Overview Of Battle For Deir Ezzor On September 21-22, 2017 (Map, Video)


Overview Of Battle For Deir Ezzor On September 21-22, 2017 (Map, Video)

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The US-led coalition and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are capitalising on strong ISIS attacks against Syrian government forces that have crossed the Euphrates.

On September 21, SDF units allegedly seized Al-Isba and Tabiye oil gas fields in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor city while the Syrian Arab army (SAA) and its allies were repelling ISIS attacks on the villages of Marat and Mazlum. Furthermore, the SDF media wing released a report claiming that SDF members had rescued 3 women and 9 children from Khusham village. This could indicate that SDF units reached the vicinity of Khusham village.

ISIS conducted large-scale attacks on the government-held villages of Marat and Mazlum on the eastern bank of the Euphrates and even seized some positions inside them, according to pro-opposition sources. Clashes between government troops and ISIS members were also reported in Saqr Island.

At the same day, the Russian Defense Ministry released a statement saying that almost no clashes were observed between the SDF and ISIS north of Deir Ezzor city. It added that Russian forces will strike any side that tries attack Syrian troops or Russian task forces operating near Deir Ezzor city.

On September 22, an intense fighting continued between the SAA and ISIS near Marat and Mazlum as well as in the Saqr Island area. Syrian government forces faced a stiff resistance from ISIS on the eastern bank of the Euphrates despite the ongoing SDF advance in the same area.

The Russian Aerospace Forces was also not able to provide a large-scale support on September 21 and September 22 because of the continued operations in northern Hama.

If the SAA is not able to capture Khusham and the SDF seizes it, government forces will be cut off from a road heading to the Iraqi border on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.



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  • Trustin Judeau

    Why SAA is not advancing east of Euphrates . What they are waiting ?

    • John

      Hey Trustin. They are going to take it all anyway in the end. The SDF is nothing and their supporters have no legal right in the country. Try getting past China and Russia in the security council for that one. My take is they are doing things correctly, patiently. It is an edgy time for us observers but, there will be only one outcome here. It is as Syrian President Assad said, they will retake everything. Have a great weekend. :)

      • Leonardo Watch

        Serbia will retake Kosovo, Arabs will retake Jerusalem also imaginary dreams. Before you call me Zionist I wish all three the Arabs Iranians and Zionist kill each other. I love the hypocrisy on here according to you just because assad says so does that also mean Ukraine will regain crimea because their puppet leader says also?

        • John

          Hey Leonardo. Ukraine and Syria, Kosovo and Jerusalem are apples and oranges. Besides, I don´t think you have read my other posts. I don´t name call, it will definitely not help humanity.

          I said my piece on this and I stand by it, for my own reasons. I wish you well.

        • Gary Sellars

          Fuck off idiot.

        • Athassino

          Yeah i live in Kosovo, so Serbia only can dream about it.

          Thanks to USA?

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          Why do think this won’t happen , the world is leaving a sinking ship and the EU is going it’s own way. What you mean if the Zionists and its Arab allies killed one another , Iran doesn’t harbor the same ambitions as the US and Israel but like many a right to self defense as do many. Jerusalem will be an open city and Israel will be forced to comply with it as they will be forced back to the ’67 borders.

          The destruction of the US can be fended off if they removed their bases from the rest of the world and learned to live in their defined US North American borders. There is pretty much a guarantee that Syria will be remaining whole as Iraq , but US interference in these matters have grown worse and is the causation of all the unrest in the world. There will be investigations into all these matters and the US will no longer play a role as the head of the investigation anymore.

    • Adam Kafei

      I don’t see this part of the river crossing operation as the main thrust, I see this as securing ground for logistics and to push hostile artillery away from the crossing points. It also serves to thin enemy numbers and establish gathering points (for both sides) ready for the main thrust.

      I would suggest the main thrust will come after the large IS controlled area west of the river toward Raqqa is cleaned up and large numbers of better equipped, trained and experienced forces will move across the river and then much larger, faster advances will be seen.

