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JUNE 2023

Overview Of Battle For Deir Ezzor On September 28-29, 2017 (Maps, Videos)

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Overview Of Battle For Deir Ezzor On September 28-29, 2017 (Maps, Videos)

Click to see the full-size map

On September 28, ISIS assault groups attacked government forces in few points at the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway, the key government supply line to Deir Ezzor city. ISIS used battle tanks, technicals with heavy guns and suicide bombers to break the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) defense.

The main ISIS attacks took place at Ash-Shula, Bir-Ghabaghib and Sukhnah. Following a series of clashes, ISIS entered Ash-Shula and Bir-Ghabaghib pushing the Syrian military to close the highway.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that in total 100 Syrian soldiers were killed. Separately, Amaq released claims that ISIS members killed a Russian soldier and captured 2 others. The Russian Defense Ministry denied  these reports.

ISIS had been able to concentrate enough forces for this large advance thanks to the ongoing Arab-Kurdish tensions in Iraq that resulted in halting of Iraqi anti-ISIS operations near the border with Syria.

On September 25, the Iraqi Kurdistan Region Government held an independence referendum in the area controlled by its forces, including multiple areas that have never formally been a part of the Kurdistan Region. This led to a large-scale political crisis that could led to a new round of the war in Iraq.

Overview Of Battle For Deir Ezzor On September 28-29, 2017 (Maps, Videos)

Click to see the full-size map

On September 29, the SAA and its allies started a counter-attack in an attempt to regain points that they had lost at the highway. A fighting continued in Ash-Shula and Bir-Ghabaghib. The fighting is now ongoing in these areas.

Separately, ISIS conducted an attack on government forces near T3 Pumping Station east of Palmyra. The attack was repelled.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are actively exploiting the fact that ISIS is mainly focused on combating government forces in central Syria.

On September 28, the SDF officially announced that it has seized al-Suwar town northwest of Deir Ezzor and started another operation in order to reach and to capture Markada town in southern Hasakah.

On September 29, Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov announced that Russia will not allow the United States as well as any other foreign power to limit an area of operations of the SAA in Deir Ezzor province. This could be described as a sign that government forces will continue its operation on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

Meanwhile, 170 Russian sappers, supported by 40 units of special military euipment, started a de-mining effort in Deir Ezzor.

Clashes in Deir Ezzor area:

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Zainab Ali

the zio satanic terorists will be defeated forever… it is a matter of time


All terrorist organizations Al-Qaeda, ISIS, SDF, etc fully cooperate or coordinate with each other in Syria. From the above map and from the situation in Homs, Hama and Eastern Ghouta it is obvious that who these terrorist groups are? What they want and for whom they are fighting and who funding and arming them. A ten year old child can tell you. This is called US proxy war.


You didnt include the FSA..Oh my bad..you said Al Qaeda..


Etc mean there are many terrorist groups.

US mail postal service

Rob supports hezbollah terrorists.A terrorist calling others terrorists is rich.


Are you crazy? Lebonies Hezbollah and Palestinians Lewa Al Quds are the forefront of Syrian army.


Can you name a terror act Hezbollah has committed?


Hezbollah are a political party and an armed militia force. They developed in direct response to the Israeli military’s invasion and subsequent military occupation of South Lebanon for two decades. The armed Hezbollah wing was instigated as a military resistance force against a foreign occupation army that dominated South Lebanese life. Technically, that makes Hezbollah classic ‘freedom fighters’ or a ‘resistance movement’ under the US’s own rubric of historical conflict terminology – as they were formed to fight and oust an occupying and domineering foreign aggressor.


Hezbollah is called “terrorist” by Israel , in Lebanon they are apart of the government . Israel is called “terrorist” by some as well , but not by the west . YPG , re – branded as SDF by the US , will be classified as terrorist , if they wage war on the army of the national government . This is the American objective , more war .


Just because you dislike a group does not make them terrorist meth head. No cone calls SDF terrorist besides turkey not even Russia besides the smear campaign launched over Russian/SAA incompetence in the region they like to blame someone for their faults not SDF/YPG fault that you sent tigers to Hama or the fact you keep bombing another region where it not really needed.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The PKK/YPG are still held to be terrorists and are just a proxy terrorist group that has been in the control of the US since the beginning. They were only removed at the US Govts insistence as they would be a proxy regime change group and no other reason.


