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JUNE 2021

Over 80 Injured In Clashes Between Police And Protestors Across Catalonia (Videos)

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On March 25, over 80 people were injured in clashes between protestors and police in Barcelona and elsewhere across Catalonia. Riot police officers faced-off with an angry crowd as protestors had took on the streets denouncing the arrest of former separatist leader Carles Puigdemont in Germany.

On March 23, the Spanish Supreme Court issued a European arrest warrant for Puigdemont and a number of his aides. On March 25, Puigdemont was detained near the border between Germany and Denmark.

Puigdemont is accused of rebellion and sedition, after leading a pro-independence referendum deemed illegal by the Spanish government last year. He is facing up to 25 years in prison.

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Petrus Levelleri

He thought he could roam freely within the Schengen area mocking everyone and evading justice. Now he doesn’t laugh anymore. He and his ilk have left Catalonia divided, tensioned, poorer, neighbours don’t talk to each other, broken families, bankrupt businesses… and all for nothing. Not only they’re idiots, they’re also criminals. Justice will never be enough to repair what he’s done.

Richard M

These poor people have no 2nd Amendment. The Globalist tyranny will crush them.


My god you’re fucking stupid. These “poor people” are communists and anarchists.

Richard M

Because anyone that doesn’t worship the Globalist/Soros/Hillzebub Cabal is a Communist and anarchist. In truth it is your Antifa scuhm that fit your description.


separatists catalan= UE =OTAN=separatits kurds= USA+ISRAEL!!!


Organise a peaceful referendum & get charged with Sedition, Que?

Madrid sending in its Nazi Stormtroopers to beat the Catalans into submission in Barcelona very probably INCREASED the support for more independence among the proud Catalans, who have their own language & traditions.

EU support for the Nazi Spanish govt following support for the Nazis in former Yugoslavia & the Ukraine leads to just one conclusion: the EU is a Nazi Uberstate in the making.

John Doran.


Throwing the word “nazi” 20 times in one sentence doesn’t make you right, in fact it makes you look retarded. If the Spanish govt were “nazis” these protesters and separatists would have been executed months ago.


Kolarov, no profile, no personality. Just an anonymous Troll who can’t count & doesn’t understand the plain English phrase: “in the making”.
Who’s retarded?


Nazi’s didnt kill protestors MORON! where did u get the analogy?
Totally different scenario! We are talking about Brown shirts who were a part of the Nazi party! those Brown shirts who beat people into submission BEFORE HITLER CAME TO POWER! Those who supported the other 2 more popular parties that were running for Govt in Germany in the Early 1930’s were beaten and raided!

If you dont understand why he used the Word Nazi and draw a conclusion as to why, then shut the hell up! Nazi’s weren’t just involved in the holocaust YOU DUMB MORON! They were involved in False flag events and also beating their own people! And if u dont know who the Nazi storm troopers were, then google it and learn! Dont come here with ur 14 years old level of knowledge!

Google Nazi brown shirts, Google Nazi Storm troopers, Google the news papers that were raided and controlled! LEARN you idiot! LEARN so u can finally be on the same level of knowledge we are on!

YOU SAID: “If the Spanish govt were “nazis” these protesters and separatists would have been executed months ago”

Real Anti-Racist Action

Ashkenazis were involved in thousands of faults flags. From 9/11 to the latest poisoning of an ex Russian double agent who was poisoned by MI6 working for global Ashkenazi-interest.
Ashkenazi’s are evil.

Real Anti-Racist Action

This movie was made by Ashkenazi’s as mass media manipulation of the masses.
Nazi’s won the second world war, National Socialist lost the 2nd world war.


LEARN u Dumb Mother F-cker!
We shouldn’t have to put up with your dumb ass! If u dont understand the Nazi analogy why do u comment? Why not search for the answer urself rather than coming here and stating absolute bullshit! Why should we have to put up with ur dumb ass? huh? why?

If u didnt understand, find the answer FIRST!





Kys? is a kiss?


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Real Anti-Racist Action

Of-course the EU is ‘nazi’ the EU was founded by Ashkenazi’s.
Ashkenazis or ‘nazis’ for short won both of the world wars.
Ashkenazis which hail from northern Turkey centuries ago run the world finance and globalist institutes now.
The nationalist fully lost the 2nd world war.


In addition, Ambrose Evans Pritchard revealed in the Telegraph newspaper that the EU was always a CIA (& therefore Globalist) project.
The end goal is global hegemony, with a vast depopulation. As I say:
“The Hunger Games is where they’re herding us.”
John Doran.

Janne Kankaanpää-Haissoufi

To support separation of Catalonia is like to support separation of Chechnya from Russia, or separation of Kurdish enclave from Syria. No-one would like their home country to split in two, except extremists. In the long run stability serves us all best. And any division serves the best America, neocons and zionists. Because separation and fragmentation makes it easier to exploit people, especially those that are poor and vulnerable.


Why would the danish or Germans arrest this man. As he was fleeing for his life


The same reason why a US state would arrest somebody if another US state requested their arrest? There have been too many cases of criminals of one EU country fleeing prosecution by going to another EU country. So the EU arrest warrant was introduced.


Merkel is a spineless piece of shame. Puigdemont should never have been arrested. This tastes of the old unblessed cooperation between a certain Spain and a certain Germany.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Original Spain and Germany defend the indigenous tribes.
Now the governments main aim is to genocide all the indigenous tribal peoples under their authoritarian rule.
And by the way, Adolf won more votes then Putin or Trump or Merkel or Obama ever did.
That is democracy in action.


Real Anti-Racist Action

Free the indigenous ethnic tribal peoples.
Down with those who do not belong in other peoples tribal lands.

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