      I do however believe in the mean time, I might well be worth pushing to SDF lines and leading them toward the oil fields thereby establishing a buffer preventing them from taking them while the SAA waits for it’s main forces to arrive.

    • Rob

      If Kurdistan country emerged then Syrian President Assad, Turkey president Erdogan, Iraqi president and Iranian president leave their positions to Israel for the sake of united Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran.

      I don’t like disintegration of these countries. Israeli refugees are better in government management and security than all of other presidents. Their media is well established.

      This world needs honest leaders. Israeli refugees are much better than Russians and even Americans governments. So I request to all Muslims and Christians worlds that your leaders cannot protect you so its better to live under Zionism.,

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Stop your Hasbara trolling no one believes those lies any ways their businesses are run by Gentiles and same with politics except for Israel and shows what a shithole that is.

  • Russian225

    Airstrikes on SDF because they are threatening the Syrian army.


      Thank the lord you are not in any military.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Wow, the troll force is out here now gets boring when it’s only 2-3 guys with these accounts. I am thankful you stooges always show yourself this is just pure joy at the lack of arguments by using only deflection as a tool for their argument.

  • John Brown

    One correction, the attacks on the SAA are from the ISIS / SDF alliance. It proves the SDF have not had to do any real fighting against ISIS during the war as they have been secret allies all along. The SDF will be crushed if they fight the SAA.

    • Garga

      Yes. Their behaviour is very strange if you think SDF and ISIS are enemies. The only logical explanation is they’re cooperating. ISIS is resisting against SAA as best as they can to hold them and let SDF outrun SAA and move towards south, encircle SAA, occupy the oil fields and block the road.

      • Leonardo Watch

        I mean how can ISIS possibly resist in a empty region while SAA lands is in a region with plenty of villages and road systems that makes it easier to bomb and target them.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        One of the top leaders of ISIS was a Kurd , just shows you the truth is always exposed.

    • Leonardo Watch
      • John Brown

        One oil well is burning??? Can you provide evidence of ISIS mass burning of Syrian oil wells like Saddam did, with the link please?

  • Rafik Chauhan





      • Solomon Krupacek

        some weeks ago you wrote me the same

        • Then I see it worked and you found your manners?
          Hiding in the tree were they.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            so ugly being as you are will never hide itself :))))

          • I’m not the one who has to hunt for my manners.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            on the second look: you are so ugly, that akready beautiful. :)

  • EmilyEnso

    This is proving conclusively that ISIS, SDF and the US are one and the same.
    In this situation it will be impossible for the Syrians to concede any territory whatsoever to the SDF.
    They will have to be either eliminated or driven out before Syria can become a sovereign and full state again.
    I advise Iraq to do the same thing.
    Any concessions to the Kurds mean US occupation, interference and terror within their state.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Syria is still Sovereign but them being a healed nation will depend on the Kurds as they are always Isolationists and might be best to expel the traitors back to their homes. Send the Iraqi and Turkish Kurds back home would be best as they are foreigners and not Syrians.

  • Turbofan

    “The Russian Aerospace Forces was also not able to provide a large-scale support on September 21 and September 22 because of the continued operations in northern Hama.”

    Sorry Russia but this is unacceptable..Can someone explain this?

    • gustavo

      I am totally agree with you. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE THAT RUSSIA AEROSPACE FORCE IS SAYING !! They can tell this story to their children. I have been saying many times that Russia air support is good , but not good enough. It is no possible to see one o r two helicopters an a couple of planes during important battles, and when ground troops need to attack in many fronts, most of them lack of air support. Of course, without Russia air support, Syria, Irak and Afganistan sould be right now just part of the stupid “Islamic State,” created by USA-Israel-NATO, there is not question about that. However, sometimes is not clear how far away Russia will go with this war. I hope Russia gives ENOUGH protection and support to ground troops to finish FAST with this war and USA troops (kurds, turkey, ISIS, Daesh, Nustra, ISIS, moderated terrorists).

