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Overview Of Battle For Afrin On March 16, 2018 (Maps, Videos)

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Overview Of Battle For Afrin On March 16, 2018 (Maps, Videos)

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On March 15 and 16, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured over 20 villages in the Syrian area of Afrin from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). According to pro-Turkish sources, in total, the TAF and the FSA have captured 210 villages as well as 43 mountains and hills in Afrin.

The TAF and the FSA are now working to isolate the YPG-held city of Afrin from the northern and northwestern directions. The road from Afrin to Aleppo still remains open. This allows civilians to flee the besieged city.

FSA members are in the village of Juwayq:

On March 16, pro-Kurdish sources reported that 18 civilians had been killed and 45 others had been injured in a Turkish strike on the city of Afrin.

On the same day, the TAF’s general staff said that 3,530 “terrorists” had been neutralized since the start of the military operation in Afrin.

Overview Of Battle For Afrin On March 16, 2018 (Maps, Videos)

Click to see the full-size image

On March 15, the European Parliament passed a non-binding resolution calling on Turkey to withdraw all its troops from northern Syria. The resolution is another indication of worsening relations between Turkey and the US-led block, which includes the European Union. On March 16, the Turkish Foreign Ministry criticized the resolution saying that it’s “one-sided”.

“As it has up to now, Turkey will continue to fight against all kinds of terrorist groups with determination,” the ministry said.

Results of the Turkish strikes on Afrin:

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Some of the ruined buildings shown do not look freshly hit. Probably ISIS war leftovers.
One wonders why YPG (PKK) do not leave afrin but wait for TAF/FSA to come….could it be that the US and Coalition who plan to stop Turkey via UN or other instruments told them not to.

Promitheas Apollonious

Because maybe they have prior arrangements with the turks, to hand them over the area and join ranks?


Could be true. Afterall nobody likes Kurds but for a useful tool to create disturbances.

And if so, following may be a viable conspiracy theory; ”although Turkey appears to be in disagreement with US and EU (evidence of which have so far been only the given speeches -and empty threats- by the leaders), they were acting together all along. After all it helps The Governing party to consolidate their votes -and gather extra votes from the Nationalists- (Turkish elections in 2019) while US/EU make Turkey do their dirty work on the field. The end goal being the Greater Middle East (masterminded by the Israelis, applied by Anglo-US).”

If this were true, Turkey is being fooled big time.

Ps. Putin would not miss this. So maybe he is just deliberately playing along while he gets his share of compromises from Turkey.

Promitheas Apollonious

Very much in the lines I am thinking. This abnormal alliances of the last two years somehow, dont seem long lasting. And I find it hard for the kurds or the turkish not to come to an agreement between them, they been doing this for centuries.

And I think turkey will unite her forces on the ground with the UK/Usrael very soon. The game with Russia it is coming fast to an end. I dont think Turkey will be at the side of russia in what is coming.

George King

Turkey has no choice, it will not seek to mend fences with NATO as the cat is out of the bag now. It is part of the same target for death, destruction, pillage and plunder as is all independent nation states resisting uni polar Empire.

Five Countries Decide to Carve Up the Middle East, Turkey in Danger – Ex-Envoy © AP Photo/ Emrah Gurel
09:58 01.03.2018
Representatives from the US, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and Jordan reportedly met behind closed doors in Washington in January to draw up their new strategy for the Middle East.

Ankara is alarmed by reports of about a secret plan to redraw the map of the Middle East and carve up Syria into zones of influence, former Turkish ambassador to France and Libya, Uluc Ozulker, has told Sputnik.

Information about the January 11 meeting, dubbed Syrie Leaks, was published by a group of French journalists based on written notes made by the British ambassador who took part in the meeting.

Turkey Slams US for Distorting UN Resolution on Syria
“The participants agreed to meet again on January 23, which means that they planned to hold such secret meetings on a regular basis. The leaked information makes perfectly clear what the US, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and Jordan really want.

