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Overview Of Battle For Eastern Ghouta On March 13, 2018 (Maps, Videos)

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Overview Of Battle For Eastern Ghouta On March 13, 2018 (Maps, Videos)

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On March 12, the US accused Syria, Russia and Iran of violating a ceasefire regime in the Eastern Ghouta region, near Damascus, because they had been involved in operation against terrorists in the region. Furthermore, US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley actually threatened that the US will strike Syrian government forces if they continue their operation in the area.

On March 13, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces, the Republican Guard and other pro-government units, supported by Russia and Iran, continued advancing in Eastern Ghouta. Following the liberation of Alkhoms, Madiara, Satra and Aftaris, government troops tightened the siege on the area of Harasta (north of the Armoured Vehicles Base) and advanced on positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and their allies at Saqba and Jisreen.

Overview Of Battle For Eastern Ghouta On March 13, 2018 (Maps, Videos)

Click to see the full-size map

On the same day, Head of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov said that the country will act in response if lives of the Russian servicemen are endangered, including by strikes on Syria.

“There are many Russian advisers, representatives of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides and [Russian] servicemen in Damascus and at Syrian defense facilities,” he said adding that Russian forces will response by cetrain measures to both “missiles” and “lauchers” posing a threat to Russian servicemembers.

Earlier, both Syria and Russia warned that militants had been preparing to stage a chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta to lay the blame on the Syrian government of conducting it.

The chief of the Russian general staff added that militants had already sent “civilians” that would play the role of “victims” of chemical attacks.

Meanwhile, Russian Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate Admiral Essen, armed with Kalibr cruise missiles, passed the Bosphorus en route to eastern Mediterranean.

Overview Of Battle For Eastern Ghouta On March 13, 2018 (Maps, Videos)

Click to see the full-size map

Separately, the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Sides in Syria said that about 100 civilians had been evacuated from the town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta through a checkpoint in the settlement of al-Wafedin. This checkpoint serves as a humanitarian corridor for civilians that want to leave this area.

However, Jaish al-Islam, which is the main militant group that controls Douma, rejected reports about negotiations between it and the Damascus government.

Clashes in Eastern Ghouta:

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Well Russia continue to be sooooo nice to their partners. Retaliate only their own soldiers are killed… not Syrians or SAA against terrorists supporters.

Assad as usual silent as a mouse


Assad is not in a position to do much about anything. His regime only survives by the support and largesse of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. He can’t afford to piss them off. But I find it very comforting that the Russians have said that they have personnel embedded among the Syrian units that could be targeted and that they will respond if these get killed. That’s basically the same.


You miss the point. Assad is NOT SO IMPOTENT as he is well supported by powerful allies US had no way to over throw till Kingdom come.

It’s his country and US is directly targeting them using false pretenses and it is his duty to protest the loudest not Iran or Russia who are guests of Syria.

His silence give credence and legitimacy to US claims .

Silence means consent. Yet he is really afraid like a mouse .


Oh, he does denounce the US and others. But they have declared him dead man walking and irrelevant. So they don’t listen to him. And the media has declared him an evil brutal dictator, so they don’t listen to him either.

And it is his allies who determine what will happen in Syria. If they agree to a partition of Syria then Assad is powerless to stop it. What’s he going to do? Kick them out and face his enemies by himself? Granted, he has some modicum of power, to disagree with their plans, as they need him to rule Syria for them. But on the other hand again, if he were to become a problem for them they could easily engineer a coup and install someone more agreeable. The Russians basically control half of the Syrian army, and who knows how much the Iranians control as well.


I do have to disagree with your argument really . To say Assad has to be silent because his army is weak is not true. This war is fought a team and without each of the component would be difficult. Assad forces has borne the main brunt of the onslaught by all the major terrorist powers you can think of and still on winning side thanks greatly to the team of good powers who are actually depend on his survival to survive themselves.

What the media has declared him to be is their business and should have no bearing on his status as an legally elected president whose duty is to safe guard the country and prevent its division.

