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Overview Of Border Conflict Between Armenia And Azerbaijan – July 16, 2020 (Videos)

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Overview Of Border Conflict Between Armenia And Azerbaijan - July 16, 2020 (Videos)

An Armenian UAV downed by Azerbaijani forces

Border clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan continued on July 16.

In the morning, the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan said that clashes are ongoing in the Tovuz area. According to the statement, Armenian forces attacked positions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces and shelled the villages of Agdam, Donar Gushchu and Vahidli.

However, the Azerbajiani side claimed that its forces keep situation under their control. It also added that reports of Armenian media about the destruction of the Azerbaijani battle tank were false. According to the defense ministry press service, all battle tanks of Azerbaijani forces are behind the frontline and are not engaged in the clashes.

Overview Of Border Conflict Between Armenia And Azerbaijan - July 16, 2020 (Videos)

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The defense ministry says that a total of 11 Azerbaijani soldiers, including high-ranking officers, have been killed and another four wounded in fighting with Armenian forces since July 12. 

Kerim Veliyev, Azerbaijan’s deputy defense minister says that nearly 100 Armenian soldiers have been killed during the period. He said that the Armenian side tries to hide its casualties.

Armenian media claimed that a battle tank of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces was destroyed:

Meanwhile, Azerbaijani media and officials continue accusing Armenia of agressive actions against Azerbajian and argue that the Armenian side is intentionally instigating the conflict.

On July 13, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev described Armenia as a “fascist state” adding that “Armenian forces could not enter Azerbaijan in one centimeter of soil and will never be able to do this”.

The President added that there is no need to mobilize armed forces in the current sitaution and denounced provocations by ‘particular forces’ inside and outside the country. This statement was a reaction to a pro-war meeting in Baku. Despite the strong anti-Armenian rhetoric, the top leadership of Azerbaijan wants to demonstrate that it does not support the escalation.

The Armenian village of Argeipar is being shelled by Azerbaijani artillery units:

The Armenian version of events is quite different. The Armenian Armed Forces claimed On July 16 that Armenian forces recorded the defeat of Azerbaijani forces.

“The Armenian Armed Forces are watching, seeing the air and ground space and are ready to defeat the enemy units. And this morning we are fixing this defeat,” a spokesperson for the Armenian Defense Ministry Artsrun Hovhannisyan said.

He described actions of Azerbaijan as an “offensive” attempt and claimed that Baku employed at least 100 soldiers supported by fire of several artillery battalions. According to Armenia, there have been at least 2 offensive attempts since the start of he escalation on July 12.

Hovhannisyan said that Azerbaijan lost at least 20 soldiers, a battle tank and other equipment during the clashes. The Armenian side also observed an intense usage of drones during the attacks.

According to official reports by the Armenian military, 4 Armenian personnel, including a major, were killed in the clashes. It also regularly accused Azerbaijan of shelling civilian areas (villages) near the border.

The Armenian Foreign Ministry emphasized that Azerbaijan resumed to aggressive actions, violating the previously reached agreement on the cessation of hostilities and after the statement of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs on July 15 on the establishment of relative calm on the border.

Both Armenia and Azerbaijan claim that they conduct defensive actions only and accuse each other of waging an open aggression. At the same time, propaganda and war-style rhetoric in the countries reached the level when their leadership is in fact forced to answer with force to every move of the opponent. Thus, even if the sides do not seek to launch a full-scale military conflict, clashes continue. In the event of some larger military incident on the border with dozens of killed at one moment, these clashes could easily escalate and further.


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Israel supports Azerbajian, they also protect the Jews so we love them. Enjoy our toys: https://www.timesofisrael.com/israel-to-sell-weapons-to-azerbaijan/


thanks for the info, so we know which peoples we need to lock up in the future


So we have Saudi, USA, England, Georgian and azerbajian government that needs to be toppled, before finishing off the head of the snake, you which state that is


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Jens Holm

There is no occupies Palestine. More like an accident, which cant or should not be reversed.,


I just wonder, are you a troll smairing Israel, or are you proud of diabolic goals?


I am a very proud Israeli, something most of the people here can’t even understand how loyal I am to my country.


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Jens Holm

You probatly learned that in a german prison.


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Serbia, Russia and esp Armenia ( let alone kurd commies unwashed PKK sympathizers ) do not exactly qualify for being civilized enough. Egypt without CC is a combination of Pakistan – Iran – Erdoganistan

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FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

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What are they feeding you in Greece? you are angry and unrealistic. Azerbaijan is three times the size of poorer Armenia and it also has Turkish support as their populations are related. It is a Greek-Turkish type strategic imbalance. In a short border war Armenia may be able to hold its own. but if the war become a total war than Armenia will not hold out. For the time being, it will remain a stalemate and no one wants a major war.


You compare countries by size on the map and I am the unrealistic one?

You are dumb as fak. You think turkgay will help azerbanana and Russia will Not help Armenia?

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Let there be a fight. Too much quarantine, at least something to watch. Fire!!!