Judging from the notes [made by the UK envoy], the participants discussed inviting Egyptian, German and Turkish representatives to take part in the discussion. It appears, however, that Egypt was never invited and the Germans did not respond. As for Turkey, they were obviously not sure whether to bring Turkey on board or not.

They believe that the conflict between Turkey and the Kurds could reflect negatively on their decisions,” Ozulker said.
He added that the participants made no secret of the fact that the US is looking for a pretext to perpetuate its presence in Syria and the Middle East in general.


Promitheas Apollonious

Unless NATO is who directed Turkey, in doing what they been doing with Russia. Turkeys economy is been created by Uk/Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

Hundred percent she is depended economical and military to the west. The break is not as many think it will be but also worst the dependence. I am almost certain that in the critical moment turkey will join forces with the NATO on the ground of syria and else where. And in my mind is not if is when.

George King

There exist a multi polar win-win New Silk Road projects that will more than compensate for any EU losses without the vassal and sanctions as act of war to contend with. As you state it is still a question……

Promitheas Apollonious

Yes it is always a question, time will solve that.


You are correct. Turkey will never do everything that NATO or the EU wants it to, but it will never side against them either. Germany and Turkey seem to be pretty close. People on this site pretend like they know what is going on. Really, they just spout nonsense that usually does not make any logical sense. Sure, Turkey could move towards Russia and China, but that takes a long time to shift a large economy. That takes decades. People on this site actually think that Turkey and Russia are going to be the best of friends. This site itself, has reported the fact that the US and Turkey are going to work together on Manbij, so it does not make sense that Turkey is now somehow an enemy of the west. 90% of people on earth only believe what they are told and what they want to believe. They do not use logic and examine all sides before forming an opinion. They make claims that want to be true, but are not true. For example, I have seen multiple people on here talk about how the Kurds are terrible because they are getting people killed. I’m not going to argue that at all. But those same people seem to be praising Assad/Russia, or Turkey as if they never kill anyone, and if they do its only bc of terrorists making them do it. The real truth is that both sides are using shady practices and are killing civilians, but neither side is going to admit it, even though it is the truth. It was the same way with World War 2. If you read most history books, you are led to believe that only the Japanese and Germans committed horrible war crimes. Now, they did commit the most and the worst war crimes, but the UK and US led allies also did a lot of bad stuff. People only believe what they want to, even when its not the truth at all.

Promitheas Apollonious



100 fact and correct .Well said on everything .I said on another Turkey i s acting i .Its short term interests and thetmy will never turn guns on U.S .or Nato .


It is possible but I cannot imagine that Türkiye will hear on UN. What can UN / US / EU do ? Sanctions like against Russia or Iran ? Zero impact im my opinion, due globalization. It is sad to see that so called allies are trying to weaken Turkish Safety. After calling by Nato Türkiye was engaged in Afghanistan, Somalia and Bosnia with several casualties. And These Morons want Türkiye to leave Syria and no solidarity. I give a shit on these alliance which serves only the interests of US and EU. Türkiye´s only ally was and still is the Spirit of Kuva-yi Milliye.


Meanwhile YPG terrorists make propaganda about “civilian cassualties”.
Just look at this YPG theatre. These people wear bandages over clothing, blink and fake crying. Its pathetic.


3…2….1…ACTION! (everyone in the room starts to cry and moan simultaneously)


both are terrorist…next TAF objective will be Aleppo 2.0 not manbij


Assad should tell to those SDF YPG morons that you wanna give Mabij to Turkey like Afrine.


When YPG/PKK is crying about “civilians” it means they are finished. It is always their last desperate attempt.
PKK/YPG propaganda goes like the following:
1. YPG/PKK being overconfident, braging. 2.threatening turkey with attacks and talking crāp like “turkey will be finished by PKK..”
2. getting rekt by TAF
3. overcompansating their broken ego with propaganda like they killed 1000s of turkish soldiers and at the same time denying their losses
4. reallity catches up their delusional world starts to crumble.
5. crying for international help, being whiny b.tches
6. start to propagate turkey massacres “civilians” and does a “genocide”


what is next?