To say that his partners agree to the partition is really not true . Iran and Russia are the only parties voicing out (and both are guests of Syria ). US always test the waters when they say things and Assad has actually encouraged about every one in US saying such childish kindergarten level claims that they can stay if they want to as Assad is silent like a coward .

In this world cowards are pushed over . It is lucky that “brutal” Assad (how the heck can he be brutal when he is soooo lame) has powerful allies or Syria would have fallen and it goes to Iran and Russia will fall after that.

Russia’s responses are most very diplomatic and always as you pointed out act ONLY when their own men are hurt (to have an excuse to retaliate). Come on when you are partners in a war you protect each other and NOT YOUR OWN MEN. That’s lousy partnerships.

Now let us see if Russia’s “partners” or “Colleagues” will attack Assad and Russia watches.

The point to note however , it is not Russia that will determine this war although Russia is an essential part of it .. it is Iran . US? big talk but when faced with real enemies?


The SAA may have born the brunt of the war, but it was not winning the war. Even with the help of Iran and Hezbollah ISIS and the other Jihadis were gaining ground. And without Iran and Hezbollah Syria would now have been Jihadistan already. It was only the Russian intervention, air power, and maybe more important, rebuilding and taking control of the SAA itself, that changed the tide of the war. As such Assad is now being owned by Russia and Iran. The Iranians are free to fulfill their dream of the Shia crescent towards Lebanon, and its Putin, not Assad, who announces where and whenever there is a ceasefire or not.

As for partnerships, you have to keep in mind that Putin is facing an election and the Syrian intervention is not that popular back home. Just like the American neo-cons have to make a case to convince the American public to go to war in Syria, so does Putin. Stating that any attack on Syria would be an act of war on Russia would not go down well with ordinary Russians. But responding to Russian soldiers getting killed by American attacks, THAT would go down a lot better. No country likes being humiliated by another. Least of all Russia.


The issue is Assad has been very timid indeed in PR vs the Americans who sings like a canary all kinds of absurd claims and “rights”

no one is disputing the role of the other partners really and to say Russia own Syria is not true . Syria owes to Russia and Iran is true and it is true also Russia owes to Syria that they are economically ok today and ruble strong. It works both ways and Russia is not soooooooooooooooooo generous as to pour in billions and men for the love of Syria or Assad.

Sure Syria would have been Jihadistan if not for their allies since it is about going against the might of Nato aka USA and all those rich Arab countries. Fact is Assad and Syria is winning (disagree with your SAA is not winning .. dont know how you come to that conclusion) is a miracle equal to the great “800” spartans.

I state again , irrespective of Russian politics. they are in a war together and in partnerships must stand together . Even here I say Russia is cowardly to always say … if their soldiers are killed then only they act .

Assad as the president of Syria must be the voice to voice out very very loudly no one has a right to be in Syria or be driven out (spoken by iran but Assad)

That is the point I want to make … it has nothing to do with how strong Syria is . It is about sovereignty and Assad as owner must in the forefront in this PR exercise.


Again, what is the point to speak out if no one listens? For all we know he holds daily speeches for hours on end like Fidel Castro did, if it doesn’t get reported its like that tree that falls in the forest.

And Putin has to keep his public opinion in mind. After all, unlike what the media likes to say he is an elected head of state.


The point is silence means consent and embolden your enemies’ absurd claims.

It’s call PR battle


“..they will respond if these get killed..”

I think the phrase was “targeted”, killed being a product of having been targeted. I think the coalition of stupidity believes Russia will just sit by and let an attack commence; more than likely a result of Russia having withheld from firing on the coalition of stupidity in an effort to not escalate the war. It remains to be seen now if the coalition of stupidity has any members within it, containing at least 2 working brain cells that talk to each other, who will realize it will not be business as usual if they launch yet another round of stupidity.


I agree. It really boggles the mind that in this day and age you can have leaders of nations who think that nuclear armed super powers can go into a shooting war with each other and nothing bad would come of it.

