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Overview Of Latest Developments In Syria’s Daraa

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Overview Of Latest Developments In Syria's Daraa

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Written by Khaled Iskef.

The news from Daraa governorate have dominated the Syrian scene, after the armed groups deliberately thwarted the settlement agreement that should be implemented in Daraa Al-Balad. Attacking residential neighborhoods and targeting Syrian army posts in the countryside and in the city, they urged the army’s response to those attacks, SAA took a military action against the militants who insist to obstruct all efforts to set the settlement on the right track.

During the past three days, violent clashes have taken place between the Syrian army and armed groups in the city of Daraa and its countryside, which resulted in the Syrian army advance towards Daraa al-Balad, while repelling many attacks carried out by the militants on other axes.

One of the most severe attacks carried out by armed groups on Syrian army positions was in the water resources area, so-called “irrigation post”, where violent clashes between the two sides lasted for hours on Friday before the Syrian army was able to counter the attack.

The clashes that took place at the “irrigation post” were the most violent, and ended with the withdrawal of the militants from the area a large number of them were killed and wounded, in addition to the destruction of the militants’ several vehicles and pickup trucks used in their attack.

The sources pointed out that the clashes inside the city of Daraa had also concentrated in the Al-Sad Road area in the southwestern side of the city, in addition to the northeastern entrance of Daraa adjacent to the village of Al-Naima that is under the control of the militants, which the Syrian army also advanced to.

As for the governorate’s countryside, the clashes took place in the eastern and northwestern countryside, where the fierce clashes were recorded during the militants attack towards the Syrian army posts in the towns of Sidon and Tal al-Saman, resulting in the armed groups failure to make any advance within the two areas.

The clashes were also reported in the areas of Tafas, Muzayrib, Al-Barouda, Tal Al-Samin, Al-Shajara, Sahem Al-Golan, Ankhil, Nimr and Jassem in the northwestern countryside of Daraa. In addition, the Syrian army targeted militants’ gatherings in the vicinity of the towns of Tsil and Nawa in the same countryside.

As for the eastern countryside of Daraa, the Syrian army’s operations were carried out against the militants located in the villages and towns of Umm Al-Mayadin, Al-Taybeh, Sidon, Al-Jizah and Al-Shara’a farms, with the battles extending at a sporadic pace to the towns of Mleiha Al’atash and Al-Harak, northeast of Daraa.

All the clashes that took place between the Syrian army and armed groups on Friday, did not result in any advance on the militants’ part, contrary to what was reported by some opposition media websites, noting at the same time that the Syrian army controls the situation on the field, and is able to make broader advance in the region, unless it preferred to give the militants a deadline to abide by the settlement agreement.

Overview Of Latest Developments In Syria's Daraa

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As for the field situation in Daraa on August 1st, the various fighting fronts were in a state of cautious calm, after the Syrian army announced the suspension of its military operation and giving another opportunity to the militants to abide by the settlement agreement which they had obstructed.

The new round of talks is currently taking place between the negotiating parties from the dignitaries of Daraa Governorate and officials of the Syrian state, in the presence of the Russian guarantor, amid expectations that the agreement file will be finalized soon.

On August 2nd, Syrian Defense Minister Ali Ayyoub arrived in Daraa for a joint meeting with the local government security committee. There is also a delegation of the Russian military in the city aimed at the mediation.

It is noteworthy that the attempts of the militants to thwart the settlement agreement in Daraa al-Balad was represented by some of them refusing one of the clauses that requires setting their situation and handing over their weapons to the Syrian state, or deporting those who refuse outside the region, thereafter, the militants’ improperly reject the demands.


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Trap is still Gay and 100% proud

Yawn! The SAA today are like some dad’s army, boring their enemies with warnings and reconciliation talks that go nowhere. No wonder the rebels are agitating for a fight, that ZioCorporatist Putin doesn’t allow! It’s bad for Turdish and IsraHell business…

Fog of War

Pathetic, more negotiations ? Utterly pathetic.

Icarus Tanović

Ohh sheat, here comes large discharge of jeans’s bullsh!t! You’ve been warned!


Holy Hell.. Southfront is full of Shit… My goodness. The Army collapsed within 2 days where the militants regained vast areas that is what really happened on the ground but this guy is writting from a fiction manuscript


Earn those shekels hasbarat.


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