America relocate ISIS terrorist commanders by helicopters to stop advance of Syrian coalition. America also instruct other terrorist groups to attack important positions of Syrian coalition.


Nine countries officially have made a coalition against terrorists in Syria and Iraq,

Syria: 300,000 persons Iraq: 400,000 persons Iran: 2,000 persons Russia: 1,500 persons Turkey: 1,500 persons Lebanon: 5,000 persons Palestine: 5,000 persons Afghanistan: 2,000 persons Pakistan: 500 persons

Ammunition, guns, tanks, missiles and other Military hardware comes from the following five countries for this anti terrorist coalition,

Syria Iraq Russia Turkey Iran Lebanon Pakistan China —————————


I would love to see Russia sending in full-strength divisions to fight.


I am missing the point here.

Groups of persons from several countries forming a coalition?

Persons from several countries riddled by (partially state) terrorism?

Five following countries followed by a list of 8 countries of whom many are without any arms industry?

It must be me, but I am not getting your point.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They all have arms industries just not US arms industries is the difference why are you such a momochi.


Lebanon? Syria? Iraq? Russia and China, yes. Iran, Turkey to some extent and Pakistan, ???

Still not making clear what the point is.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

China manufactures far better arms and equipment than the US just a fact and are more viable in combat situations. Lebanon produces arms on their own but limited, Syria and Iraq had their industries and Arms facilities destroyed by intentional bombing campaigns. Iran and Turkey both develop their own missiles and other military equipment. Russia has far superior equipment to the US and like all the others at a fraction of the cost and the US always runs out of bombs every 2-3 months how effective is that.


The only good IS rat is a dead IS rat

RTA (Bob or Al)

Did you confuse the “I” with a U ?

id “The only good US rat is a dead US rat.



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Deo Cass

ISIS are the very same US/Zionist/SDF/Kurdish terror coalition headed by the US itself. These attacks are co-ordinated and under direct US/Israeli high command direction. The situation in Syria has now become very obsurd with Russia which is legally in Syria after an offiial invitation by the sole legitimate and democratically elected and internationally recognized Syrian government having to ask permission to the US illegal invader and occupier of Syrian sovereign soil where it can operate. Let’s not try to hide the fact please that it was the US not its ISIS proxy that killed the Russian major General in Deir Ezzur as it was the US which attacked and sunk the Kursk in 2000. Fact is Russia changed plan and stopped pursuing the life or death operation to reclaim Syria’s vital oil and gas fields on the Eastern banks of the Euphrates river after this assassination by the US. So the words by this Russian official is simply empty talk.

Hurricane Irma

Conspiracies everyone love them you also believes in aliens and that US backed nazi germany.lol.


I lke the one Erdogan is georgian, coming from the same village as Stalin and is a relative, which would make Erdogan a hidden christian? Bent on destroying muslim Turkey by hidden means?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That one must be yours dutchnational and Stalin translated means Jew son, try to paint that one as a conspiracy.


I just like it. Read the claims that Erdogan is Georgian on several sites.

I do not believe in conspiracy theories, but this is a nice one.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Stalin’s real name are you that naive or are you trying to make me sound stupid, Dzugashvili was his real name , he was also Koba the bandit when he was robbing people. The Bolsheviks all took on pseudonyms Lenin because of a strike near the Lena river and a lost love he was born Vladmir Ilyich Ulyanov , they all did this to hide their true Identities from when they were murderers and bandits.

Why do you act so stupid and lazy when looking up names that are fake Stalin was chosen to hide his background and connection to the rest of the group.

Graeme Rymill

No need to try and make you sound stupid…you do that all by yourself….

Stalin’s great grandson, Jacob Jugashvili, writes: There is no word Jew for Jews in the Georgian language. . . . Jew in Georgian is Ebraeli, so the theory of “son of a Jew” (which is very tempting considering our name in light of its English spelling) is simply, wrong.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Look a fake argument masquerading as a credible comment you offered nothing but CIA doublespeak in your argument. Fact US Jewish bankers backed both sides of the war, Aliens, why are we looking and jumping at every possibility of one with the governments running around as such.Seems you are the nutjob posing with pseudo intellectual comments.


I wonder how ISIS can attack using battle tanks. Can battle tanks not be easily destroyed by attack helicopters or fighter jets in those regions, so that Russia has to deploy only a few of them?