I truly miss the days of the Cold War, when at least both sides had some measure of intelligence and knew better then to engage each other directly. The Americans did not attack the Soviets directly in Afghanistan and the Soviets did not attack the Americans directly in Korea and Vietnam. It’s like the current world leaders took stupid pills or something.


Nah, no stupid pills…. genetic defects more likely as in breaks in evolutionary development primarily in the US, Britain and I can’t forget Israel.


You just might be right. At least I hope so..for the alternative would be dreadful.

leon mc pilibin

The quicker they clean the Damascus country side of these zionist paid satanists, the better for Syria and mankind.This is what they mean by a NWO.


The moment East Ghouta gets cleared the Americans will shift their focus to Daraa and the various headchopper factions they support there from Jordan. As that would be the last possible faction from which they could threaten the Assad regime. Not to mention to do Israel’s dirty work for them and create that bufferzone it wants to shield it from an Iranian backed military presence.


There’s not much that the Jew world order flunkies can do offensively short of state actor level direct military intervention. It’s gotten to the point that the Syrian government coalition’s growing superiority over shrinking regime change area and assets is so great, that the Syrian government coalition can continue to contain all of the border and internal areas currently under regime change occupation. And clear and hold selected contained areas with overwhelming force. Which is why we’re witnessing Ghouta falling as quickly as it is. And without direct foreign state level military intervention in support of the terrorists. That’s going to continue with each subsequent area targeted for reclamation.


I agree. But never underestimate the power of denial. I’m going to pull a Godwin here but Hitler lost the war the moment he failed to make the USSR collapse in 1941, and he spent the remainder of the war trying to deny that and come up with crazy schemes to still win it, even when the Red Army was within a kilometer of his Berlin bunker.

I don’t think for a second that the Jihadis in East Ghouta could have taken Damascus, or brought down the regime. But they were the last sizable Jihadi force left closest to the capital. And as such to those who still dreamt of regime change the last possible means to do it. Maybe after a massive decapitation cruise missile strike? And now they are losing that option. After that denial will force them to look at the Jihadi forces around Daraa as their last final hope. After all, who else? The Kurds? They’ve been willing patsies as those happened to coincide with their own agenda, so as to get their own Kurdish state up north. With oil fields. But even they have no interest in a march on Damascus.


A small review of the first part of the comment. You are the first person I ever met on the Internet to give the right answer when the Germans lost World War II. Unfortunately, almost the entire population of this planet believes that the Germans lost the war in Normandy on 6.6.1944. Likewise, it is indisputable that the help of the allies meant Russia, but this help has nothing to do with the defeat of the Germans – the aid began to come only when the Germans were defeated in battle for Moscow.

R PLobo

Exactly – the Battle of Moscow was the turning point of ww2 – and the turning point of the backing of Hitler by the anglo/zionists for the destruction of Russia. However, the zionists did not just walk away but like in Syria now continued with their efforts to seed chaos right to the end of ww2.


I blame the Cold War for this distortion of history, because during WWII the Russian war effort got a lot of reporting and there was immense sympathy for the Russians. There was so much pressure on Roosevelt to open the 2nd front in Western Europe to help the Russians that he was willing to invade in late 1942 and lose the entire invasion force. It was the British who swayed him to land his troops in North Africa instead. And I think it was the British who started sending supplies and weapons to the Russians in 1941, soon after the Germans invaded. As did the Americans using lent-lease. Of course neither could send much at that time though. But I digress. It was after the war when the Cold War started when the contribution of the USSR got downplayed. And myth of Soviet human waves attacks were born. Probably in no small part thanks to former Wehrmacht officers in West Germany, who, rather then admit that they got out-generaled and outmaneuvred by the Red Army, painted a picture of massive Russian human waves attacks and of course Hitler making poor decisions. An image which fell on fertile ground in a West that now feared the Red Horde.

Personally the Eastern Front has always held my interest, as the forgotten theaters of WWII have always interested me more then D-Day and the Western Front. And there was so little information to be found about the Eastern Front when I grew up as a kid.


