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Overview Of Battle For Afrin On March 15, 2018 (Map, Photos)

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Overview Of Battle For Afrin On March 15, 2018 (Map, Photos)

Turkish forces are near the city of Afrin. Click to see the full-size image

On March 15, The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured the villages of Qutan, Berkshli, Kafr Shil, Birka, Ali Jaro, Maska Faqani, Tahtani and Humuraju from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the Syrian area of Afrin. The advance was actively supported by the TAF’s air power and artillery.

It’s interesting to note that the TAF and the FSA still keep a road from Afrin to the government-held part of Aleppo province open. Turkish forces are working to isolate the YPG-held city of Afrin from northern direction but do not cut off the road to the city of Aleppo despite multiple opportunities.

Ankara seeks to avoid additional civilian casualties in an attempt to achieve a citory in the PR standoff against the YPG backed up by the Western mainstream media.

Meanwhile, the TAF’s general staff said that 3,524 “terrorists” had been neutralized since the start of Operation Olive Branch on January 20.

Overview Of Battle For Afrin On March 15, 2018 (Map, Photos)

Click to see the full-size map

On the same day, a spokesperson for the Turkish president, Ibrahim Kalin, said in an interview with the TRT Haber broadcaster that Turkey and the US would form a “safe zone” around the city of Manbij in the province of Aleppo if the US “keeps promises.”

Manbij is formally controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The YPG is a core of the SDF.

Kalin added that Turkey expects to clear Afrin of Kurdish militias “very soon.” However, he emphasized that Ankara has no intention to hand over the town to the Syrian government after it’s captured by its forces.

According to Kalin, 70 percent of the Afrin area has been captured since the start of the Turkish military oepration.

“Geographically, over 70 percent of it [Afrin] has been secured right now,” he said. “They wanted to make Afrin a new Qandil. This [attempt] has been eliminated through Operation Olive Branch.”

Qandil Mountain has been a stronghold of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Iraq. Ankara says that the YPG is a Syrian branch of the PKK.

Overview Of Battle For Afrin On March 15, 2018 (Map, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Overview Of Battle For Afrin On March 15, 2018 (Map, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

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Moursal Admaj

Now it is done for the YPG and the NDF

Promitheas Apollonious

is one of two things that can happen now.

Either we have not yet seen nothing and now the battle begins, or kurds shown that with out the air force and support of nato are nothing, like the houthis in Yemen, but just another expendable opportunist bunch of gangs, who believed they can bite the hand that feed them and give them a place to be and stub them in the back, something they did until the last moment.

Now they must sleep in the bed they make for themselves and I never rated kurds, in the department of intelligence, very high.

Chomma Chopz

Where oh where are the YPG’s US handlers?

Promitheas Apollonious

Getting their instructions at the embassy. The briefing is not over yet. And they wait to see if england will demolish russia and sent her in a nuclear winter, saving all the rest the trouble.


The danger here is that a Jew world order effort will, and almost certainly is being made to get Turkey on board to move ahead with the secession and partition of Syria by setting up North Syria as a new state in SDF held areas. So I guess that you could call this Plan C. With A being regime change in Damascus, which has clearly failed, and B being Kurdish Israelistan, which the Turks are in the process of shutting down.

Which leaves C, a new Arab secular democracy permanently occupied by Mossad, IDF, TAF and the rest of the NATO coalition. I suppose that you could call this Israelistan lite. Supported by an anti Russian, anti Iran/Hezbollah NATO/Israel/GCC alliance providing military, economic and political support. With the Turks and an increased US/NATO military presence replacing the Kurds as the Jew’s boots on the ground doing their dirty work for them. Whether the Turks can be gotten on board with this scenerio remains to be seen. How Afrin and Manbij evolve will be a strong indication of what the Turk’s intentions are.

Promitheas Apollonious

From the go ahead, to me at least this is the scenario is been playing. It make me wonder if the russians are this stupid or are on the wagon with them. I was hopping I am wrong.


There was a lot of talk in the beginning of the war about setting up safe zones for refuges in northern Syria, that never formally happened. Turkey and the US used the pretext of fighting terrorists, along with regime change proxies, to engage in mission creep to establish a footprint in areas outside of Syrian government control. At this time the Turks have a foot in both camps. Both the Syrian government coalition, and the regime change effort.

They’re a lot less Jew friendly than the Kurds, and are being treated as the lesser of two evils until better arrangements can be gotten in place. Russia has a lot of carrots for the Turks, which they’d prefer to use rather than the stick. The Turks want the Kurdish issue mitigated, which they’re being helped with and allowed to proceed with by the Syrian government coalition. Whether that help and permission will continue, will no doubt be contingent on what the Turk’s post Kurd mitigation actions and intentions are.