      • Tim

        Russia won’t help the the kurd thing since they seem sympathetic to them.

      • jhon malakiat

        i think russia-syria playing patient war. the war still not over even when isis gone. russia, syria, iraq, iran, turkey will use diplomatic way to suppress kurd.

        independent kurd is not possible. so dont worry. be patient.

  • Europa Erwache

    The SDF has a much more focused strategy:

    To seize by any means necessary, the Omar oil fields and the road to Al-Bukamal.

    The SAA instead of focusing its advance on the eastern Euphrates side, deployed a significant amount of its forces fighting ISIS near the Maadan area.

    • Leonardo Watch

      Their air force is split because of HTS terrorists and some of the fools on here suggest bombing SDF while the air force is stretched thin.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Why not bomb both as the SDF and US are terrorists under international law , why not US lost many assets in Idlib. Maadan will soon be captured and much more of Idlib area will be taken by the SAA and the new Factions joining the fight in Idlib, as this pushed the separation a win win For Syria and the Assad supporters. US has been put on warning at the UN for all the blustering they did, Mattis wants the Russians to stop taking out their assets in Idlib.

  • Tudor Miron

    Let’s wait and see. Chess is not catching fleas – requires some patience :)

  • gustavo

    “If SAA is not be able to capture Khusham…” Let me put it in this way…If SAA is not capable of recover its oil fields in Omar, Syria-Hezbolah-Iran-Russia will lost the war, despite they have won many battles !!
    If this is not crear for these forces…there is not more to talk about.

  • Jesus

    The HTS attack in Hama kept Russian air assets busy in the area at the expense of Deir Ezzor, however, SDF moving south is meaningless since the bridgehead will increase in size, and SAA armor will easily outflank SDF southern flank and go to access N7. SDF does not have the manpower nor the mobility to move along with SAA and allies, and ISIS is a depleted force. SAA and allies could easily concentrate 50-60,000 troops and overwhelm SDF and ISIS porous defenses east of Eufrates, lacking real armour and significant artilery and MLR assets.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      They moved slowly as they were also crossing and fighting advance units of US specfor embedded in ISIS units and the US provided the intel to capture the Russian soldiers in Idlib. Russians have eliminated some US specfor in Idlib already by bombing their location , before their extraction. The SAA still advances east along the river banks other operations in the west will be wrapped up within the week, the pockets will be cleared.

      • Jesus

        Since SDF and ISIS are intermingled, the Tigers might cross Euphrates south of Madaan into ISIS territory, driving straight through the rear of SDF pincer, claiming ISiS resistance was encountered, while 5th Corps would outflank the southern flank of the pincer and meet the Tiger forces bagging SDF, ISIS and US SOF terrorists; the triple axis pincer would be trapped and ……destroyed.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          There is talk they evacuated ISIS from Maadan was by the SDF and US. They forgot about leaving their PMCs on the other side when they didn’t expect the SAA to cut up the middle. They should never have blown up all the bridges as this turning out to be a shit show for them. They did some more bombing in the region near Abu Kamal again, their is a lot of unrest their and this was possibly to stop the uprising in the region against ISIS. They have targeted these groups before on the behalf of ISIS agents.

  • gustavo


    • Tim

      The HTS trash will keep Russia air force busy.

      • gustavo

        Maybe I did not explain myself well. What I mean is that Russia has the capability (it it wants to) to have enough support in as many front as you think of. Russia has this capability but not Syria-Hezbolah-Iran. So, there is not excuse to me.

  • Денис Черкасов

    Well, you can’t blame americans cause it was obvious that sooner or later terrorsts in Idlib and other regions will attack. The moment of their offensive was ofcourse the most suitable, I too think that americans ordered them to attack.

  • Nuno Cardoso da Silva

    Russia should maybe reinforce its air force in Syria, even if temporarily.

