you made there

Peter Magnus

I dont care what you might think, as there is such a thing as “The Syrian Regime”, as its a partially criminal entity who appears to control most state institutions and is the most recognized entity internationally. What other than rebels would you like me to call them? The different entities started life as part of a rebellion against the Assad dictatorship, and as most “rebels” do, they turn to more and more extreme measures the longer the rebellion draws out.

I find this “Political Uncorrectness” just as tedious as the official one…

Gue Bjuen

i don’t know. does democracy work in europe or in the US?? does it really work?? do you call the german merkel government a regime? do you call any countries in the EU a regime? but are they really a democratic party caring for the interest of their people and their countries? are there any soverign nations among the EU?? how much democracy does your country have?? who do your elite work for?? do they work for democracy or the people?? at least the syrian government and it’s people are fighting for it’s soverignity what are the EU and the people of EU doing?? not much…. yeah syria should become more fair towards non alawites that’s true. but don’t call them criminals because that government stood up for the palastine people where a whole bunch of countries looked away. don’t call them criminals with your european arogant standart because you have none standart at all!! it is not the syraian government which needs a regime change!! it’s the countries where jews rule, that need fuking regime changes!!


There are not sovereign nation in Europe, they are VASSALS of the United States.


Instead of call them “rebels” use the correct name, UNITED SATES INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS.

Gabriel Hollows

Or, you know, terrorists.

John Whitehot

I don’t see how you define an entity “partially criminal”. First of all, either you are criminal, if you commit felonies, either you are not. Secondly, you become a criminal when a recognized tribunal apply recognized laws about your crimes and convicts you of them. So it’s not the western medias nor government that make the Syrian state criminal. For all I know, they killed and jailed islamic extremists. Did they kill innocents as well? likely. But that would make criminals also the administration of Alabama, Georgia, Maryland and many more, in addition of course, of the Federal Government of the US, whose police forces in this year killed about 900 citizens.

Peter Magnus

There are noumerous examples of partly criminal states, the most prominent that comes to mind is Nazi Germany, where many parts of the state kept functioning as intended while the new leadership pillaged and looted. Its an entertaing read to look at letters from the national accounting ofgice Goering and other party brass. Much of the same we can observe during the cold war era in much of the eastern block. These systems er distinct from the fully criminal states such as current chinese regime, saudis etc. Where to rule of law is whimsical at best. As for calling western states and instititions regimes, it all depends on their legitimacy.

And in what world does a crime need “recognition”? Its a known fact that assad cronies steal whatever isnt bolted down from the SAA supply system, the Russians have allready pointed this out. And before the war it wasnt unusual for Assad family members and party brass to litterally get away with murder.

John Whitehot

seems you’ve missed the part “innocent until proven otherwise”. Also seems you missed the part on the Nurnberg trial of the german nazis. “Assad cronies” stealing from the SAA supply? you gotta be kiddin. Under arms I saw more people stealing than everywhere else in my life, and I live in the west.

Peter Magnus

The rusdians have pointef to institutional corruption being one of the biggest problem facing the SAA. Something tells me its about more than a box of shoe polish and a pair of wellies.

You really need to look up your history book, as for instance the entirety of the ss, with the exception of the baltic conscripts was deemed to have been members of a criminal organization. Well ahead of nurenberg.

John Whitehot

“I need to look up my history book” but you need to get your shit together, as you are speaking about “crime” on one hand and an alleged “corruption” inside the SAA on another, which you suspect it’s more than a pair of wellies? then what is it about? the way you put it, seems that SAA personnel should be trialed at the Hague international war court for stealing “more than a box of shoe polish”. I also see you ‘re prone to condemn soviets and germans but as usual forget the feat of US servicemen abroad, which are second to none. I wonder where was that transvestite Carla del Ponte when they were smuggling dope into the US from Vietnam, spraying agent orange and executing civilians by the thousands because of collaboration with the communists.