Tudor Miron

Are wt talking about war area of 100X100 km? No, the front line is still very long. “Only few of them” would not cover entire Suryan front. But don’t worry – those ISIS gains will be reversed soon enough.



At the same time, the bridgehead on the other side of the river is under heavy IS attacks and NDF forces have been pushed back almost to the bridge. Were that to be destroyed or damaged, SAA forces there will be trapped without supplies.

Several villages south of the river near the airport have been retaken by IS too. A bad reversal for the SAA. Again there are reports of (some) tribal forces Raqqah south defecting to SDF and joining the fight for DeZ countryside.

Even if SAA will recover in a few days, the IS counterattacks on SDF have already failed and SDF is continuing its advances, thereby relieving SAA of some of the IS pressure.

On the other hand, the strategic position of SDF north and east of the river continues to improve.

Deo Cass

Quote: “ISIS had been able to concentrate enough forces for this large advance thanks to the ongoing Arab-Kurdish tensions in Iraq that resulted in halting of Iraqi anti-ISIS operations near the border with Syria.” Totally wrong. If there was a time when the Iraqi government forces bpneed to urgently take control of the Syria/Iraq border on their side is now, to prevent the Kurdish thieves from stealing Iraq’s oil and gas from there. These so called ISIS formations are US very well armed and trained undécover special forces and their SDF proxies under cover. They did not come from Iraq, but from the Deir Ezzur front. So let’s not play by the US script please and let’s call a spade simply a spade! No more deception of the geberal public to avoid embarassment. We deserve to know the truth and thst’s why free lance investigative journalists like me exist.

Hurricane Irma

Hypocrite Russian supports Syria and Iraq territorial integrity but not Ukraine, Georgia, Moldavia.


I hate it when CNN koolaid drinking idiots come here

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Wow , the half-baked conspiracies coming out of you just a mile a minute, the US never respected the Sovereignty of any nation Yugoslavia was one and another is Ukraine, Iraq, Libya ,Syria, Afghanistan ,etc. you have the nerve mouthing off about shit you barely even acknowledge or even know about.

Quit being pathetic you are just being annoying with your trolling BULL SHIT!


The comment was about Russia. Not about US as this rant seems to imply.

The comment is correct though as Russia is clearly supporting illegal separatist movements in the mentioned countries. Namecalling does not change those facts. Not even your opinion about the US, whether correct or not.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Difference thosewere even viewed by the international community and they found nothing wrong with their voting in the referendums , but were not invited as spectators to this one kind of makes you go hmmm and question why did the separatists control the voting and ballot counting.

Your opinion seems to ignore the rule of law and have a basic lack of comprehension and understanding of referendums and their legal requirements.

The truth those met the litmus test of legality and constitutional challenge , the problem is getting some to accept that rule of law that was followed. We know who these belligerents are and understand they abide by no rule of law and appoint dictators over democratically elected leaders.

Graeme Rymill

SouthFront claims that “ISIS had been able to concentrate enough forces for this large advance thanks to the ongoing Arab-Kurdish tensions in Iraq that resulted in halting of Iraqi anti-ISIS operations near the border with Syria.”

The Kurds are to blame for the SAA setbacks? The link you provide goes to another SouthFront article. This article has zero information to support the allegation that ongoing Arab-Kurdish tensions in Iraq that resulted in halting of Iraqi anti-ISIS operations near the border with Syria. It talks about the tensions. it has nothing to say about the halting of border operations and the reasons for any halting.

Please supply a better link or at least make an argument to support your allegations. Which anti-ISIS operations have been stopped on the Iraq-Syrian border? Some seem to be ongoing:


Tudor Miron

You thought that it would not be evident for all that this are linked events? You thought (again) that goyims are stupid? Everyone knows that Israel supports foolish Kurdish claims and everyone knows that it’s Israel behind (US) who’s the cause of all that bloodshed going on ME. Goyims know :)

Graeme Rymill

It is only evident if evidence is shown….

If event X happens and then event Y happens has X caused Y? Only if there is some evidence…..it should be SouthFront’s role to show this evidence not merely to make unsupported claims.


There are SF reporters rather unimpartial when they report on SDF or kurds in general.

You are quite right.

