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Overview Of Battle For Yemen’s Al-Hudaydah On November 11, 2018 (Map)

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Overview Of Battle For Yemen's Al-Hudaydah On November 11, 2018 (Map)

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On November 11, forces of the Saudi-UAE-led coalition continued their push to capture the Yemeni city of al-Hudaydah from the Ansar Allah movement (also known as the Houthis). The current phase of the coalition forces advance is pursuing two main goals:

  • to encircle the city of al-Hudaydah;
  • to isolate the al-Hudaydah airport from the rest of the city;

If these goals are achieved, the coalition will be able to isolate two main resistance points of Ansar Allah and its allies in western Yemen from the rest of the Ansar Allah-controlled part of Yemen. Then, the coalition will be able to start storming the city itself engaging Ansar Allah forces by all existing means and mearues, including warplanes.

In turn, Ansar Allah is working to prevent the encirclement of al-Hudaydah. The most intense clashes are currently ongoing east of the city. At the same time, the Yemeni movement carried a successfull attack on supply lines of the coalition forces south of al-Hudaydah.

Pro-Ansar Allah sources report about hundreds of casualties among coalition forces. The videos showing clashes iin western Yemen confirm at least a part of their claims. According to the coalition’s version of the events, Ansar Allah also lost hundreds of its fighters as a result of coalition attacks and Saudi Air Force airstrikes.

The ongoing battle for al-Hudaydah may become a turning point for the Saudi-UAE-led intervention in Yemen. If the coalition captures the city, it will increase its chances to take an upper hand in the conflict. However, if Ansar Allah defends the city, it will once again show that the coalition has little chances to achieve all of its goals in the country by military means.

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Promitheas Apollonious



My thoughts are with the yemeni people. Your steadfastness is secound to none other.


I may have to sober you up a bit, and refreame the issue about whats an goal, long term or short term gains, compared to what.

To the Houtis this isnt that vitale, to the Yemen people it is, but to the fight againt the Devils spawns fueled by the Saudi-barbarians and the equally rotten UAEs, its not that, of course, loosing this means something, but the lornger term the problems the people have is not been improved and there are like in the Palestinian cause, those that puts an sort of, or partly blames the Houtis for this, the crimes against humanity, because of total embargo, air, land and sea, where even basics are been deprived from the people, and one thing must be crystal clear, the blame rests sollely and by all means and agreements, since the dawn of man, on the attacking forces, and nobody else, do you get it.

The Iranian bashing is peculiare, by comon sense and by the virtue of logic in this comon core days, because what would be wrong in this, to help an people been robber and raped by the scums of this earth in this ww1 days of drooling something about “never again” while millions of Yemens are in danger and lord knows how many killed.
The puke factore have gone of scale.
I warch if I may have the stokmack to behold it for longer then some few seconds, the ugly faces of those that makes this happen, and even drool something about Cant stop now, we are making cash on this, uh, non interveting internvetion politics of humaNazisng an country back to the stone age.
Yeah, and the French little f…. talks about Nationalism, and by the wat, whom started ww1, and ww2, France, intresting issue where what we know, is utter bollocks.
Just so you know.

Yeah, its an shame, and the MSM and even the screaming LefTards along with the TrumpTards are all dead silent, weird isnt it, the talk humanism, respect of others, but their hypocrasy is equall if not worse than the powers the runs this wars they are at least, despite been scums, in the open, while the rest hides behind willful ignorance, witch makes their “rightchous” fight to an bloody joke.
Even when it comes to Africa they lie or is dead silent, again, even blacks uh….. so called afroc-americans are dead silent.

But I think this is coming slowly to an end, this city will not determine much, other than loosing an trade rute and suplys, and thats it, the long run, will never the less drein the attackers of man and power.
It boils down to when will the west aknowledge their complyance and when the Saudi-barbarians realises it them self.
I am afraid not before, because everybody is deal silent, poke an mich into their faces and they trun blue, scums.


chris chuba

True. The Saudis believe they can win the war of attrition. Sad but true. They can lose every battle to the Houthis but as long as they can starve the Yemenis and keep U.S. backing they can just keep reaching into their pocketbook and keep writing checks for the next batch of mercenaries and consultants to spin the PR game while God turns up the furnaces in hell.

Pave Way IV

The UAE just paid millions to someone to cover up their forced famine in Yemen and focus instead on an entirely fake opinion piece in the Washington Post, supposedly by Mohammed Ali al-Houthi. The shrieks of protest (on cue) about printing this ‘terrorist’s’ opinion have grown into this weird, collective freak-show. PsyOps, anyone? A little MISO soup with your nothingburger?

Global Opinions – Houthi leader: We want peace for Yemen, but Saudi airstrikes must stop

The very idea that al-Houthi wrote this is absolutely laughable. It sounds exactly like something that one of the neocon shills in the MSM would write in a pathetic attempt to make it sound like something al-Houthi wrote. My apologies to the MISO boys if you’re actually the ones responsible – it really is an unbelievable piece of crap.

The Houthis are not defending themselves. It’s a God damn revolution – the Houthis started it. They are trying to rid themselves of Hadi’s degenerate, Saudi-puppet government AND the Wahhabi nutjobs the Saudis sent to and financed in Yemen to destroy and/or control it. Sound familiar?

Instead, we’re to believe al-Houthi would take time to whine about Khashoggi and ‘banned ammunition’? Oh, for fuck’s sake… Finally, the Houthis DO NOT want peace as claimed in the article. They want the Saudis, UAE and FUKUS to get the fuck out of Yemen and stop scheming to control it. The Houthis have been taking out corrupt Yemeni rulers for the last thousand years. They don’t need any outside help, thank you.


The Houthi’s do want an end to the war, which they have said numerous times. The Houthis delivered a list of strategies and the like to John Kerry back when he was in the governent of a UN plan to cease the war. This is according to Sayed Hassan NasrAllah.

The Houthi’s started and finished the rebellion. The revolution is over. Hadi bitched it out and the Yemeni army is allied to AnsarAllah, making them the only legitimate governing body that exists. Hadi is gone, he has no power what so ever. there is no longer a puppet government, it’s just a Saudi/UAE/USA war against Yemen.

Strategies for peace obviously mean Saudi Arabia and UAE out of Yemen. Whether or not Muhammad Ali Al Houthi wrote such a piece like that or not I do not know, but the Houthi’s asking for a settlement/peace process is not out of the ordinary. You said it yourself, there is a forced famine in Yemen, and the AnsarAllah would very much like the end of it. And unfortunately the fastest way to do that is via peace, although if they must fight for another 10000 years they will also do this.

Also I think the Houthis understand that there are Southerners that truly do not want to be a part of them and that joining with them may be difficult, so even a peace process that leaves the Saudi and UAE in south Yemen while getting rid of the blockade and easing pressure on the north isn’t such a bad idea, seeing as how there are many from among the Southerners who are enemies, and joining with them may not be realistic at this time. God knows best.


The Saudi child butchers have joined hands with other evils to take land from Yemeni nation but God will help Yemenis and will give them power and strength to win.


From all evidence on the ground, it is highly unliely that the Saudis and their mercenaries will be able to enter Hudayah. The senile king Salman has just called the Emirati puppets to Riyadh to discuss the Yemen swamp as US has stopped flying combat missions for their Saudi stooges and the rate of Saudi sorties has dropped to almost nil. The Yemenis are fighting a tenacious defensive war and winning.

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