Kursk was the beginning of the end for the Nazi war machine. There were more tanks knocked out in the first days battle than took part in the in the much vaunted battle of el-Alamien.


Not that hard though as the Germans only had 2 panzer divisions at El Alamein, and the Allies three. Whereas at Kursk the Germans basically deployed two whole tank armies.

Everything on the Eastern Front was on a scale that dwarfed anything in the West. Probably the only battles in the West that came close where the battle of France in 1940 and the battle of Normandy, as that at least had all the Allied armies concentrated very close.


The delay of the second front in the WWII was not due because USA was busy with Japanese, it was due because Western was hoping the Hitler was be able to destroy the socialism in USSR. When they realized that even soviets were capable of taking even the whole Europe, then they were on a hurry to open the second front. In addition, Japan did not surrendered to USA because of the atomic bombs, they surrendered to USA because the soviets took Kachimira (China) in just a one or two weeks (where the main Japanese war industry was located).


Russians always seems to have a relentless sense of sacrifice without any hesitation……One gun for two persons, because there were too little guns. If the one in front died, the second would pick up the gun and went on….wave after wave… in crappy tanks….against superior ones, but nevertheless it were countless crappy tanks….them Warlords always luring the enemy into treacherous and muddy terrain so they got stuck in their tracks…. with soon a winter to come….scorched earth tactics…. nothing to eat for both parties so they all died… For Russians Collateral Damage is business as Usual….The West better thinks twice before it acts….. this ain’t a Cuban Missile Crisis….


Nikki Haley only needs to know where she parked her broom for the ride home.


It’s a myth that the zionist antisemites control the Washington barbarians; it is expedient for the WBs to pretend that the ziofascists do so that they can hide behind promiscuous allegations of antisemitism when they are criticised and opposed. The ziofascists are part of American Caesar’s Praetorian Guard.


That’s not true, Jews are the problem, yes they have collaborators, but the primary problem is Jews:


Rafik Chauhan

Imam ali during MOmmahed (SAWAS) time has brought this wabhi (khwarajite) and Jews ( battle of khaibar) to their knees and make them vanish. soon this time will come When Imam Mahdi and Prophet ISaa (Jesus) will come back to wipe this Zionist and wahbhi/Salfist from This earth with the help of god . till that time ressitance and all innocent poepl around the world has to defend themselves. and keep this scum away from the beliver and inncocent people . soon In sha Allah this Zionist/Whabh deveil woeshipper will be finished.


A myth? No it’s not a myth. I’ve provided proof that Jews are the primary problem. What proof do you have that they’re not?

northerntruthseeker .

I smell our usual Hasbara/JIDF rejects from clown college here… Only one of those idiots would make one of these stupid comments.


You’re an American aren’t you?

northerntruthseeker .

No JIDF scumbag, I am Canadian… And I see you and your other tribe members for the Zionist pigs you are!


I’m an anarchist you antisemitic fuckhead. Zionism is the opposite of Judaism so do some more homework.

northerntruthseeker .

No… Zionism is the most evil part of Judaism.. Where you scumbags think that the world owes you the land of Palestine, when we do NOT!

You and your “tribe” are frauds, phoneys, and misfits.. Most of you have not one ounce of semitic blood in your whole lot, when you are actually Khazars..

