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Over 700 ‘Black Vest’ Migrants Occupy Paris Pantheon Demanding Citizenship

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Over 700 'Black Vest' Migrants Occupy Paris Pantheon Demanding Citizenship

Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Approximately 700 ‘Black Vest’ protesters filled the Pantheon in central Paris on Friday to demand that they be granted citizenship, according to France 24.

The so-called “Black Vests” is a Paris-based migrant association that takes its name from the “Yellow Vests” anti-government protest movement.

As they went inside, tourists were evacuated from the Pantheon, which is the final resting place of France‘s greatest non-military luminaries including the writers Voltaire, Victor Hugo and Emile Zola. –France 24

Black vests, black vests,” changed the group – alternating with “What do we want? Papers!

The Black Vests demanded “papers and housing for everyone” in a statement, which describes their organization as “the undocumented, the voiceless and the faceless of the French Republic.”

“We don’t want to negotiate with the interior minister and his officials any more, we want to talk to Prime Minister Édouard Philippe now!” the group added.

“The Pantheon is a symbol of great men. Inside there are symbols representing the fight against slavery. We are fighting against modern-day slavery,” said French rights activist Laurent of Droits Devant. “Many people have been living without rights for years. We have done this to ask the prime minister for an exceptional regularisation. There has never been such a thing since [François] Mitterand took power” in 1981.

After several hours, the group eventually left when authorities escorted them out through a back entrance mid-afternoon, according to AFP. “All of the people who gained entry to the Pantheon have been evacuated,” tweeted Philippe.

In total, 37 protesters were arrested. On Saturday, several Black Vests showed up outside of a Paris police station to “demand the immediate release of our comrades! Long live the # Black Gilets !”

They stayed there for several hours until they were calmly evacuated through a back entrance mid-afternoon, AFP correspondents said.

,” Philippe tweeted early evening as a police source said 37 arrests had been made. –France 24

Conservative lawmaker Marine Le Pen, leader of the right-wing National Rally, tweeted in disgust.

“It is UNACCEPTABLE to see protesting illegal aliens occupy, with wholesale impunity, this is the centre of the Republic,” adding “Expulsion should be the immigrants’ future — that is the LAW.

In June the Black Vests made headlines after briefly occupying the headquarters of Paris-based catering company Elior Group. A month prior, the group occupied a terminal at Charles De Gaulle airport to protest “Air France’s collaboration” in the deportation of illegal immigrants, per France24.

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Pave Way IV

Karma’s kind of a bitch… isn’t it, France? And there’s a hundred thousand more where they came from.



Okay but did the average Frenchman who suffers their economic, social security and future for their children have any real say over this?


Of course not, the French President, Hillary Clinton, Obama, those same traitors who leave the borders open. The navy that doesn’t sink those illegal ferries after they unload their human cargo. Those “Black Vests” need to be returned to Morocco immediately.

Saddam Hussein

Dont forget me.

Pave Way IV

…but you had imaginary wepons of mass destruction. We have PROOF!

Real Anti-Racist Action

The Neo-Moors need to go back to their indigenous home lands. Africa is a super continent. Europe is earths only micro continent. The Moors have been launching invasions of France and Spain and Portugal and Italy now for over 600 years. Same racist crap, different day. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DisxVZcVsAEnUMs.jpg


I agree. We want all the whites out of the Americas asap. They should go back to the place of their ancestors: Europe. In South America there several million whites that I’d like to put in boats and return them. “The Moors have been launching invasions of France and Spain and Portugal and Italy now for over 600 years.” What saints the Europeans. Surely these European nations haven’t invaded anyone. After destroying other nations for centuries, now it is your turn to taste your own medicine,


What you have issues understanding is that Europe have been invaded for over one thousand years by non-Whites and Whites defended themselves and retook old land they had lost to non-Whites.

Their own medicine you say? Odd, isn’t that what Whites did to Africans and Arabs and Asians when they pushed back and established trade posts, which turned into colonies, across the world? The difference is that Whites actually did bring improvements and not only being a disruptive force.


Who invaded Europe? If you mean the Arabs or the Otoman Empire, maybe you should start with the Crusades, which was basically about pillaging masquerading as a Christian endeavour. In any case, those problems you had with Moslems is none of our business. We are not Moslems, and you came and destroyed our societies. As if this were not enough, Europeans brought loads of Africans and Asians and debased our ethnic stock. Why do you complain now? That you are going to disappear in a sea of ethnic and cultural “diversity”? It seems so. I believe in karma, not only individual but also civilizational.

R PLobo

karma as delivered by the zionazis occultist banksters and their vassal stooges(regardless of which country they come from)?


The Crusades happened about 500-600 years after non-Whites attacked Europe. Crusades was not about pillaging, that is a good way as any coming out that you know nothing about the Crusades. Try again, bud.

No one came and destroyed your societies, you did it well on your own and the shit a few European governments did pales in comparison to the destruction caused by internal struggles. Europe went through exactly similar things that most of the world went through, foreign meddling and direct invasion and yet, despite internecine warfare and conflicts between Europeans added to the misery done by non-Whites, they managed to build the most humane and successful societies ever conceived.

Europeans did not vote for this shit, our governments and the global economic demanded that we’d open up our borders. They propagandised to Europeans the horrors and dangers if we did not do so, those who protested was and still is demonized.

