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Overview Of Battle For Deir Ezzor City On September 6, 2017 (Map)

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On Wednesday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces and their allies continued their effort aimed at expanding a corridor between the 137th Brigade Base and the government-held area west of Deir Ezzor city.

Last night, ISIS made a series of attempts to cut off the corridor and to re-establish a siege on Deir Ezzor. The terrorist group used at least one SVBIED that allegedly caused some casualties to the SAA but failed to over-run government forces defense lines in the area.

Meanwhile, the SAA, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, further advanced against ISIS positions at the Sukhna-Deir Ezzor highway. On Tuesday, pro-government sources reported that the SAA re-entered the Kobajjep area after repelling few ISIS counter-attacks. However, on Wednesday, the area faced another wave of fierce clashes and appeared to be contested again.

ISIS poses a stiff resistance to the advancing government forces in the area of Deir Ezzor. Nonetheless, ISIS units have not been able to pose a real threat to SAA supply lines in the provinces of Deir Ezzor and Homs.

Some local sources say that this is a result of the terrorist gorup’s lack of manpower and military equipment for counter-attacks on multiple frontlines.

Overview Of Battle For Deir Ezzor City On September 6, 2017 (Map)

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Lone Wolf

Long live the HEROIC Syrian Arab Army ! and RUSSIA and IRAN and HEZBOLLAH and IRAQ POPULAR MOBILISATION FORCE fighters and PALESTINE fighters !!!

Bill Wilson

LOL! Assad is doing Bibi a favor by using those pig dog Hizbollah and Palestinian troops as cannon fodder against ISIS. The Sissy Arab Army should’ve relieved Deir Azzor months ago but were too chickenshit to take any losses .I’m glad to see that garrison relieved.

Daniel Castro

I hope the next false flag the zionists pull on whatever zioslave country you’re from you’ll be one of the victims.

Keith Smith

You call Hezbollah pig dogs.. Yet they are fighting ISIS. i would assume pig dogs is as best you can get to grudging respect. Hezbollah are some of the best fighters in the world


Yeah that’s why they fought for one fucking week and then gave up 600 isil fighters for a bunch of dead corpses, pathetic


nonsensical propaganda.300 of these people are civilians. Didint the Americans negotiate to allow thousands of ISIS out of Raqqa and Mosul into Dier Zor…and mind you it wasn’t even for dead corpses. F**king Idiot

Keith Smith

a week? erm…..

kurdi aram

U must be one of those “pig dogs” von israeli baby-killer.


Sounds like you need a vacation.


A classic ploy of a Zio Troll is to make comments that contradict . You are therefore awarded the Zio Troll award of the day Bill.


You are a fool. Thanks for exposing that.

Gary Sellars

Bill Wilson has stopped sucking on Zionist cock and has come up for air, just long enough to puke his insane drivel about Syria and its heroes in the SAA. A stern word in Heeb and he settles back down to service his Chosenite master.


Even if you are right, Bibi is so utterly fixated on his IRAN IS EVIL AND MUST BE DESTROYED ON ALL COSTS schtick he lacks the vision to see what you stated. This is the guy who not only prefers having ISIS on his border, he actually wants the West to stop attacking ISIS and support it instead.




another stupid kid who believes in Captain America, born in the most hypocritical country on earth, a place for suicidal lunatics and idiots who love war.


Brainless nonsense

Toni Liu

Damn this d*ck back again, why dont you bring another terrorist supporter again like abu kornet, or maybe he already dead in aleppo cause I never find him anymore after aleppo, hope you choked to death on your troll mind while sleeping or get some bullet to your head


Stop saying stupidities and use your brain for something positive.


isis is doing worse than the fsa did at mosul…

Graeme Rymill

FSA? Mosul? what are you referring to?


my bad, will fix that: it was aleppo……..


while the ISIS rats tried to open a coridor for the Kurds to advance to DEZ (great strategy) which they partially succeeded since the SAA left with loses in lives and land (north west from DEZ), the SAA made a large offensive to their main target, liberating the city. so isis is stuck elsewhere tried to do what the US boss told them and they lost the main bosses goal. liberation of DEZ by the Kurds…who have no interest there since they have done far more than expected from them by their people….they are ‘liberating’ Arab territory, spilling their blood for their bosses goals not theirs…so once again the US proved its capable of making huge strategic mistakes for simple plans.


Better celebrate later and advance south along the Euphrates river towards Al Bukamal and the Iraqi / Syrian border. Its not a complete victory if ISIS or the SDF control still that area. And the later has been able to conduct para drops before, so what’s to stop them from doing that again?!


