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Overview of Military Situation in Aleppo City on August 18-19 (Maps, Videos)

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Overview of Military Situation in Aleppo City on August 18-19 (Maps, Videos)

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On August 18, the Jaish al-Fatah operation room repelled the pro-govrnment forces’ advance on the town of Qarassi in southern Syria. The Syrian government forces pursued the goal to flank the militant forces concentrated in the “corridor” to eastern Aleppo. However, after the initial success the Syrian army and its allied militias were pushed to withraw from the area. The pro-government forces lost up to 30 fighters in this advance. On August 19, the Syrian Army, supported by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba conducted another attempt to seize this strategic town. Hwever, no gains have been reported.

Searately, intense fighting errupted at another area of the militants’ corridor heading through southwestern Aleppo. The Syrian army, the National Defense Foces and Hezbhollah launche an attack on the Technical Academy at the Ramouseh Artillery Base, striking Al Nusra Front units stationed there. Heavy clashes are ongoing.

Overview of Military Situation in Aleppo City on August 18-19 (Maps, Videos)

The Syrian government forces are able to conduct 2 offensives at the separate fronts in southern and southwestern Aleppo due to the Syrian Army’s Republican Guard reinforcements recently arrived to Aleppo from Damascus. The advances are also supported by massive air strikes of Syrian and Russian warplanes. According to the sources of Fars News Agency, the Russian Aeropsace Forces have conducted some 200 airstrikes in southwestern Aleppo since yesterday. Air strikes have also continued to hit Jaish al-Fatah’s rear in the Aleppo-Idlib countryside.

The situation in the 1070 Apartment Project remains calm. The Syrian army is in control of the major part of the  project. However, it is not ableo to secure 100% of it. Al Nusra Front and its allies are still in control of some buildings in southern part of the project.

Clashes in southern and southwestern Aleppo:

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abu kornet

as i said before south front is a pro russian media outlet here is what really is happening on the ground
the fsa destroyed 1 tank
the fsa then hit a group of nusairy soldiers who were sitting out in the open like idiots
then jabhat al nusra/al qaeda released footage showing nusairy soldiers fleeing after their faled attempt to capture the artillery base and the 1070 apartments project
ahrar al sham then also destroyed another nusairy tank near qarrasi

That Guy

fuck off abu zubbi

(for those who don’t speak Arabic zubbi means “my dick”)

abu kornet

fuck off son of a whore


The reality is that you are losing. FSA does not even know what freedom or democracy means. You are all wahhabi stooges and mercenaries. This is not going to end well for your kind.

That Guy

whatever ya abu zubbi


This site is informative though yes, very pro Assad and pro Putin. However, this war has swings in each direction so hard to point to one key battle or other. Think WW2, as Allies were bogged down at Anzio but invaded Normandy; or Soviets pushed forward in south but were pushed back in north.
When I see links to VT, GR and al Masdar, I know that this site is biased towards genocidalists, fantasists, conspriacists and all around loons.

hey turd

And you are a pro-jihadist terrorist-loving piece of swine excrement – go join your boyfriends from ISIS and AlQaeda, die with them and be a virgin in HELL ya fkin monkey

abu kornet

i dont support al qaeda

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