If you believe in personal and civilizational Karma then bye bye whole of humanity; especially Africans (Read Bantu expansion, first slavery, first genocides, cannibalism, and observe the state of Africa today). You’re not a clever one, you’re only a spiteful little anti-White ideologue who ought to consider your replies before trying to justify the destruction of the West and an entire race.


“No one came and destroyed your societies”. And you tell me to try again at my own history? Funny how you try to disguise the destruction that Europeans brought upon native societies. Why is it hard to recognize it? It is because of this callousness and indifference that you have your current plight well deserved. Of course the Crusades were about pillaging. Maybe not the first time around, but remember there was more than one. This idea about the most humane societies is only the brainwashing you sheeple have taken for centuries. It is funny how you mention all the so called Jewish brianwashing, but when it is not convenient for you to recognize it, then you forget it. And we voted for your coming and raping our soicieties? You came and imposed your weltanschauung, whether we liked it or not. How sad that my view is not of your liking. Tough luck. Now man it.


You’re so far out of in the sea with your hypocritical nonsense that a reply breaking down your comment is but a waste of my time as you’re beyond doubt unable to read what I am writing. It is also obvious you’re ignorant of history, another reason why a lengthy response correcting you is a waste of my time. Have fun destroying and creating nothing.


Lol. The idiot says “hey, you cannot understand my wisdom so I will stop talking to you”. You know what is hypocritical? To whine so much about things you yourselves did when you were colonial powers. Is it so difficult to accept your misdeeds? Hypocritical is to look for scapegoats somewhere else. And it is cowardly too. By mentioning about others’ faults you think you can justify all your exploits. The fact that other peoples practiced slavery for example does not justify that you did it. How did you get those best armies and best technologies? Since you are an accomplished historian surely you must know because up to the 18th and even 19th centuries the standard of living in Europe and the US was miserable. Or didn’t you know that the hygiene, health and standard of living in Paris or London were even lower than what you call the Third World. To create, innovate and produce, in short, for the Industrial Revolution to take place it was necessary lots of capital. That came from your plunderings in your colonies. Finally, we also had great economies as well as science, but they were not based on war and invasions and plundering like yours have been historically.


The irony in your post is beyond staggering. Dig deeper, idiot.


Good bye whitey. Your grandchildren will probably be browns. Lol. The best thing is that you will witness it.


Do you know why your lil’ racist line (Which I was fishing for) doesn’t bother me? It is because it won’t ever happen. I won’t outright tell you why, since the value of allowing your ignorance to remain is too precious, it makes you predictable in your hatred. The only hints I’ll drop are these: 3%, 5%, and 2100.


Yes, so smart you are lol. If it won’t ever happen, why all the fuss “Europeans did not vote for this shit, our governments and the global economic demanded that we’d open up our borders.” Don’t contradict yourself Mr. Smart. Yes, now you’ll start your blabbering. Hatred is what you display against those who are different from you. Accept reality.


The irony in your comments are now bordering on being a symptom of something. Tata.


“The irony in your comments are now bordering on being a symptom of something.” I thought you had already said that. It seems you are running out of ideas.


It bears repeating, after all I am interacting with someone lacking valuable input beyond basic hatred and spouting ignorance on a subject rather complex.


“Lacking valuable input”. Now I am impressed Lol.


It has become so typical that non whites cannot accept any responsibility for the mess they are in. It’s always so much easier to blame the white man. Bad things have happened to everyone, but some are just always whining about it. But to be fair, it is entirely our fault that we have the the strongest armies, the greatest innovations, the best economies, the most efficient industries, the most beautiful women, the most humane laws and the most fabulous history. Let’s face it, that’s what all the bitching is about! Lol.


True, too many non-Whites are a currently defined by their strongest traits: whining, blaming, and demanding. Their blatant hypocrisy and a measly grasp of history is telling, in their ignorance they simply are unable to grasp that if it wasn’t because of Whites slavery would be a legal global phenomenon and starvation would be a more common. Educational levels across the world would be much lower; in America alone, when White settlers began establishing townships they also established colleges that eventually would become the first Black educational institutions.

Diseases would be more common. Infrastructure would be less developed and electric consumption would be polluting (Read the statistics and it is telling how dirty most of the worlds energy production is compared to White nations).

There is so much to speak about regarding history to render their ire against Whites nothing but good ol’ racism and the common traits of communists lowlifes who can’t create anything of value other than strife as they warp morality to suit their agenda.

Concrete Mike

Hahaha well said !


the black hijabs

Brother Ma

A disgrace that invaders be even allowed to do that. All there including the native French who helped them should be whipped in public and the invaders thrown out . Stop this mollycoddling of headchoppers. If they cant be thrown out ,house these mongrels in the suburbs of the politicians who signed off on the Syria War.


Your opinions are not enough European. A true European is proud to work hard for the future European Caliphate.

R PLobo

Question is which Soros NGO organized this and how much were these mercs paid? The globalists are complicit and the fakery is all part of the show to distract from the zionazis cancer.

Joao Alfaiate

Thank-you Bernard-Henri Lévy.


These morons from Soros empire always demand demand and demand. How about putting in some hard work, or producing quality thinkers and people who are worthy of a Pantheon! Nah, they just want everything for free, claim their “rights” and piss on everyone else’s rights. These people really need to go back to Africa and build their own culture there (or not build if they choose).

Domenic Patrone

Who ever think that I would wish for the return of Adolf HItler ?!? But who needs Hitler? Oh, were I a leader in Europe, their corpses would be floating in the cold northern waters for sure. Ahh, DISGUSTING !!!

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