TR will not get out of the region before ;

1. Establishing a safety belt consisting of Arab and Turkmen Sunni population between Kurdish populations in Turkey and Syria

2. Arranging settlement of sufficient number of Syrian refugees into this safety belt from camps in Turkey,

3. Diminishing Iranian influence on Syria. Ultimate aim is to replace Assad with a Sunni ruler, which is a very hard task. This target unfortunately puts Israel and Turkey on the same boat. And I believe this is the reason why Israeli government stays silent on Afrin operation.


I don’t see the Turks carrying out large scale ethnic cleansing of Kurds to set up a safety belt. Disarmament of the Kurds is a primary Turkish objective. Not allowing disarmed displaced Kurds to return to their homes would be a diplomatic disaster for the Turks and would put them in the same basket as the Jews.

George King

I would add to the disarming a complete release of all Commons and border areas to the Syrian goverment administration and control.


There are reports that the Syrians were allowing the Kurds to support the PKK in Turkey. And the Turks annexed part of Syria in 1938 using a questionable occupation and referendum process. So there’s a risk of similar activity in north Syria that needs to be sorted out.

George King

Israeli goverment is silent because their outspoken and public call for the Iraq Kurdistan referendum back fired, was smothered and ran out of Kirkuk before the ink on the votes dried under the waving of Israeli flags in the public square, in mho.


I still think that the Kurdistan is still the main objective because it is the only option to protect Israel from both the Shiite axis and the Sunni axis at same time. Considering that Turkey, sooner or later, would have to be directly sucked into this conflict anyway, the Afrin card is beeing very usefull to the plan. Lets see how Afrin city and Manbij will evolve and how far Turkey is willing to go.


It isn’t looking good for KRG ll in northern Syria. All of the Turk’s proxies are non Kurds. The US may sell out the Kurds in exchange for Turkish support in setting up a partition state in northern Syria.


Exactly what I’ve been saying. But by history of US action of course the Kurds would be given a consolation price in settling where they can be overlooked such as golan and Iraq Syria borders.


Very interesting analize. Make sence in my opinion too. I think Russia is here not so important. Main goal of US is here to cut the shia belt I guess.


Coming from a disinfo peddler whose been proven wrong as many times as you have, your analysis doesn’t mean much.

klove and light

Where I stand…fuck the us zionist eu turkish slave dogs.ps. fuck bin salman too!!

why disinfo??? its all over the news, that the turkish bastards made a deal with the us scum for manjib!!!!!..add to that the turkish government stated and I quote ” we will not give back the afrin area captured from the YPG to the syrian government”……one can only conclude that the turkish bastards double crossed the russians!!!Assad said it all along!!!
If this is true…its just a matter of time till the syrian government falls..there are too many pressure points……
1.north syria if occupied by turkey(nato country) will be the silicon valley for terrorist scum….and cant be attacked unless u want allout war with nato
2. east of deir e zoor all energy rich land occupied by the us zionist scum…….wanna get that back..again war with nato
3. al tanf area bordering the arab traitor jordan..another silicon valley for terrorists..wanna get that back…again war with nato
4.west syria bordering the zionist bastards….we have all seen in the past years the open help(logistical , medical and airpower) from the zionist entity against the SAA.

Each of these points russia has so far done nothing…000!
1.they allowed the turks into afrin area through the obvoius green light for TAF(turkish air force)–no syrian airspace protection
2.they allowed the us airforce constanly harass and bomb SAA by deir e zoor–no syrian airspace protection
3.no syrian airspace protection
4.allowing israel constanly on a weekly bases bomb SAA–no syrian airspace protection
Anybody here who still believes that this current syrian government will ever have control over all of syrian territory again is …sorry brothers..out of your mind!
I wish the SAA,Hezbollah and Iranian forces could kick them out/bury the intruders..but thats a wish.If one stays logical, there is only one possibility….
Russia decides to go to war with nato.which would definetly mean nuclear war.

Now those 4 areas being controlled by us-zionist, and now turkish scum….the pressure will eventually become to big!!
ps. stop celebrating the ghouta battle…..its just a battle, yes its in damascus backyard, yes the bastard terrorists are being killed…but for the big picture it means zero!! and dont nobody tell me next the TIGER FORCES will be in afrin to confront the turkish army with its airforce……unless the russians now..directly attack turkish and us warplanes the SAA can do shit in northern syria, east of euphrates and al-tanf.period!


You’re analysis is faulty and contains a lot of disinfo.

– At one point the US controlled 100% of Syrian airspace. The Russian no fly zone west of the river reduced that to 30%, with a lot preparations to reduce it further.

– 99.9% of Syrian government coalition military operations have been conducted air strike free thanks to Russian air cover.

