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Overview Of Battle For Afrin On March 17, 2018 (Map, Video, Photo)


Overview Of Battle For Afrin On March 17, 2018 (Map, Video, Photo)

Click to see the full-size map

On March 17, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) reached the entrance to the Syrian city of Afrin controlled by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). According to pro-Turkish sources, the TAF and the FSA engaged YPG members in the southwestern gates of Afrin aiming to enter the city.

Pro-YPG sources claim that multiple Turkish artillery and air strikes are now hitting the city.

Overview Of Battle For Afrin On March 17, 2018 (Map, Video, Photo)

Click to see the full-size image

Additionally, Turkey-led forces continued working to isolate the YPG-held city from the northern direction. However, the main clashes are now taking west of southwest of Afrin.

On March 17, the TAF’s general staff released a statement saying that 3,567 “terrorists” had been neutralized since the start of Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch in Afrin.

The Turkish military also released a video of a hospital in the city of afrin. The video is aimed to prove that the TAF had not been attacked the hospital.

“It is closely being monitored that vile propaganda against the Turkish Armed Forces is being spread, falsely claiming that buildings and vehicles were set ablaze by the Turkish military. In reality, it was being carried out by terrorists in Afrin city centre,” the TAF said commenting on pro-YPG reprots that the Turkish forces had bombed the facility.

However, some users say that the video allegedly shows the “damage” caused by some military actions.

On March 16, reports appeared that a Turkish airstrike had hit a hospital in the center of Afrin.

“There was an air strike on Afrin’s general hospital, it’s the only big hospital,” Reuters quoted Rojhat Roj, a YPG media official in Afrin. “The air and artillery strikes are ongoing on the town.”



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  • Michał Hunicz

    I hope that dutchnational is dying in that hospital.

  • Loveyou

    It is time for the YPG to surrender all those areas to the Syrian Army and also let them all join the Syrian army otherwise they will just be all killed by the Turkish army and they will end up with nothing.

    • Michał Hunicz

      YPG – You Pesky Gays

    • Rob

      I have mentioned yesterday that Assad should ask SDF, YPG that you wanna give Syrian land to Turkey.

    • javid soltani

      its to late fuck the traitors , now turkey and Syria want except the deal anymore

    • χρηστος

      far too late now

  • Michał Hunicz

    By the way, Turks sent large convoys, likely to establish two new military bases AKA observation posts, one of them on outskirts of Aleppo.

    • Feudalism Victory

      The main target. The economic hub of syria. Its why assad held onto half of it at the expense of almost everything else earlier on.

      • Michał Hunicz

        Yep, Aleppo and Deir Ezzor will be remembered as the most important battles of the Syrian War.

    • Rob

      ‘Not proxy’: Lavrov says US, British, French special forces ‘directly involved’ in Syria war

  • Hulusi Akar
    • Michał Hunicz

      These murderers block civilians escaping from Afrin on the same time to use them as human shields.

      • Hulusi Akar

        Typical terrorist behaviour, not surprised. Turks warned everyone about YPG being PKK. But in response they mocked Turks. Turkish army exposed these terrorists and the western media.

        • Michał Hunicz

          Turks also aren’t saint…

          • Hulusi Akar

            No one is a saint

          • Michał Hunicz

            Illegal entering Syrian territory is a violation.

          • Hulusi Akar

            PKK terrorists didn’t leave us a choice. They could’ve surrendered to the SAA and lay down weapons.

          • SAA is there now and Ottoman Air Force is bombing them.

          • Hulusi Akar

            Thats not SAA, its some iranian milita thugs. They are interfering with the operations. They are suicidal and have a death wish to enter afrin.

          • Suliman

            Why you are so mad ? Your are wory for your second child Ypg ? Of course you lost your 1st child, Isıs xD

          • Mike

            We should never forget that ISIS was at Israels border and never attacked jews (that shows they served israels zionist agenda) and they were treated in hospitals and armed to slaughter in syria to establish zionISIS state. After that didnt work out zionsts are now supporting YPG terrorists as an alternative solution to annex syrian arab lands and steal their oil.

          • Suliman

            Same shit just different name.

          • Karol Maksymowicz

            Isis members are now in tfsa

          • Suliman

            Yeah yeah, of course freedom kurds…

          • as

            Yes and my opinion here they should kick their ass also in Manbij, Raqqa, and Der Ezzor. Wipe PKK Kurdistan off the earth and send the American home.

    • Merowe

      The YPG, like any professional military force, recognize the wisdom of retreat in the face of a superior opponent. The cowardice we leave to simpleminded, bloodthirsty armchair warriors like yourself, or the recycled ISIS human garbage you are supporting in their illegal invasion of sovereign Syria. Or to Erdogan, who spends years undermining Syria with his support for the terrorists, then when the country is fighting for its life, swoops in to add to the bloodshed. The man has no shame. I have lost all respect for Turkey, a country where I have spent years of my life, over this. Disgusting.

  • Ottoman Orcs still deny the Armenian Genocide, even as they repeat their ethnic cleansing in a country they have no business invading!

    • Hulusi Akar

      Zionist is mad, because Turkey foiled their Rojava Project. LMAO

      • *yawn* Standard Ottoman or Globalist response. Everyone is either Zionist or Russian.

        • Michał Hunicz

          “Everyone is Zionist or Russian”

          No? The anti-Zionist movements are present in nearly all countries.