Mustaffa Ashaa

A myth or not, It is the same question that keeps provide contradictory answers. One cannot ignore the emotional, (if not outright racism), of who ever volunteered to answer this question, at least, since the enlightenment era. The objective answer always justify itself according to the dominant “World Order” of the time. RichardD is absolutely right if we consider the Present “World Order” and his use of “Pax Jewmericana”. Zionism have failed miserably to get accepted as a National Liberation Movement for the Jews because their stance on other NLM, their alliance with colonial powers, apartheid regimes Rhodesia and S Africa, Cuba and Latin America …etc.. These world endorsers put them closer and closer to the explosive mix of American Imperialism and Globalisation which moulded by neoconservatives as The American “New Century”. As for Jews, they really do not care about what ever happens in the “Gentile” part of world. Talmudic Text assured them it will eventually ends to the benefit of the “Chosen People” They suffered a lot by the Russian Pogroms, They cooperated with the Bolsheviks then they tried to own the CPSU via the infamous Bond league. Lenin and mostly Stalin defeated them. What I want to say is this: The present Zionist Americans are Zionist Jews in the first but it so happened that whatever the American Century inspires to achieve is fit nicely with Jewish Supremacy of the Gentile world. As long as major European country appease the USA, that is true for Europe, too. While American politicians look at Israel as a essential part of the US domination of the world, the Zionist laugh on their way to the banks and look at the destruction of Syria, Iraq and Iran as essential part of their security. Both side in this unholy alliance think they dominate the other side. The fact is the dynamic of selfish binary relationship. only one side dominates.


There’s nothing Jewish about zionism, it’s a secular, fascist and antisemite ideology; you are following a red herring. The US-zionist occupation of Palestine is as cynical and utilitarian as the occupation of the Chagos Islands or Aktion Reinhard.


“There’s nothing Jewish about Zionism”

Your assertion is complete nonsense. Zionism and Judaism are fully integrated and overwhelmingly accepted and supported by the vast majority of Jews:

“94% say that if Jewish state “no longer existed tomorrow,” it would be a “tragedy.””



– Zionism in the Talmud –



Still a large part of 80 million American Christians believes in Israel ( based on a special rewritten edition of the bible)….. don’t underestimate a force like that…..even Zionists are becoming a scapegoat this way…..should we accept this Foolishness….. wir haben es nicht gewusst? I blame the Dumb & the Ignorant as well…


It is a colourful mix of Evil Mofos…… that needs to be neutralised if we ever want some peace on this earth……Call them AngloZioNazis, Neocons, Khazarian Mafia, Deep State, Freemasons, KKK, NeoNazis, Zionists, Fascists, Banksters, Knights Templars, Illuminazis, CIA, NSA, Christian Extremists and the list goes on & on…. it doesn’t matter that’s all a facade…..it’s just a Parasitic Tumor….and what to do with a Parasitic Tumor?

Joe Doe

Russia should also announce that has delver S-400 batteries and more Pantsir S1 and S2 to SAA in order for SAA defend itself. Without the modern Air Defense System under SAA control, Syria always gone be under treat and easy target


Thing is though, and we saw that with the announcement that Turkey would get its S-400 in 2020, it takes time to manufacture, deliver and make these units operational again. So even if Russia were to say, Damascus, here have some free units, it will take years for them to manufacture, deliver and become operational.

I reckon this is why much more emphasis has been made on upgrading the existing Syrian air defense systems. As its always better to work with what you have right now, then wait for something perfect much much later.


Damascus is being bombed on an almost daily basis by the Jew world order’s regime change terrorists. No rational government would allow this. And no rational observer of the conflict believes that the Syrian government coalition is doing anything other than cleaning out the terrorists who have been perpetrating crimes against humanity for the entire conflict.

“Russian forces will response by cetrain measures to both “missiles” and “lauchers” posing a threat to Russian servicemembers.”

This is putting Pax Jewmericana, Israel, and the rest of the state regime change supporters on notice that attacking Russians in Syria from beyond it’s borders will not be tolerated and will be responded to in kind on an as needed basis.


The 46 year old Punjabi woman Nikki Haley (Nimrata Randhawa) says don’t oppose pro Trump terrorists and proxies, let them to kill Syrian nation. God protect whole humanity of this world from such evil, Satan. Ameen.


MIG 31 with hypersonic missile:



If there’s one thing that US, French and British politicians do better than anyone else, it’s groveling to Jews. And embarrassing themselves and disgracing their nations in the process. This is where 95% of the planet’s Jew baby rapers live: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b4515453fff0235f2232798d2a06ed5d7710ae51100af4c5108089067c36cd1f.png https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_population_by_country


The way to correct this problem of perpetual fabricated wars by Pax Jewmericana, Israel and the Jew world order hegemony drive. Is to outlaw Judaism, delist Israel from the UN, and dejudify the planet to create a Jew free world.