  • EmilyEnso
    • KayJGlover

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  • Serious Dude

    As we see here, SAA and SDF are both progressing against foes like ISIS and HTS. But there are several problems.
    First of all, we see that the so called Syrian goverment and its allies have different ideology, for example the Ba’ath party is secular while Iran and Hezbollah are Shia Islamists. How can they get along with each other?
    Secondly, many Assad supporters are enthusiastic that after jihadists then Israel is next. Let’s guess that Assad wins. But he has many enemies, Arabs to the south, Israelis to the southwest, Kurds to the northeast, Turks to the north and Lebanese (except Hezbollah) to the west. How is he going to deal with all them?
    So it means that Syria like we know it will be destroyed. I have heard that there is a plan that Syria is going to break into 4 (or more) independent states. One above Lebanon that will be Alawite-Shiite and Iran-backed, one in the south with Damascus as its capital and Saudi-backed, one in the north with Aleppo as its capital and Turkey-backed and one in the northeast and Kurdish-backed.
    The situations become worse and worse…

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      The whole world wants justice against US and Israel for it’s crimes for decades and all you have to say is stupid unintelligent and baseless remarks. People like you give rise to the word that is often used TROLL ,which means someone who is trawling with an unsubstantiated argument to try to get a rise out of people. They try using deflection and fallacious sophisms to make their argument and try to spread fear mongering and hatred as this is what the job entails.These people have known to be funded and work for various organizations connected to policy institutes along with other media sourced groups as we see they all seem to spout a consensus truth but not a factual truth. Which is why they try so hard to create a consensus truth which are always shot down by facts.

      Try your argument with the uninformed masses your horse shit only attracts “Shoo Flies” to support it.

      • Serious Dude

        I have asked some questions and you have no answers but just insults. I don’t care about USA, I only care about Europe. And I support Russia to an extent. However, here are the facts:
        We all agree that Salafi terrorism is bad. However, is Assad good? If he is good why hasn’t he stepped down and have free elections? Without Assad dictatorship, Salafis wouldn’t have an alibi to do all these.
        How many Syrians have been killed by Israel and how many by Assad? The truth is that Assad has killed 100x more Syrians than Israel.
        The Syrian regime’s neighbours don’t like it. Is it a US plot or maybe something is going wrong?
        Assad regime occupied Lebanon some years ago. Was it US’ fault?
        Assad has also support from anti-European leaders like Maduro, Mugabe and Kim Jong-un. What about that?
        Do you know that even their close ideological counterparts like Nasserist Egypt and Ba’athist Iraq have hated them in the past?
        And the last thing, because you seem to be fond of conspiracy theories, do you know that the ideology of “Arab nationalism” was created by the Anglo-Americans in order to bring down the Ottoman Empire? Do you also know that this brand of “Arab nationalism” called Ba’athism (just like Kemalism) was created by a “Jewish” heretical sect called Sabateanism-Frankism (Kemal was a murderous donmeh) and all these Sabateans have been creating chaos throughout history? Not to mention that one of their ideological leaders (Aflaq) was a member of the French Communist Party and the Fabian Society.
        And for your information, in this civil war I believe that everyone is wrong. Both US and Russia haven’t find the true cause of this suffering. And blaming Israel, Russia, US or Iran for all these is very much wrong and the easy way out from the true causes of this conflict.

        • Ronald

          # 1 the Ba’ath party of Syria is Shia , and secular .
          # 2 Hezbolllah , is Shia and a part of the larger Christian government of Lebanon # 3 Iran is Shia , but another secular nation , it happens to have the largest number of Jewish outside of Israel and NYC.
          Now your flash of Truth : “We all agree that Salifi terrorism is bad . . . is Assad good ?
          The Syrian Arab Army is composed of 60 % Sunni , 20 % Shia and 20 % Christian . You need to wake up .
          Do you even know why Salafism / Wahhabism is evil ?