        • Michał Hunicz

          Also, Erdogan probably is doing Russian job in exchange for S-400.

          • I think he is a double dealing opportunist. He will say what he thinks Putin wants to hear when he is with Putin, say what he thinks Trump wants to hear when he is with Trump and say what he thinks Netanyahu wants to hear when he is with Netanyahu. Eventually he will paint himself into a corner with no way out.

    • Rob

      ‘Not proxy’: Lavrov says US, British, French special forces ‘directly involved’ in Syria war.

      • mhtsaropinigitakis

        yes you dummy how are you going to maintain your proxies if you dont use your agents directly?

      • Yes. They are eager to “help” Syria the same way they helped Libya, Serbia and Yemen.

        • Rob

          Washington help Muslims but in butchering them.

          • Washington helps a lot of Americans the same way.

          • Rob

            This is true butchering unarmed Americans in schools in gun shoots and in the streets.

  • Hulusi Akar
    • You can call me Al

      Wow that is some difference – are you sure ?.
      If so – cool.

      Map above = https://southfront.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/1-128.jpg

      • Hulusi Akar

        Yes southfront always posts shi t maps and outdated ones. The one I posted is already outdated im waiting for a new one. New villages are captured.


        • You can call me Al

          I wouldn’t say they were shit, they are outdated for a reason, only a couple of days max though.

          • Hulusi Akar

            No they were literally shit. Posting hezbollah maps is the stupidiest thing southfront can do. It showed Hatay province as an occupied area. But they arent posting those maps anymore and I hope they wont do it either in the future.

          • You can call me Al

            I just assumed they were a few days prior to the actual happenings.

          • Hulusi Akar


          • You can call me Al

            Thanks I was looking at https://twitter.com/easternmediafax …..and it looks like that has maybe gone now as well.

            PS Regards you link, cheers but I don’t understand the language at all. Apologies.

          • Hulusi Akar

            its just a recent map

  • Ostap Bender

    Turks have a blessing from Moscow for this operation, we’ll see will they proceed and attack Manbij (SDF) and then American response, but as much as I respect Kurds as people and any other nation on the world, US proxy army should be hit by NATO member.

    Tuky will never allow creation of Kurdistan (parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iarn) because that will only bolster PKK. I agree Kurds should have greater autonomy, but this is not the way.
    Americans betrayed them in Iraq and US are still counting on Iranian Kurds to start some kind of revolution as a pretext for attack on Iran.

    Mark Pompeo, ex-CIA boss and new secretery of state was one of the laudest warmongers while he was still only a congressman, and it only gotten worse. He is also a honorary member of AIPAC (talking about election interference, AIPAC owns US congressmen’s, Senators, and executive branch, they do not bother with elections as the support both parties candidates (usually, Obama was the incarnation of the devil for Bibi Netanyahu, and his successor SecDef Lieberman is even worse than Bibi)

  • Ivanus59

    ISIS Terrorist Identified As Part Of Turkish-Backed Forces Ranks In Afrin

    They don’t have the link to the video from where they identified him though.

  • Mike

    YPG terrorists cant fool anyone. The smaller hospital closed month ago an they moves to the bigger hospital. YPG terrorists used the smaller emlpty hospital as ammonitions depot and headquarter. We all know what lying propagandists the ars

  • Eve

    Shame shame on all of you. How much you like to see people killing other people who is the God that permits all these crimes, who is the God that allows people to kill in his name. How are you to judge who is the terrorist when you invade another countries territory.
    Why do you all play in this game? You like wars? Play them in videogames. You like the blood? Go kill yourselves. Leave the people alone to leave a peaceful life. 7 years of war games isn’t it enough. How many weapons do you have to use? How many countries will have to take part? Is it so hard for you to make the deal? Is it hard for you to find the exact percentage? Do you still have so many weapons you don’t know were to use? Or perhaps since we are so many in this earth it doesn’t matter who many die uselessly?

  • Roger Snellman

    Syria is already gone. The big dogs of war are fighting over Syria’s bones. The seed of Kurdistan has re-sprouted and will continue to grow with US backing and vast natural resources by controlling from the Euphrates east. Kurds have been persecuted for over a century. Persecution has made them tougher than Turks and Syrians. There are 35M Kurds in a well defined region, they deserve autonomy and are willing to give their lives to win it. Syrians, Turks, Iranians, Russians are not so determined to stop the Kurds from controlling their own land that they will freely give their lives. Turkey will take as much land from Syria as possible from the Euphrates west to the Mediterranian. Next Turk objective Aleppo. Hezbollah/Iran will keep Damascus north to Homs with help from Russia, naturally Assad will stay on as a figurehead. Russia is not able to spend $1T in Syria and will slowly exit when Iran stops paying their bills. Russia is at Peak-Putin as body bags and $Bs flow between Moscow and Damascus make it unpopular. Russia is outmatched in Syria with lowly Turkey shooting down a Russian jet. Even the US butchered/massacred hundreds of Russian mercs trying to take control of Kurdistan’s oil. With Hezbollah/Iran expanding to it’s NE border Israel may be forced to create a larger buffer zone using more formerly Syrian territory. During the expansion Israel may also be forced to take a piece of Lebanon to the Litani River to push Hezbollah/Iran further from it’s N border.