Actually, far better to advance north and eliminate the Ma’adan pocket, then cross the Euphrates and drive to the Iraqi border. Thus denying the SDF and the US of any chance to make a landgrab for the oil wells there. Only then deal with ISIS around Al Bukamal. Because while the US is in no position to make a move towards Al Bukamal its in a very good position to make a landgrab east of the Euphrates. As long as the SDF is fighting ISIS in Raqqa there exist a window of opportunity for the SAA, but once Raqqa falls and the hands of the SDF are free again all bets are off.

Not to mention that the Iraqis would be very pissed off if the SAA were to drive ISIS into Iraq, and Damascus needs good relations with Baghdad. So until the Iraqi army gets its shit in order and starts securing the border from its end there is not much point in securing the Syrian side of it.

John Brown

No! Only surround Madan then cross the Euphrates to cut off the SDF from more ISIS territory, oil wells etc Syria needs to rebuild its economy. Madan is not going anywhere. After the SDF is cut off secure the border with Iraq and Al Buchmal.

Wahid Algiers

Exactly like that because at the al Bukamal “corner” nothing bad could happen at the present. First stopp “SDF” pushing southwards.


Remember when ur Arab fags said the first time the us went into Iraq that they were there for the oil and would never leave, woooops too bad the white man left gave the Iraqis weapons far more advanced than their tiny Arab brains could ever build and then they run like pussies from 2000 idol when there was 20000 of them pathetic Arab man, just like when a few 1000 British and french white boys conquered ur entire middle East with a few brigades, don’t f#ck with the white man Arab man or u get smaked down again, think about it this is really between Russian a d USA, so again white men rule the middle east get used to it and go back to beating it wife for learning to read

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

What crap are you talking about the US never left and remained in charge of the Govt and still are . The US and all other countries have always required local troops just as it was with the US invading Iraq , the Shia militias was defeating the Baathist army while the US was pulling it’s pud in Baghdad.

The US decided to destroy Fallujah because they didn’t want the Shias defeating the Baathist Army, would be embarrassing if they did. Those same units today are the PMU, get over your over inflated ego, the US has always been good at massacring civilians and native populations.

Get over you racist rant and realize none of those you mentioned could win a war without the Arabs , besides they are as white as you are dumb shit.Think carefully before you open your mouth that is why the US is still in Afghanistan and with no end in sight 60% Govt territory is in dispute, keep thinking as you do you Antifa scum.

Wahid Algiers

Don’ t waste your time with lance, a stupid kid. In real he would be hit down with only one coup by me.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The thing about beating wives that’s a white redneck racists criteria as it is a Wahhabi and Salafi criteria.

Just like the shit talk from you so much, just like a baby blue marine would talk.


Two points to ponder:

In (I think) Egypt, there is a saying “Beat your wife before you leave for work in the morning. You might not know why – but she will.”

Then ponder the origin of the English expression “Rule of thumb.”

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Arabs have reversed engineered much and developed their own missiles, and can jam and take control of the drones then fly them and land them better than the US techs using them.


Lance, although what you say has much truth to it , the way you say it will not convince folks the whites have been blamed for more than their share of tragedy in our world….and isn’t that what you want to do really? Help our world be a better place for everyone ? Up to you Pal, but those of us who want the world to be safer for the kids to grow and the pretty girls to smile, want YOU to help us.


LOL…… Okay. Well. I get your point. (Let’s hope the Arabs do one day too.)

But: “and would never leave, woooops too bad the white man left” What galaxy are you from? In this one, white man SAID he was going to leave, pulled out some troops but… white man never left – AND – he’s STILL THERE.


Perfect plan


This is all just Arab killing Arab like they do for 1000s of yrs, u can blame the white man for all ur problems but that’s a brown Muslim man cutting off ur fucking head asshole

Behold a Pale Horse

How about we blame who sent them weapons and trained them?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Nothing like a dumb racist Antifa ranting about the Mountain Arabs, desert,Arabs and Arabs in general to show his colors, Just call them Kurds and Bedouins much easier.


This is not Arabes illing Arabs. This is USA-NATO-Israel using fanatic Arabs (or other, Qatar, saudis, Jordan, Turkey) to kill Syrian people. ¿ Which countries are the main criminals ? make the deduction by yourself, just think a little bite.


I bet even the finest wine tastes like shit. Because that’s all that is left on your tongue.




The liberation of Al Qusayr, Homs, Latakia gvt, Kuweires airport, Aleppo, Palmyra, Kobane,…all was great and fantastic… but lifting the siege of DeZ beats them all. Sooooooooo fookin awesome!!! The desert will be idlibistan. SAA and allies are the heroes of this era. Never forget!!!!


That’s pretty good. I wonder when Iraq can support Syria from the east.


Whenever USA allows it !




Always its one of these damn VBIEDs from these sewer dwellers to ruin a good week. They need to find the place that at least making the explosives that are used in these vehicles and level it.

Steven Fay

Great news , ive been offline on holiday, Siege is lifted, SAA heroes of humanity.

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