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Overview of Battle for Aleppo on August 29

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Overview of Battle for Aleppo on August 29

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The Syrian army, Hezbollah and the National Defense Forces, supported by Russian and Syrian warplanes, have been continuing pressure on Jaish al-Fatah militants in the areas of the 1070 Apartment Project, the Air Force Technical College, the Ramouseh Roundabout and the Khan Tuman-Ramuseh road.

On August 28, the Syrian army launched an attack on the militant-controlled areas of 1070 Apartment Project in order to secure them and set a foothold for further advances at the western flank of Jaish al-Islam’s corridor to eastern Aleppo (Hikma schools is an obvious target). However, by August 29, the pro-government forces have not been able to achieve any significant gains there.

Heavy clashes have been ongoing at the Air Force Technical College. The Syrian army and Hezbollah are now holding gound in the northern part of this strategic site and preparing to advance further into the Ramouseh Artillery Base. Pro-militant sources argue that the Syrian government has lsot about 40 fighters in the clashes there.

The Ramouseh Roundabout remains a de-facto neutral zone, closed for any militant supply convoys.

Ahrar al-Sham footage of the Air Foce Technical College:

At the eastern flank of Jaish al-Fatah’s corridor, the pro-government forces are attemptingto physically cut off the Khan Tuman-Ramouseh road, advancing on the vilalge of Mushrifah from the Um Al Qara Hill. If the Syrian army and its allies are able to achieve success in any of the aforementioned directions, the militant defenses in the area could easily start to collapse.

There are also reports that 2500 servicemen of the 4th Armoured Division of the Syrian Arab Army will be deployed to reinforce the Syrian government forces in southwestern Aleppo in coming days.

Overview of Battle for Aleppo on August 29

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What in world, the United states supporting terrorists who wage war against America and they call American as infidel. Still we have to support ,I do not understand what is wrong with Obama administration. This behaviour may hurt democratic presidential candidate in general election.


I think the idiots at the Pentagon and the weasels at CIA are more to blame than Obama.

I think if Obama could have his way he would keep a distance to this conflict.

Joseph Scott

Much as VGA has said, it’s not just about the current administration. In actual fact, presidents have little power, unless supported by the existing ‘deep government’ establishment. If you look at US foreign policy stretching back through the 20th Century, you will see that it has been conducted very consistently, without regard for who was president, or what party they were from. You will find similar continuity in the people who make up the State Dept., CIA and National Security Council and associated think-tanks. Party politics and presidents are a puppet show to amuse the masses. The real decisions are made by the same oligarchy that has been in charge since the two major Masonic factions agreed to cooperate in 1922, which was the formal reconciliation of the dispute that marked the US Civil War. (They engaged in considerable episodes of cooperation from 1866-1921 and 1775 to 1861, just with more overt hostility interspersed with such. (1922 marked the establishment of a new set of rules on how disputes between the factions could be conducted, on what sorts of measures were permissible and what were not. A sort of Masonic Geneva Convention, if you will.)

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