Peter Magnus

I view corruption inside a given political system as a good indicator on the nature of any given regime. When you claim to “never have seen so many stealing as in my time in green”, I simply point out that the scale is completely off. When some assad family member fleece their pockets by using the national oil company as a personal piggybank. Then the regime is criminal and the state not far behind. We know of paramilitary outfits functioning as mafia long before the civil war.

The list of crimes comitted by the Assad regime is unforunately long, that their current adverseries are worse dont change that fact.

Igor Ochocinszk

Again with this “assad dictatorship”, “assad regime”.. and that story about rebellion against legitimate and elected syrian authorities is just slander and propaganda powered informational war of US/UK and their allies against the Syrian State in attempt to undermine it, they also combine in economic warfare tactics such as blockade imposed on the syrian people which they call “sanctions”, while those “sanctions” mainly damage war weary civilians living in non-terrorist held territories. To be honest whole story about civil uprising and rebellion is bullshit, read the wikileaks emails, current US ambassador to bahrain (was ambassador to Syria) knew about plots to forecfully overthrow Syrian government since atleast 2006, it was a plan long time in the making, 2011 was just the final league of this vicious plan. US has a long policy of “regime change” against states which don’t bend to their will or they simply dislike, cause US arms manufacturers needs profit, they can now sell weapons for bloated prices to the gulf countries which will wage murderous campaign in yemen+ fund,arm,train and supply terrorists in syria.

Peter Magnus

If you have been folowing Syria longer than the current mess, its near impossible to not notice the democratic deficit in prewar syria.


There is no Syrian regime – there is a Syrian government, Assad is its president. The state of Syria is a secular state and its president duly elected by the people.

As to the “rebels” – they are a mixture of those who were trained by the CIA in Jordan, SA and Turkey to start the protests and act as instigators of violence to bring about the civil war. The other groups are militants, including al nurse, ISIS and a whole host of other groups. They are in Syria to fight jihad as an end result. All of these people want a caliphate, i.e. an islamic state under sharia law without religious tolerance.

The US allied itself with the islamists, not with the secular government of Syria, with intent to topple Assad and turn Syria into a failed state – i.e. fragment Syria into fiefdoms that will endlessly fight each other.

Russia intervened on behalf of Syria, its ally. The US enters Syria illegally in unprovoked aggression. The Syrian army to date cleared most of western Syria, where 80% of Syrians live and is currently fighting a battle to liberate Aleppo from al Nusra and all other militants, including the rebels that are no longer separate from al Nusra.

Hoping to spare civilians by giving the militants the chance to leave with their weapons, Russia is currently engaging in a no-bombing state but land battle is continuing as the militants attack western Aleppo, which under Syrian control. Whether that will work is questionable. After 10 days, it hasn’t worked. Meanwhile, Russia brought in its airplane carrier and various other war ships and will likely increase battle intensity with missile strikes soon.

The US meanwhile does everything to escalate the war in Syria to preserve the fight on terrorism that has enriched the pundits in Washington for the past 16 years. The battle for Mosul in Iraq and for Raqqa in Syria intend to preserve the area of the former caliphate – i.e. the area where a Qatari gas pipeline will pass through to Turkey and EU to undercut Gasprom. That pipeline is what he Qataris paid a donation of $31m to the Clinton foundation in order for Hillary to lobby for war on Syria and SA paid $25m to the Clinton foundation to oust Assad. Hillary, if she wins the election today, will increase fighting and likely start a war on Russia inside Syria, which will then escalate into WW3. That is what she promised in return for the donations.

Jeanine H

Why can’t Russia help without bashing the US and visa versa. This should not be about both their temper tantrums and boyish styled competitions of “who’s is bigger”–but about Syria. About the State of Syria. They should not be resorting to childish drama during their fights. Do it on your “private email servers” and point fingers like that. Geez, I say silence or not saying anything bad about the other half, is still saying something! I would just like to see the name calling and human bashing stop all together.

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