          • Serious Dude

            Some years ago, the Khomeini regime denounced Ba’athism, communism and liberalism as satanic ideologies, that’s why they fought a 10-year war with Ba’athist Iraq. Iran is NOT secular with Shia Islamism as its core ideology.
            I don’t know who governs Lebanon but Hezbollah and Maronite Christians are for sure opposite. Russia doesn’t want Hezbollah in Syria and neither does Turkey. Hezbollah are also friends with PLO, a terrorist organization, and also with Mexican drug cartels.
            “Syrian Arab Army”, and that’s the oxymoron. You should search about who created the so called “Arab nationalism” and the purpose behind it (nationalism is a stupid and a divide-and-conquer ideology, look at what happened to Yugoslavia). You should also search about the Ba’ath party origins in the Fabian Society. You should also search the truth about Levantine people and how they are stripped of their identity both by Arab nationalism and Sunni islamism.
            Arab nationalism/socialism on one hand and Salafi islamism on the other hand. Hegelian dialectic with destruction and victims (half a million dead and thirteen million refugees, that’s why they left because they support Assad?)

          • Ronald

            Iran fought a eight year war against Saddam’s “Ba’thist Sunnis ” , because they attacked Iran , with US encouragement , ( they had just ejected the CIA installed Shah) . Nothing new in calling your enemy “satanic” , especially when they are resorting to using chemical warfare against your troops.
            Iran , Syria , Lebanon are secular , because they do allow different religions, despite the propaganda you have bought .
            Lebanon is governed by a secular government composed of Shia and Christians .
            I repeat my question ; do you know why Salafist / Wahhabi Islam is evil ?
            Don’t you think there might be a reason why Sunni’s , Shia , Christians , Druze etc back Assad and the Syrian Arab Army .
            Half a million dead are the result of America’s war on Assad and Syria using Saudi Arabian “moderate rebels” .
            Lets see if you can answer my question .

          • Serious Dude

            So it means that Ba’athism in Syria is good for Iran while Ba’athism in Iraq is bad. This is the peak of hypocrisy. However, I don’t hate Iran, I hate Saudi Arabia more. The other part of hypocrisy is the unity all those Ba’athists proclaim while they fight each other.
            I don’t know what is happening in Iran. Lebanon (a country that has been occupied by the Assad regime) and Jordan are good. But Syria has been a dictatorship and Assad is worshipped like a idol. There is a personality cult around him.
            Salafism is evil because it is funded by petrodollars and its ideology goes back to the 18th century, way before American interventionism.
            If they like Assad then why do we have 13 million refugees? Why don’t they stay there and fight for their leader? Stop believing pro-Assad propagandists.
            Where have I said that I support rebels? They are equally bad and maybe worse. I once supported FSA then SAA and after that SDF (until recently). SDF is PKK and Ocalan is a British deep state puppet.
            Still no word about who supported and funded Arab nationalism, the Fabian Society ties of the Ba’ath party and the stolen identity of the Levantine people…

          • Ronald

            Terra Cotta is likely right you must be a paid troll , or your only source is the CIA’s , CNN , or the Wahhabi’s Al Jazzera .
            You still have not answered my question ; what is it that is evil about the Wahhabi or Salafist Sunni ideology .
            Assad is Shia , Saddam was Sunni , you are comparing apples and oranges .
            You keep up with the American propaganda phrase of “the Assad regime” , yet in the next sentence admit ” Assad is worshiped like an idol . There is a personality cult around him . Yes he did get over 80 % of the popular vote in the last election.
            Salafism is evil because it is funded by petrodollars is not a valid answer .
            What is it that is evil about the Salafist / Wahhabi ideology .

          • Serious Dude

            We are listening to the same disc every day. Typical pro-Assad propagandist: if you are not with Assad you are Zionist, Wahhabi, American, etc… Anglo-American deep state was in fact the creator of Arab nationalism and when all Arabs used to fight first the Turks, then the Israelis and now the Kurds are allies. So you were allies with Wahhabism back then, not to mention that Palestinian terrorist Hamas are Wahhabi-paid.

