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JUNE 2021

Overview Of Battle For Eastern Ghouta On March 18, 2018 (Map, Videos)

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Overview Of Battle For Eastern Ghouta On March 18, 2018 (Map, Videos)

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The defense of militant groups is collapsing in Eastern Ghouta under pressure from the Syrian Arab Army , the National Defense Forces, the Tiger Forces, the Republican Guard and other pro-government factions.

Faylaq al-Rahman and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) have lost the important village of Saqba and at least half of Kafr Batna. On March 17, some pro-government sources reported that the entire area of Kafr Batna had been liberated but on March 18 the village remained contestedn.

Should government troops secure Kafr Batna, they will likely focus on the area of Hazeh. This advance may led to futher isolation of different militant strong points each from others.

Government troops are in Saqba:

Meanwhile, reports appeared that the Syrian military had released an ultimatum to militants in the area of Harasta [encircled southwest of Douma]. If militants refuse to accept a reconciliation agreement and to surrender weapons, the army will launch a military operation there.

Government forces advance:

Summing up the recent events, it becomes clear that militants have lost the first phase of the battle for Eastern Ghouta. Now, all depends on the ability of Syrian forces to use the gained advantage.

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You can call me Al

1. A beautiful pincer movement there on the East, that should be the next to fall (in my view).
2. Move up from the South to squash the vermin a little more.
3. Move a S-300 closer so that the area is covered.
4. Surround the area with snipers and take them off one by one, whilst the other troops get a few good nights sleep.
5. Move down from the North, whilst slowly advancing from the East and West – a few meters a day is good enough.
6. Result ………rats in a barrel ready to be eliminated.

Signed ….. General Al, Leader of armchair warrior division on this comment..


promote that armchair general!

Velva Goins

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Lol that was funny. Well said lol. Im armchair warrior myself


Lol. But even an armchair general can’t use the word beautiful in the daily orders!!!


good news goes SAA!!


Its gonna be better for Syria to appoint Brigadier Sohail Al Hassan at defense minister position, so then it will be easy for him to manage the Syrian and allied army forces on all fronts.


Kafr Batna already taken. This is going swimmingly!!! Exceeding my best expectations.

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