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Overview Of Battle For Libya’s Tripoli On April 28-29, 2019 (Video, Photos)

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Overview Of Battle For Libya's Tripoli On April 28-29, 2019 (Video, Photos)

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On April 28th, both the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) forces and Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) once again claimed successes in the battle for Tripoli.

The LNA spokesperson Major General Ahmed al-Mismari gave a press conference in which he said that the LNA has greatly improved its performance since April 27th and it commits to all rules of engagement, despite accusations by GNA and pro-GNA sources that they are targeting civilians.

He said that Jweli’s forces attacked the Alsbea civilian area. GNA forces shelled various civilian location in Tarhuna, Soug Alkhamis and Alsbea.

LNA warplanes targeted Misrata’s “terrorist militia’s operations room” in Ghout Alruman east of Tajura.

Reportedly, an al-Qaeda operations room near Tripoli was also targeted. Bashagha confessed the accuracy of the air strike made by our air force.

The main ammunition caches at the Alyarmok camp were reportedly successfully struck.

Finally, the spokesperson said that Turkey “is one of the countries supporting terrorism around the world.”

He said that Turkey had provided UAVs to the GNA, with a Turkish crew operating them.

Chairman of the Presidential Council of Libya and prime minister of the GNA Fayez al-Sarraj agreed with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to activate joint agreements for cooperation between the countries. This is what prompted the LNA spokesperson’s accusations.

The LNA’s War Information Division said that it didn’t announce all of the positions it was capturing in order to ensure the proper functioning of the operations.

An UAV bombed the al-Falah area of Tripoli, as well as the Qaqaa camp.

LNA aircraft targeted the area of Salah al-Din without casualties.

A LNA Mi-35 attack helicopter targeted the Tekbali camp in southern Tripoli.

On the evening of April 28th, the LNA took control over the Tripoli International Airport.

Clashes happened at Zatarna, as well as the Tawisa area with heavy weapons.

On the side of the GNA, its forces claimed significant success and appeared to be pushing back.

GNA forces recaptured Suq al-Ahd from Haftar’s forces, which withdrew.

GNA Aircraft bombed Al Asabiyah in southern Tripoli.

Heavy clashes happened in the Al-Hira – Al-Aziza axis, which was reportedly under LNA control.

The GNA appeared to be using a self-propelled howitzer for direct fire in the fight for Tripoli.

An individual sanctioned by the UN – Salah Badi was seen rising morale of the UN-backed GNA’s forces.


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Résistance to face the french neo colonialisme and west in general.
Gna will down the arab dictatorship supported by west and russia

You can call me Al

You do know that it is the GNA backed by the US and UN don’t you ?.


Gna backed by the Us ?!?! Hahaha
If this was true, the case would have been settled long ago!!!
Don’t you know hafter was in Virginia several years working for Cia and he’s usa citizen ???
Did you heard some strong and real declaration against hafter’s side ??? But trump in phone call with him never speak to stop the assault on legitimate gov and didn’t criticize .

You can call me Al

OK, let us see how it plays out.

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