            For your information, I am Greek, my political position is center-right conservative and I support Russians, Serbians, Armenians, Kurds (not SDF/PKK) and Israelis. So your guess was invalid.

            I have answered you that Wahhabism is evil because it has created hundreds of thousands of victims and millions of oppressed people. The same goes with Assad.

            Assad is Shia and Saddam was Sunni? I thought Ba’athists weren’t sectarian but it seems they are. Assad and Saddam are both bloody dictators.

            And Kim Jong-un took 99% of the popular vote. What does that mean? After all, 2/3 of Syrians are not in Syria anymore (dead or refugees).

            If you are looking for valid answers look about the connections of the Ba’ath party to Fabian Society and Sabbateanism-Frankism and its relation to communism/socialism (Ba’ath is a socialist party).

            Russia doesn’t like Hezbollah at all.


          • Ronald

            Serious Dude ;
            You equate Assad with the evils of Wahhabism ; “because it has created hundreds of thousands of victims and millions of oppressed people ” . That still has not answered my question “What is it that is evil about the Salafist / Wahhabism ideology “. Until you know the answer to that question , you do not know WHO is the enemy .
            Assad knows , Syrian Christians , Shia , Sunni , Druze , they all know .
            Assad is an eye Doctor who had a practice in London , England , Queen Elizabeth was one of his clients . When his father died , the Syrian people begged him to come home . He did , and reluctantly took power . He could have cucked – off with four or five hundred million from the state funds , and lived the “life of Riely” , but he did not , he stood by his people , because he knows who the enemy is .
            You talk about “Arab nationalism” , and the “Fabians” , and communism and socialism , but you only fool yourself thinking you know the cause of the war in Syria . You say you support Israel , no wonder you are so confused , the Zionists are masters in the art of mis – information and confusion . How can you support the Israeli , creators of “thousands of victims and millions of oppressed “, the people of Palestine.
            How , as a Greek , do you feel about Cypress , and the fact that fifty years after the Turkish invaded , they are still there . Do you support that as well .

            Until you know who is the enemy , you will remain just as confused as the Americans , who denounce terrorism , but ally with the jihadist nation , the home of Wahhabism , Saudi Arabia .

            America , Saudi Arabia and Israel created this war against Syria , and they did it using the Wahhabi’s as “boots on the ground” .. Al Qaeda and ISIS are those boots .
            The Syrian people numbered around twenty three million before the start of the war , and now about eighteen million , with the rest displaced , or dead , war is not a pretty thing , So anyway , your numbers are way out of line .
            This war against Syria, is in large part, because of the massive oil deposit under the Syrian Golan Heights , it is Israeli occupied . Intention is to fracture Syria into smaller nations , thereby , Syria would loose its rightful legal claim to the Golan Heights and the billions on billions of dollars in oil.
            Check a book by J. Assange , “WikiLeaks Files” , 2015 . all verified US government documents . The war was started by the US in 2006 .
            When will it end .

