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Overview: Illegal Rwandan Immigrant Killed French Priest

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Overview: Illegal Rwandan Immigrant Killed French Priest

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On August 10, a Rwandan national murdered a Catholic priest in western France a year after he caused a major fire that ravaged the cathedral in the French city of Nantes last year.

The suspect named as Emmanuel A. came to police in the town of Mortagne-sur-Sevre  in the Vendée region and declared he had killed the local priest.

The victim, a 60 ears old priest, was identified as Olivier Maire. He had been welcoming a Rwandan national into his church for several months.

Previous to the murder, Emmanuel A. has confessed to being behind the fire at the main Saint-Pierre Cathedral in Nantes on July 18, 2020. After spending ten months in pre-trial detention, he was finally released, under judicial supervision, last June, awaiting trial.

Emmanuel A. was released on July 29 from the Georges Mazurelle hospital in La Roche-Sur-Yon where he had been in psychiatric care for a month.

A Rwandan national, Emmanuel A. arrived in France in 2012 after fleeing his native country, where he witnessed the genocide of the Tutsis in 1994. In France, he integrated into the Christian community of Nantes and lived with other members of the clergy. He was a volunteer in the Cathedral of Nantes.

When he came to France, he had made numerous attempts to obtain asylum, but they all had been rejected. He was obliged to leave France in 2019.

“Emmanuel A., had addressed to the diocese of Nantes in early 2019 a “cry of distress”, judging himself in “a deplorable vicious circle”.- 20 Minutes reported.

Taking into account that he has twice claimed his responsibility in crime, he could profit from the charges to stay in the country.

Overview: Illegal Rwandan Immigrant Killed French Priest

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Such an incident may have important political consequences.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen, claimed that today in France “you can be an illegal migrant, set fire to a cathedral, not be expelled and then reoffend by murdering a priest”.

Problems linked to immigration are now one of the main contradictions between Le Pen and centrist President Emmanuel Macron. They may play a pivotal role during the presidential elections next year in France.


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David Herzog

It is impossible to get along with the labels attached to the two political figures: micron is an useful idiot and homosexual that cannot be categorized as a “center” but is a real leftist , a stinky antifascist as it serves the Zionist world dictatorship project and, on the contrary Le Pen is a real centrist defending the People, Democracy, Constitution, Legality, Justice, Freedom. The priest had what it deserved . Any Christian has to fight the serves of satanist zionists , muslims or antifascists , atheists or pedo , feminists or liberals it doesn’t matter which mask those nazi beasts are wearing . And after all it was nothing more than a very usual settling of scores between servants of satan .

Last edited 1 year ago by David Herzog
Peter Wallace

His asylum attempts have been rejected so he found another way to stay in France. Setting fire to a Cathedral wasn’t enough so had to go a little higher.

"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

If France wasn’t so racist, and accepted all the migrants, then none of this would be happening.


Racist ? France is now an Africa country with many African people in the streets in many villages if not all. And this after the 2017 election French choice.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sylvain
David Herzog

The zionist puppets that are bloody ruling the Christian nation are really deeply racist as they hate white people and spend their energy to have the country invaded and the people killed . You better end to use alcool and heavvy drugs .

It’sa bit more complex than that. Since Sarko, France has been on a sledge run down the hill. Sarkozy was a CIA agent and thus France was a CIA experiment. The came Mr Holland, the president that call it’s patrons “Toothles”, we had a few Islamo terrorist attacks under shady circumstances, but that worked the “public opinion”. It was a slow road that lead to Macron. NOW France is no longer. Police officer control ppl in cafés, restaurants. Ppl can’t go swimming but continue to pay for those facilities with their hard earned money… Sounds and smells like pre world war 2….

World will be a better place without religion

Don’t worry they will make france migrant free after next election… Here we go again take migrants in… help them then they kill you.. I bet with you he is a Muslim.. Only Muslim are misbehaving in a Western country.. You Don’t like how we live go fuc..k yourself back to your country. Disgrace…

David Herzog

Ok if they don’ t like our Christian values and our Christian european society they should go back to their countries but also the stinky atheists that don’ t like our Christian values , our Christian society should go fuc..k ! Where ? A couple of meters underground , food for worms .

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