The whole reason for the setbacks SAA is now suffering lies in their own decisionmaking :

– Redeploying Tiger Forces towards Hama. – Continuing their advances with second rate (cruck instead of crack) troops (often NDF), mainly supported by Ru SOF and RuAF CAS. – Guarding their flanks and rear by third rate troops, mainly NDF and tribal forces.

The latter two allowed IS to reform and start counterattacking.

Likely Tiger Forces will be rushed back. It shows a tactical weakness and also a strategic weakness : not enough crack units to do all jobs.


The Kurd drama is a fifth column trying to obfuscate US and Israeli defeat in ME. Kurds are proxy of US, a replacement proxy as ISIS is being annihilated. US does not want to deploy boots on the ground, subsequently their support of the Kurds is relative to opportunistic developments, and I do not believe US would be willing to take casualties if the Russians and SAA start attacking SDF. Russia hopes that the Kurds would be smart enough to come to the negotiation table and tell US to get lost, effectively kicking US out ME.

Graeme Rymill

My questions, as seen in my initial comment on this SouthFront article, are:

What effect have the Iraqi/Kurd tensions had on the current ISIS counter attacks? What Iraqi anti-ISIS border operations have been halted and when? Why were these Iraqi operations halted?

You obviously have nothing useful to contribute in response to my comment. All you have done is replied with a lot of irrelevant mumbo jumbo.


Any reply would have to be very speculative, but if I may try, ISIS occupies a large region and an ability to strike with surprise within that region, here, bear in mind modern aircraft stationed by Ru AF in Syria itself are not large in numbers, about 50. It is a matter of speculation as to how ISIS forces manages this, I would merely note it has been achieved at different times during the conflict (Palmyra counterattack, etc.). Men and materials may also be significantly influenced by reinforcement flows from adjacent countries cooperating with terrorist groups, e.g., Israel, Jordan. ISIS total assets are spread between Iraq and Syria, and it is merely suggested that an operation in Syria in this case becomes more manageable if it can be guaranteed that Iraq forces, incl. PMU, are involved elsewhere. ISIS munitions supply routes go Bulgarian and other ex-Warsaw Pact munitions for example, arranged by Saudi Arabia, with US knowledge and with cooperation also of Transjordan as it were, should these same nations ALSO promote the Kurdish activity, further activity of a military type by ISIS proxies in Syria merely boils down to a staff decision on the part of the principals in this matter (KSA, etc.) against the interests of Syria and Iraq.


You obviously lack understanding, my statements declare tha the US is playing its proxies, ISIS and Kurds for best possible effect. Iraqis for distracted with the Kurds, and ISIS got the green light from its master to execute its plans. US is involved in the Iraqi military matters and has a good read of what is happening in the area.


There have been several references in the Iraq referendum “show” that Iraqi troops were moved up towards the Kurdish areas . ISIS , free from Iraqi forces , skipped over the border for a hit and run on SAA .

Graeme Rymill

Really? Iraqi troops were moved up towards the Kurdish areas? Any links? I don’t recall reading that. The Iraqi Government has threatened to send troops but no actual reports of troop movements that I have seen.

The Hawija Offensive continues…


The question is then has the 250,000+ Iraqi Army (now freed up from operations in Mosul) really had to deplete its forces from the Syrian border to go to Kurdish areas?

The answer unless some evidence is forthcoming is no!

George King

It is the combined US/Israel support (plan B) of all AQ/ISIS and now the vassal SDF (predominantly YPG/Kurds ) which includes PKK and other Kurdish groups with the aim/s to carve out territory and resources from Syria/Iraq/Iran and Turkey.

So yes, as we see they co-ordinates attacks from all Assad must go groups which now includes unfortunately the Kurds as well which will not work out for them as they have now become just as destructive to the nation state/s as ISIS proxy for Empire.


ISIS attack along M20 has been repulsed causing ISIS casualties, the Russian air force will hammer away these exposed ISIS groupings in the desert. ISIS attacks are mere annoyances that can be dealt with easily.


SF claiming that IS could concentrate forces because of tensions between kurds and Baghdad prevented PMU’s to take the border region is if not an intentional lie and sign of very, very bad battle field perception.

Once PMU units reached the Syrian border, they started to sit on their behinds. They reached that border several months ago and plain stopped, without any given reason. Imo they stopped because IS remaining there gave them an excuse to remain in lands that are not shia arab but are sunni arab.Otherwise, they should have left.