– The war west of the river is in the mopping up phase, with all of that Syrian government coalition military capability being freed up to work on the remaining 30% currently, and probably temporarily, under US air cover.


The NDF should not get encircled because of the YPG failures…


I think they already know the countryside would have fallen. Even if they’re the one defending.

Hulusi Akar

Southfront you shouldnt use maps from hezbollah, they show hatay as occupied territory. Bad for your credibility.


“However, he emphasized that Ankara has no intention to hand over the town to the Syrian government after it’s captured by its forces.”

Just as I predicted. I can still remember some morons on this site claiming that Turkey will use its army and headchopper proxies to clear northern Syria of PKK affiliated groups and then magically handing over Afrin and Euphrates Shield area to the SAA voluntarily. Morons who erroneously support the Assad regime while simultaneously cheering on Turkey and headchopper co.

How fucking delusional rofl.


Turkey is the lesser of two evils, that’s why people support them. They’re also preventing the Jew world order from doing to them what was done to Syria. Ukraine is an example of what happens to democracies that don’t toe the Jew line. Copy and paste quotes of people who expected a miraculous transfer to Syria. I haven’t seen them.


There was a ton of them from 2 months back when the Afrin operation started. Morons in the comments section were literally speculating that Assad and Turkey are somehow friends, even though on the same day Erdogan was calling Assad the “biggest terrorist” and Assad + Jafaari were denouncing the foreign invasion. People were speculating that Turkey is only interested in clearing its borders from kurdish militias and that because of Russia’s mere presence, would abandon their own headchoppers and allow the SAA to retake the rest of the country from the TFSA.

Of course, this is not what’s going to happen. Instead of Syria potentially being splintered by Kurdish seperatists, it will be partitioned by Ottoman headchoppers.

Now of course, I will eat my own shit and gladly admit that I am wrong if Turkey does indeed cave to Syria/Russia/Iran, withdraws from the country and stops supporting its favored brand of headchoppers when the SAA finally has enough resources to retake Idlib/Afrin/North Aleppo.

However, I suspect Turkey has every intention to maintain a permanent presence in the country, if not outright annex territory for its Ottoman ambitions.


I don’t remember any posts claiming that:

“Turkey will … then magically handing over Afrin and Euphrates Shield area to the SAA voluntarily.”

let alone “ton of them from 2 months back” from Syria government supporters, and you haven’t provided any proof to support your “a ton of them from 2 months back” assertions.

Anyone familiar with the conflict recognizes that Turkey is taking contradictory positions with it’s regime change and Astana peace process sponsorship:

“Syria’s government delegation headed by Bashar Jaafari convened in Astana for indirect talks titled the International Meeting on Syrian Settlement, sponsored by Russia, Turkey and Iran.”

– Syrian peace process –


The Turks obviously have an agreement with the Syrian government coalition to clear Afrin of armed Kurdish secessionists. So that’s a clear indication that the Syrian government coalition views the Turks as at a minimum the lesser of two evils, and possibly as future allies.

Yes there is a risk that the Turks will attempt to work with the US and Israel on proceeding with a different form of partition than KRG ll to create a north Syria rump state east of the river in an effort to salvage part of the Jew world order’s regime change failure. But I don’t see a TAF presence much south of a defacto dmz buffer zone along the northern Syrian border that the Turks have talked about where the Kurds hold a majority in some areas. And there is a big problem with illegal Kurdish immigration into those areas.

Which leaves 80% of the area east of the river contested. And includes a large Syrian government held redoubt right in the middle of it that’s been there all along and that can be expanded when the war west of the river is further along and additional resources can be applied east of the river.

Trump wants to get out of Syria, the Jews aren’t going to provide any man power east of the river, and the Turks are unlikely to venture far from the border. The Turkish people support border security. They’re not going to support a partition military adventure for the Jews beyond a buffer zone.

That leaves the Syrian government coalition, which has every intention of seeing a Jew world order north Syrian rump state that will be used against them not happen. Once the mopping up operation west of the river is further along, reclamation efforts east of the river will increase.

Kurdish majority areas:
comment image

Don Pagani

Remember Russians are kings of chess. Assad regime is not strong enough to liberate Kurdistan areas. For this reason, Putin lets Erdogan do it, since Turkey does not want a threat of Kurdis alway present under its belt. I believe a deal is made among the trio inluding Assad, Erdogan and Putin. Without a doubt Putin leads and be a sponsor for the deal.


I think/hope that the turks leave a corridotopen so that the SAA can take over the town and expel the YPG. I hope Putin is behind this.

michael Harrison

If that coup attempt had worked maybe Turkey would have sat back at let the US make a kurdish state in syria and Iraq, so as to wreck the countries forever and have more puppet states in the ME. Was it a US regime change attempt in Turkey?

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