          • Serious Dude

            Assad may not be as bad as Wahhabism but he is not good either. It seems that Wahhabism seems like a good boogeyman for you to hide atrocities created by the regime. Then answer me what is so evil about Wahhabism, if not for the dead and the oppressed?
            The enemy is anyone that kills and oppresses.
            Begged him to come… Propaganda at its finest. He just wanted to continue his hereditary dictatorship (his party came to power through coup overthrowing the Syrian democratic state).
            If you don’t make a search about the connections of Ba’athism to secret societies like the Fabians then everything I say is irrelevant. Separatist movements (like Arab nationalism) are always created with malice by malicious people in secrecy.
            Israel is hated because Israel is strong and does not tolerate extremism. The only problem for Palestinian (or maybe Jordanian) people is organizations like the Wahhabi-funded Hamas and the commies of PLO.
            Cyprus is under occupation. Thank this bastard Henry Kissinger for that.
            Those that ally with Saudi Arabia are criminals to me. End of story.
            Israel and Saudi Arabia don’t have diplomatic relations. Those that put them on the same page are just doing mental gymnastics.
            Only Turkey has 3 million refugees. The total Number of refugees are 13 million.
            I don’t know about Golan heights so I cannot have an opinion. However, we should find alternatives to oil.
            I will search about that book anyway.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          The CIA has been involved in coups and assassinations and torture in Syria since it’s own inception in 1947. Now ask yourself is the US credible in it’s assertions we can say with emphasis on the word no.Much of your misconception is fed to by the CIA controlling the media it’s required by the 1956 NATO act which covers all control of the media.The CIA budget for Syria in 2013 was 1 billion dollars.

          When you try to conflate Kemalism with Ba’athism you proved you are more on an agenda then any fact search. Did you know Wahhab met a Britain who was acting on behalf of the crown had gotten in contact with the Saud family and created Wahhabism based on the Talmud. When Assad was in Lebanon came into stabilize the region unlike Ehud Olmert,what was Israel doing in Lebanon trying to attack it for it’s land as he knew the patrol would be kidnapped if they crossed the border.Wonder if that was his case point he was waiting for to invade since he was ready for months.

          The US,Israel ,GCC,EU,NATO,are the exact cause for all of this aswe do know this was a concerted effort arm and equip foreign terrorists to invade Syria ala Arab spring. This effort has massively failed since they found few locals interested,many fight them now.What they thought that would separate the Syrians is even uniting them more than they have been united.The interested parties have even admitted in public their aspirations and continued support for this fake “civil war”.

          This current use of the Kurds will come to naught, mostly you see PKK as the front people in Syria. They are even a sham in fighting ISIS who will be next the FSA has fallen a part and the only ones willing are hired mercenaries. Even some of those refuse to take part in crimes against civilians there as the US and it’s little cabal have none.

          Try not to even raise anything about any CIA sponsored nonsense as that can all disproved as faked,”Caesar” is faked as was the false flags “Chemical Attacks” created by these same actors.

          Try being honest most of your argument is just as distorted as the evidence they proclaim.

          • Serious Dude

            You are telling the same pro-Assad propaganda. Let me explain.
            1) I have stated that I hate CIA and the Anglo-American deep state. Wahhabism was created by the British deep state, Ba’athism was also created by the British deep state (Fabian Society, later Travistock) and communism and fascism were created by the British deep state. Not to mention the creation of Arab nationalism by the British (certain groups inside the state not the whole nation) to help put down the Ottomans (the British deep state created also the so called “Macedonian nationalism” in order to strike us Greeks). The Anglo-American deep state funds separatist movements worldwide.
            2) Assad’s occupation was imperialism but you support it. Hypocrisy much? Assad cares only about power not freedom or stability. Most Lebanese were against him and he lost that war.
            3) Israel and Saudi Arabia are enemies and have no diplomatic relations. Qatar also funds Muslim Brotherhood (Ahrar al-Sham) and HTS.
            4) Yes I agree with you, the civil war is fake. All of them are simply puppets, hell-bent on destruction. Egoism is destructive.
            5) SDF are not Kurds but communists. Created by the British deep state to create wars and destabilization. SDF are against many Kurds and Aramaics.
            6) You should do a quick search about the so called “Arab nationalism” and those that created it (phoenicia.org seems like a good site), the Fabian Society and its relation with Ba’athism and the forced Arabization of populations through the so called “Arab league” (only 1/5 of them are really Arabs).

  • DJ Double D

    This map is not even accurate. The accurate one will show the Kurds seriously expanding to the east. SAA will not be able to liberate any territory to the north. With the situation like this, the Kurds will capture more oil sites to the east and try to cut off SAA altogether and may be the first to reach Al-Bukamal if SAA continue to struggle.