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JULY 2020

Over 6,300 refugees Return To Syria From Lebanon Since June 18


Over 6,300 refugees have returned to Syria from Lebanon since July 18, Colonel Samer Mkhan, a spokesman for the coordination committee to repatriate Syrian refugees, said at a joint meeting of the Russian and Syrian Centers for Receiving, Relocating and Accommodating Refugees on August 9.

“Over the past 24 hours, 136 people have returned to Syria from Lebanon. In all, 6,381 refugees have returned from Lebanon since July 18, 2018, including via the Zemrani, Jeydet Yabus, al-Dabusiyah and al-Qusayr checkpoints, while 318 people have arrived at the Nasib checkpoint from Jordan,” Colonel Mkhan said, according to TASS.

Colonel Mkhan added that work is in progress to restore houses and social facilities.

Chief of the Russian Center Major General Alexei Tsygankov added that Russian and Syrian representatives are jointly working at the checkpoints with neighboring countries and internally displaced persons.

“The Syrian government and the Russian interdepartmental coordination headquarters believe the most important task is restoring civilian infrastructure, including social facilities. Thanks to concerted effort, the restoration process is proceeding at a fairly fast pace, with specific results visible today. Highways, bridges, water supply facilities, electric power lines, medical and educational institutions, bakeries and houses are being actively restored,” Major General Tsygankov said.



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  • leon mc pilibin

    The satanic zionists are going crazy,because these poor suffering people were supposed to go and flood Europe,as part of their plan to destroy it and also depopulate Syria to make it easier to take over.No wonder they hate the Russians,lol.