In a short sharp conflict Armenia would have the upper hand as its military is better trained, but if the war drags on beyond a month, that Armenia is in trouble. Considering Russian weakness and mollycoddling of Turkey, Armenia is pretty much on its own.

Assad must stay

i agree, i hate the russian weakness and mollycoddling of torkis, i wish putin did not give a shit and was a real hardass


Russia has no clear policy on anything and is losing even luke warm friends. Serbia, Greece, Italy all looking towards China. Iran has been the most successful in signing a comprehensive pact with China and Syria is also linked to both now. I am doubtful that Russia will stick it out in Syria for long. The US is actively targeting the Russians with impunity.

Assad must stay

it seems that way, why did this happen and how can it be reversed?

Jens Holm

It should not be reversed.

So many of the big old structures was the best “the world” could do after WW2(and WW1) and should be seen as temporay stabilisations and still – as for Syria – even in artificial Neocolonialistic structures meant for France, Brits and by Lausanne also Turks. That of course includes USA after WW2 became a kind of take over the collapsed Empires, which includes the Osmans.

So I see reversed as putting the influence back to the people living there in relevant structures. By that I diagree a lot with Assads and almost just as much with Turks and ceratinly with Bagdads as well a Iran.

But the patterns are the same for many socalled countries of today. They are nortrunned well. The have several choised. One is a more advanced centralised structure for runnig the whole thing. Another is dividing the countries local and even make new cpuntries.

It seess You has shown very much, that You deny to understand thats very good improvements and many milion Syrians prefare to decide much more themselves, because nothing good comes from Damaskus and the Baathists.

The impressing thing is You are able to ignore how bad Syria is doing compared to others and insist in dicatatorship and artificial neocolonialistic borders.

Jens Holm

I agre in that part of Your fairy tales. It seemes to be almost a world thing changes like that has appeared and they have their devellopment problems as well.

I allow me to add that USA is not USA. They have reconsidered a long list of things fora kind of moderation by Obama, which according to their practice was a moderation.

Next Trumps has smashed that try for an isolistic attitude, where all states are their own and can be dominate done by one.

Thats old Russian policy and done by China as well.

So we most likely can expect its more difficult to see who is who.


I am not sure about the training of them, hence can only compare the equipment and technological edge. You have any legit source for training comparison?


A friend of mine compared the Azeri saber-rattling to BLM, asserting they are both state-sanctioned chimpouts that come as consequence of the Plandemic. I think he’s onto something…


In Jerusalem, Armenians are the most often spat on by Haredi and Orthodox Jews. Strangely, in the United States Armenians were referred to as “lower class Jews” and were barred from obtaining financing, land and equipment. Anti Armenian racism persists to this day in the US and especially Israel.


Armenia is one of the few Jew free nations. Armenians traditionally hate Jews as they suffered a lot from Jew exploitation.

Jens Holm

That agai makes no sense. The tradition for both Jews and Armanians in the more religios attitudes are, they dont mix themselves up with anyone else. So thats – again – not about Jews but ANYBOSY ELSE.

Thats very visible in DNA.

Other do same thing. In the region Yasedis are internal kuke that too. Muslims often are exact the same and even they know they make handicapped children, that chance is more important then relating to other religions and sekulars.

Its about children and by that muslim women all over the world cannot convert FROM Islam.

So clean Your own part as number one and come back.

Jens Holm

Thats a very biased version. USA was build in steps and based on White supremasy, where all – ALSO THE WHITE ONES – where and also today are graduated.

Fx Irish is low. Mexians are low(spanish), Jappanese low, chinese low, Jews low a.s.o.

Taking outArmenians as treated wqorse makes no sense.

Muslims exact the same and its the same too many paces in the world. Palestinians Somalis and most Pakistanis are the lowest in Islam.

Koreans are low in Japan and the Japanese aboriginians as well.

So putting in those levelsmm You do, might be more or less correct, but its a ransom part of how the world are.

Thats why a good try was made named workin for human rights by the UN declarasion.

Its also a fact that Israel – or almost all of it – of today prefare none others then Jews running everything. That includes muslims and other Christians very much as well.

Its very easy to refer about the dividing for running the old religious symbols in Jerusalem, where one solution is and where that none should have the in part of Jerusalem then the old religions. Mpst jews see that as enemy tall.

And here You again are correct but You are notr able to use the correct context. Even it has been a context even before Saladin arrived.

Its also igored who the Armenians in their version of Christianity was affiliated to for centuries.

Its also not new how low Jews are seen in most of the arabic world. I fx do remember Eisenhower in Nord west Afrca were adviced to forget any right for Jews there because then the enemy thre would not only be Small France and Nazis but a total uprise among arabs there.


“100 Armenians killed” is just the usual Turkic bullcrap by the looks of it. Just like their master, Turkey, they always greatly exaggerate enemy casualties.


Azeris so far have done very poorly considering that they have spent billions of their oil revenues on weapons from US, Israel, Turkey, Russia and every NATO nation. Their military is not disciplined or motivated. But is a total war numbers always won.

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