Tudor Miron

“There are many Russian advisers, representatives of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides and [Russian] servicemen in Damascus and at Syrian defense facilities,” he said adding that Russian forces will response by cetrain measures to both “missiles” and “lauchers” posing a threat to Russian servicemembers.”(c) This is inaccurate translation. More precise translation would be: “If our serviceman will be endangered we will strike the missiles and launchers that fire those missiles”


Look at that video of the jaish al-islam commander talking. He’s like going on in some robotic monotonous diatribe, how the fuck can anyone even listen to that shit?! If I were standing next to him, I would snuff his life out. I would make him scream by burning off his nipples just so I could get his monotanous annoying voice to stop babbling. And then I would slowly choke his life out of him while looking directly into his eyes…

I would look straight into his eyes as his pathetic life slips out of him, and then spit directly into them and make his eyes sting…

Tudor Miron

hamster… I understand killing an attacker when this is necessary for self-defense or defense of innocents. What you post is a description of torture. You sound like if you enjoy torturing humans. How are you different than this head chopper’s talking head than?

Promitheas Apollonious

AGAIN………you forget your pills kid.


I don’t take any pills, I just state things how I see them, and I see the world for what it really is. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a barbarous Salafist savage endure the same degree of suffering that they have inflicted upon their victims. It would be so satisfying for them to experience first hand what is merely a reflection of themselves.

It makes me so happy knowing that a scumbag like this has/will experience a lot of insufferable pain and anguish. It brings a smile to my face, and then I go to sleep without giving it a second thought.

David Pryce

Ha ha mate spot on

You can call me Al

Are you trying to say that you don’t like him ?…..come on be concise next time. LOL


I wonder about people like you

chris chuba

Are any of the groups in Ghouta part of the ceasefire agreement?

I know that they are Jihadist monsters but I don’t know if they have any token groups that allows any neighborhoods to be shelters for for Jihadist groups.

northerntruthseeker .

FUCKING AMERICAN SCUMBAGS…. Supporting “terrorism” when they have been lying to the citizens of the once great United States that they are in Syria to “fight against terrorism”….

Honestly, how gullible are the American people? Now they are sleepwalking while their own crooked government pushes for more war and bloodshed.


“..how gullible are the American people? ”

Primarily the product of 24/7 non-stop propaganda campaign by Deep State non-elected extremely UN-American psychopaths and scumbags. That same propaganda is now appearing all over the Europe. A look at the so-called British Parliament debate of 3/12/18 shows just how effective such propaganda can be.


I think, this is happening in all western countries. For north american people, as far as nobody touch is job and pocket money, it does not matter if its government is killing or starving other countries.


Keep going Syria-hezbolah-Iran-Russia and aerospace Russia force, be brave, be fast, without fear, close your ears to foreign treats your country, your future, are your children future at your hands. Death is little for the great future of the great Siria.


These videos look like terrorists propaganda. Of course, civil causalities always happen during a war, but here is difference on civil deaths due to attacking civil people, and civil deaths due to attacking terrorists guys. We always regret the death of civil people, that is why high precision misiles are required in order to minimize civil causalities. Syria must get rid of all type of terrorists in its territory, including USA-Turkey-Kurds.


Never in history (may be to some extent the USSR) existed an global empire that is engaging in so many lies and atrocities, while insisting and saying that they are the opposite for evil.

(Or does anybody may find ones in history of that kind.)

Don Bacon

I’ve never understood your maps. E.G. Is green bad or good?


ESCALATION! Americans are so dumb!


” Earlier, both Syria and Russia warned that militants had been preparing to stage a chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta….”

CIA insiders say that plan has been shelved for the moment. A better opportunity recently arose in Salisbury , UK.

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