The real reasons are clear, see one of my other comments.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They received orders from the Army and Prime Minister’s office that they had a great deal of US pressure exerted on them to halt all operations the first time,the second time with even more assurances they will not support the Kurdish independence movement. The US are on written and on voice record for this agreement, so the Kurds are done.

The region is Sunni and Shia Arab and no Comar Kurds existed in the region , the Army and PMU are ready to retake all government property. The Autonomous project is canceled which this will leave the Talabani and Barzani(fake) Kurds alone in their struggle of insurrection.


Rather doubtfull imo. PMU is rather small, not unified and several PMU units will not fight on Iranian orders or only on Iranian orders. The somewhere between 60 to 100k PMU fighters, divided over tens of organisations, will not be able to take on kurds in defensive positions, certainly not without US artillery and airsupport.

So, will not happen.

This is much like the “ïmminent” invasion of Afrin by Turkey. Imminent as of june and still not happening and not for the foreseeable months.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The PMU is 90,000-140,000 at any given time many of it’s militias are currently blocking Kurdish advances in the areas that Kurds want to claim. They are highly effective and answer to Abadi and not Iran , same with the Army even the Kurdish General finds these Talabani and Barzani to be traitors to the Kurds. Turkey will need to go through Afrin to get to Idlib to quell the HTS and other terrorists in the region.The ones along the North those troops there along the border are for the PKK/YPG/KRG terrorist groups, attempt at trying to expand into Turkey backed by US air power. Thing is this what the US planned from the beginning to be honest very amateurish military planning.

The US is in situation they can leave peacefully and with dignity or lose everything they have and no way to save face, what do you think their option will be….

They will take the face saving way out and withdraw all their support and the SAA will expand and declare it’s AO and if there is no compliance by the US then it will be on the US shoulders for the situation to be de-escalated by a face saving withdrawal.

They bled ISIS in this current assault and still hunt down various groups in the desert, which will make their capture to go mostly unopposed of the rest of Syria.

Wahid Algiers

Dutchnational is telling tales to us. He always looks through the kurdish colored glasses and maybe to deep in his glas of wine. That is the truth: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/isis-sent-elite-troops-tanks-vehicles-east-syria-via-iraq-latest-offensive-syrian-army/ and this depends on a third-class investigation and surveillance of ISIS manoeuvres in Syria and Iraq and not in a failure of the front line commanders. ISIS is beaten at this front sector too.


If IS can makes counterattacks like this when beaten, then I hope to god they will never win.

As for looking by kurdish colored glasses – I do have glasses and even colored ones in summer – maybe that is something lacking here with most of the commenters : being able to see a situation from a different perspective.

Try it. You might like it. You might gain insight.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Why are you so stupid to fall for this strategy the SAA draws them deeper and slaughters them and IS can’t escape fast enough Hundreds dead IS again for what. Let’s see so the US can steal land , because that’s the real reason and it’s failing. This attack is being chewed apart with deliberate precision and this will make it easier to secure the borders and for that I thank the US incompetence in battle planning ,no wonder the Houthis are beating KSA and Co.


Sorry, just do not believe you claiming all setbacks of SAA are planned. Sounds like Saddam advancing backwards years ago.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That’s just basic military tactics as all the losses are gained back and dozens of dead ISIS have littered the streets a brutal and ferocious loss in manpower and equipment by ISIS. Plans are always well laid to even believe there was disharmony between the SAA and Russia.

Hurricane Irma

Do you see things through SAA colored glasses or Russian?


Here is a Russophobic piece of sh*t..People may have different opinions on this site.I hardly ever agree with dutchnational but I cannot say he is russophobic no any any one whose comments I have read here..This disease is American and isnt accepted here ..Go back to watching CNN on that dirty sofa of yours..

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Are always contradictory in your comments as to be disparaging conspiracy theories andd then you promote one in the next, are you bi polar by any chance?

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

How does IS/AQ (same thing) know where to counterattack, when, and in what strength so as to dissipate SAA operations? They have no strategic intel gathering ability. The answer is that IS is provided with that intel, including satellite imagery, by both Israel and the US, and the IS/AQ attacks and counterattacks are coordinated by a centralized C3I headquarters. It is a certainty that IS/AQ is not planning these things themselves.

