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Overview Of Anti-ISIS Operation In Southern Damascus On May 16, 2018 (Videos, Map)

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Overview Of Anti-ISIS Operation In Southern Damascus On May 16, 2018 (Videos, Map)

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Syrian government forces have been developing momentum against ISIS in southern Damascus.

According to pro-government sources, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have liberated a number of points near Quds Mosque from ISIS in the Yarmouk refugee camp area. Government troops have also advanced on ISIS positions in the ​​northern part of the district of al-Hajar al-Aswad.

At the same time, the SAA has pressured ISIS militants in the norhern part of the Yarmouk refugee camp. According to local sources, the advance in the northern part of Yarmouk is an attempt to draw ISIS reources from other fronts to advance in other areas.

It should be noted that the SAA has increased the intensity of usage of rocket systems and artillery guns. The Syrian Air Force is actively carrying out strikes on ISIS positions in the area.


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Michał Hunicz

Bomb that entire place to fundaments. Starve every ISIS scumbag to death. Unfortunately Raqqa style is the best solution. It is crazy how these headchoppers can be so annoying.


At the moment SAA cannot bomb that Yarmouk pocket due to civilians.


If the pocket surrounded from all directions then this is just three days job but I don’t know why SAA don’t wanna liberate this pocket quickly. These ISIS are Israeli commandos. If they liberate this Yarmouk pocket soon then the hostages will be rescued from ISIS.

Alejandro Bonifacio

urban warfare my friend, it’s hell on earth


SAA could use camera drones or reconnaissance drones which could ease fight for SAA and their allies.


The already do, but this is urban warfare, so far 423 reported KIA in South Damascus since the anti ISIS offensive began. The Iraqis and Americans in Mosul, the Kurds and the Americans in Raqqa, the Turks in al al bab, All couldn’t solve the problem of urban warfare till this day nobody really has. And that problem is high causality numbers and a slow advance.

if you blow up every building, the rubble of this building will slow down completely, or stop even the advance and support of the amour, Tanks, APC, even bulldozer get stuck in the rubble, blow up buildings will create just more point for the enemy to hide and any civilians left will get killed. This happened in Ein tarma offensive and the reason the gave it up it was to costly in men and amour. The took Ghouta from the other side.

Urban warfare is hell even the most elite army’s get bogged down and have a high casualty number.


They should use night vision goggles and camera drones, steel plates in their jackets and steel helmets. And should fight behind fortification. If soldiers exposed then they can be easily targeted which is not good. 2nd they should not walk together because that is attractive target for enemy.

John Wallace

Mate , it sounds like you play too much on your platstation or whatever. Why don’t you jump on a plane and go join the SAA so you can show them how it is done . Sure sounds like you know all the tricks needed ..


I have never waist my time on video game.

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