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Overview Of Military Situation In Afghanistan On September 25, 2017


Overview Of Military Situation In Afghanistan On September 25, 2017

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The article is provided by Islamic World News exclusively for SouthFront

Recently, the US has delivered six Black Hawk helicopters to Afghanistan and the US Defense Department announced that 3,000 new troops will be deployed to Afghanistan.

In northern Afghanistan, the important village of of Bukhari Qaleh located in the outskirts of Almar city in Faryab province was liberated by Afghan security forces following clashes with Taliban militants. According to local authorities, security forces also liberated the Ab Gardan dam and villages in the vicinity of Bukhari Qaleh from the Taliban.

During the recent operations, security forces 32 villages were liberated in Lagar province. Nesar Ahmad Naeem Zi, Head of the Mohammad Agha city’s police confirmed these statements.

Logar province is located south of Afghanistan capital Kabul and is in the capital’s security belt.

According to Attaullah Khogyani Nangarhar province spokesman, two children were killed and three others were injured in the border city of Naziyan border as a result of the Pakistan shelling.

Afghan has not implemented any measures in order to counter the shelling from the Pakistan territory.

The incident took place amid the continued diplomatic tensions between Pakistan and the US over the alleged Pakistan support to the Taliban in Afghanistan.



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  • Serious Dude

    It is clear that Pakistan supports the Taliban. The 4 big powers in the region (US, Russia, China, India) should do something about that.

    • Barba_Papa

      Pakistan has been doing that since before 9-11. They created the Taliban. Also they control the only means of supply to US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, as America refuses to kiss and make up with Iran and Russia. So now they’re utterly dependent on the very country that gives shelter and support to the very enemy they’re fighting.

      Delicious irony, is it not?

      • KarenFJaramillo

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  • gustavo

    J. Bush father declared officially to the world that ” USA had won the war in Afganistan”, am I wrong ?
    I want to ask USA people…… what do you mean by WIN a war ?