Graeme Rymill

Your point appears to be that without satellite and other advanced intelligence collecting technologies counterattacks are impossible? What absolute balderdash!

A look at a decent map backed up by some ground based reconnaissance would give ISIS all they need to formulate a plan of attack. It is hardly rocket science to come up with a plan to attack your enemy’s main line of communications especially in a desert environment without continuous front lines.


You would risk your men’s lives on a decent map and some ground based recce against a foe that has been beating your forces continually for a year? You might get lucky but that’s all. These daesh counterattacks have been guided by superior intel coming from the outside.

Graeme Rymill

When has ISIS worried about risking men’s lives?

Given the poor strategic outlook for ISIS over the next few months of course they would risk it. The alternative is to fight a series of defensive battles which they eventually invariably lose.


The point is that daesh strikes successfully (well, that’s debatable of course) deep into central Syria. Even just getting their tanks that far speaks of highly accurate intelligence. RuAF and SAF planes are tracked and “go” commands are given when the sky is clear, hideouts are pre-planned etc.

Graeme Rymill

Your rebuttal is premised on the contention that Russia and Syria have eyes everywhere. Given the numerous fronts the SAA fights on the Syrian Air Force and Russian Air Force surveillance efforts don’t stretch very far. The Russians appear to have just a small number of dedicated surveillance aircraft in Syria. See:


Some commentators, perhaps cynically, suggest these surveillance and electronic eavesdropping assets are mainly used to spy on the coalition air operations.

Additionally the Russians and and Syrians would tend to focus on areas where there is current fighting. They would not devote as many air assets to rear areas and areas where there has been little fighting. The bombers and fighter bombers that are used to support current SAA operations can’t be doing surveillance missions in other areas simultaneously.

Drones? See this late 2016 or 2017 article: http://cast.ru/eng/products/articles/russian-uavs-in-syria.html “Forpost is the only Russian drone that approaches the capability of the MALE (medium altitude, long endurance) class of UAVs.” Bigger more capable drones (e.g. Altius-M) are of course being tested and will no doubt be deployed when available. The link above seems to show that Russia has only 30 Forposts. The number deployed to Syria are unknown but likely to be low.

Graeme Rymill

Russian satellites have their own set of problems. Much of the Russian military satellite system is geared to strategic/nuclear tasks. In 2013 this was reported “the Russian military presently lacks the necessary infrastructure for timely dissemination of the information acquired through space systems from higher to lower levels of the military, such as brigades and individual soldiers.” No doubt improvements have been made since then. A big question mark remains though how much actionable real-time intelligence is obtained by ground and air commanders in Syria.

Satellites that aren’t geostationery i.e. that don’t maintain their position relative to a point on the earth’s surface lack the persistence that drones and surveillance aircraft offer. They cannot “stare” at an area and continuously watch for changes. So for example the Russian Persona series of optical reconnaissance satellites is in a sun synchronous orbit. This means it is orbiting the earth roughly every ninety minutes. Each orbit takes it over a different part of the earth’s surface. It’s ability to stare at a fast emerging threat in the Syrian desert is non-existent.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The information is dropped via the Airlift operations as the CIA has been appropriating other countries air assets under the guise of CENTCOM which also happens to be coordinating this show.

Graeme Rymill

i can read these words but do they actually mean anything? “information is dropped” wtf? do they tie a piece of paper to a stone and toss it out of an aircraft? this is the sophisticated secret technique the US has developed? lol

Field Marshal Terra Cotta Woolpuller at his absurd finest!


I’m sure they have laptops and cell communications , state of the art , if anything . So my question is where are the helicopters , T3 should be functional by now .

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Russians are conducting operations in eliminating ISIS and this is getting obvious who is attacking and why they are trying to send message to Hezbollah as they are always being attacked. They are trying to say Hezbollah is weak and can fall easily to Israel if they so choose. Looks like they are going to have to show they have the ability to be a trained, disciplined and effective army.


Useless PMU on the iraqi side not moving ahead with their operations… why?! Come on Iran, show them who is boss.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US CENTCOM has interfered again but like last time with huge losses in Syria and don’t be surprised if they have an easier time of defeating these terrorists, as all the US is currently doing with their bombing campaign is killing those civilians fighting ISIS in Abu kamal region.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x