Yes the Turks are wanna be heros. The rule the skies, the have heavy artilery, tanks, hired Islamic gangs, mechanised support and supplies and huge numerical superiority. The Kurds have light weaponds and courage.


Don’t call them Kurds like they represent all Kurds or something. They’re a handful of extremists who only got endorsed thanks to their fight against the universally despised ISIS.


“Extremists” ????? How and why? Got endorsed by whom?


If they wanted help, they would have taken the offer of the SAA to enter Afrin and support them. The SAA doesn’t need to do much, after all. If they just start their anti aircraft weapons, that’s enough for Turkey to lose, because they will lose their air support. Erdogan said that he would take Afrin city before morning, about one week ago. Where is it?

You can call me Al

“On March 15, the European Parliament passed a non-binding resolution calling on Turkey to withdraw all its troops from northern Syria.” ……..WTF is the point of a non-binding agreement / order that is non-binding ?…….it is just pathetic political bullying tactics, because the empire is crumbling – which of course makes them more dangerous.


WTF is the point of a non-binding agreement

will nor declare war. only sanctions will continue.


every da you read how close turkey is to afrin yesterday it was 500m , today its 250m in a week it is an inch in a month a quater inch and in a yer a million inch? can sombody explain to me why it take so long to take a small city like afrin with that much fire power ? i mean the operation go in its thrid month now , turkish people are celebrating like taf had conquerd a whole continent , turkey has very little supply lines to afrin (30km),whats they point here why is TAF is taking so long to capture afrin ?
Maybe sombody can give here some rationals arguments not the typical bulshit turkey doesent want to kill civilians blablabla , has somebody on this threat here an logical answer ?


Before ANYTHING, you really need to understand the difference between war and operation. This is an OPERATION. Unless its a cover up op. like “get in, get out”, success parameters of an operation do not, most of the time, include time.


Compare Mossul or Raqua Operation with Afrin Op. What is the difference ???????


they are obviously waiting for all civilians to leave the city, thats why they still keep the corridor open. at the meantime they are clearing all other vilages, to keep the warmashine running until civilians left the city


I wonder why the Turkish Hatay Region is shown as captured area in the map ???? Maybe a wink with the fence post what happened in 1939.


karma does not sleep, karma never forgets.


Karma should take care maybe one day it get unexpected worst. Well known by neighbours


close is the day, when the neoottoman country will be destroyed and split.

karma is swine. syria get now that, what old assad did with lebanon.

in close future trukey will get, what now does erdogan to others.


Do you really beleive this non-sense? Compare to Syria,Iraq,Jordan,Lebanon or Saudi Arabia Türkiye is NOT a tribal community. Türkiye has almost 1000 years of State history.your hate against us must be huge. Sorry mate with that comment you had disqualified yourself. I cant take you serious anymore.drink your milk and go play with your toys


You are also behind zenit. You will be only less and less of singificance. west will take back constantinpol, bosphorus, will create kurdish state. the whole cyprus will be reunited with greece. and you will not be able to avoid thos. this comes within 1 generation.


Hahahaha, you made my day. Not very intelligent what you are saying. Dream on buddy. Constantinopel? Muhahahahahaha.


Are you a poet?

But did not know it :)



Hulusi Akar

Because its made by hezbollah ragtag milita. Southfront should reftain by using their maps this makes southfront look like amateurs.

jim crowland

Unfortunately the small Kurdish army is no match for the genocidal ottomans. It is a pity the Christian west and the Christian Russians did not work together to sent the ottomans back to central asia or whatever holes they came from…..Anatolia should go back to the Christians and the kurds should also receive a small portion. But with the indecisive US and the soviets gassing everyone we cannot expect other than a muslin middle east that will soon produce a new generation of terrorists…

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