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Over 600 Militants Handing Over Heavy Weaponry to Syrian Army in Damascus Countryside

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Over 600 Militants Handing Over Heavy Weaponry to Syrian Army in Damascus Countryside

Over 200 militants and their families will be evacuated from al-Hamah and Qudsiyah in Damascus countryside within 24 hours, the pro-militant news agency ‘Orient-TV’ reported. Then, the army will set full control of al-Hamah and Qudsiyah in Damascus countryside.

Reports say that over 600 militants have already handed over their heavy weapons and military equipment to the Syrian army. 200 militants are set to be evacuated to the militant-controlled province of Idlib only with light weapons on Thursday.

400 have chosen to stay in the government-controlled areas using an oppotunity to get a pardon from the Syrian government.

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I wonder why the Western Media will not be reporting this?


You know why, as well as the rest of us do…LOL, nice try, but you’d never make a good sheeple.


Hehe, I do not think I would like to learn how to try and behave like a sweet little sheep.


For the same reason no children are being killed by shells in not-eastern Aleppo.


I wouldn’t let them stay unless there was some sort of retribution or trial. Monitoring also. This same thing happened in Bosnia and you have jihadist enclaves supported by Wahabi psychos in Saudi Arabia.


I would as long as they are not Europeans/Americans fighting for NATO.

Marumiyu Moriame

ya monitor them that is a no brainer. i would put them in a halfway house with happy reeducation program and a tracking device on their ankle oh ya cant forget work camps so they can clean up the mess they made.


I would imagine most of these people were just caught in the middle. They probably thought these Islamist were gonna win so they had no choice but to join them. Only option was that or beheading I suppose. By doing this, you know exactly who those people you need to wipe out are. Don’t be surprised before this war ends, those people who chose to be relocated are all going to be wiped out!

Eric Parlin

Many are probably locals caught in the cross-fire and no way to feed their families. Joining the Sunnis pays well I hear (not first-hand obviously) so, I agree – many just poor schmucks caught in the middle. Makes me mad as hell thinking of putting families in that situation. Putting people here in harm’s way too and not even telling them they are in danger.


The Syrians should take a page from the Old Testament, “Kill them all lest they be as a thorn in your eye, and a vexation !”


This is good news.


Perhaps the only way to avoid WWIII, is if the ‘rebels’ finally see the writing on the wall. Wouldn’t THAT piss the US warmongers off? They’d be denied their big war…again.


Here’s what I don’t get TriD2…. WHY is Syria so important (and so important right now) to the US that they will risk war with Russia for it? … Why not the more usual ‘let things die down for a few years and then start agitating again’ — like they did with Venezuela?

What’s causing their urgency? ———————- The US can’t win a war against Russia. Both sides can lose – but the US can’t win. Dead Hand – there’s no way to stop that thing – so they can’t win. It’s the ultimate MAD.


The neo-con manifesto, PNAC, laid out a specific timeline for the breakup of all middle eastern countries defying central bank control. Someone, or thing, is obviously pressuring that schedule to be kept.


What kind of pressure warrants a threat of nuclear war? We’re talking the destruction of US cities here —- for a country that always goes to war but NEVER to war against anyone who could strike their homeland.


Have you never read the Protocols? They were an updating of Weishaupt’s 1780s Illuminati doctrines and blamed on the Jews. There is an insane method in their madness, along with a huge dose of wishful thinking and diabolical scheming, carried out over a multi-generational timeline. They appear to have now come out of the shadows. Their goal is in sight. Ordo ab chaos.

Eric Parlin

Just my 2c but POTUS and both SecStates involved should/could be tried for war crimes were the truth to come out – much less the people in my country are seething already and want their heads. We have a complete black-out in the mainstream media here and nobody knows what the hell is really going on. Everyone thinks this is over russia ‘hacking our election’ (whatever that really means) If the US would just stop with the escalations and let the world catch its breath for a damned minute it wouldn’t take very long for the truth to unfold. But keeping them enthralled with this fairy tale that the Russians are working with Trump and Assange to destroy poor little Hillary keeps the masses confused and starry-eyed. I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life. I’ve worked milint / elint overseas and somewhat versed in OpDec and can tell a phsyOp when see it I think, but never thought these would be used in my own country. Those at the top feel they have nothing to lose I think. That’s the only thing that makes sense. Trump wats to stop this but can’t tell the people exactly what is going on for fear of being labeled a crackpot – but he sees it, you can tell in the way he’s operating and the timing of the statements that he makes.


“Everyone thinks this is over russia ‘hacking our election’ (whatever that really means)” —————————- Here’s what I think that cookie is all about…. (That it’s being used as campaign hype is secondary.)

Trump is doing far better than expected – not even those ludicrous “sexual predator” claims and pretty girls crying on TV is doing much of a dent – that’s a serious problem for the establishment that wants Hilary or bust.

You’ve also now had the USG/NSA declare officially – that Russia hacked xyz etc. It’s blatant rubbish – but it’s official blatant rubbish.

I’m guessing – if Trump wins by a margin that can’t be fiddled (as was the case with the Bushbaby) expect to see the results declared null and void because Russia hacked your system and rigged the votes.

Eric Parlin

I dont know (dont know if anyone does) if Dead Hand is still around. I’m betting at the top here they either don’t believe it is or have actionable intel.


You think the Russians would have dumped that cutie-pie? Don’t remember where or who – but I read some months back that the Russians had or were considering activating it.

Samurai Jack

oil pipelines and allies


While the U.S. dithers and postulates, Russia and Assad need to get Syria back to rightful ownership.


Whence did they get the heavy weapons?

Eric Parlin

Hillary – that was proven in the wikileaks dump. That and other surprises – like I said, a tribunal is in their future if this could die down.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Their redemption should be to break them up and integrate them into the SAA and force them to fight against ISIS and FSA. If they serve with distinction, then after the war they can be forgiven and re integrated into Syrian society instead of facing the death penalty.


There are amnestied groups fighting on the side of the saa at this time. Rt did a documentary about it.

Rasmus Outzen

Can you find a direct link to it?


US special forces should take off their camo beards and get out of Syria.


200 militants are set to be evacuated to the militant-controlled province of Idlib only with light weapons on Thursday”

So…. when Aleppo has “fallen” we’ll all then be watching western media and politicians crying their crocodiles for the civilians and moderate rebels of Idlib? All of course, while they keep supplying Saudi with the bombs for Yemen – and tossing the odd airstrike in themselves now.

Eric Parlin

They will be moving further into Yemen soon. Obvious false flags were triggered this last week – in three days we had three events each on a destroyer in the red sea. From MSM I found one day a couple ‘rockets’, then a couple ‘missiles’ then a couple ‘guided missiles’ – all misses. I’m sure Saudis firing from Houthi territory – they leave their options open so in case one door shuts in Syria, another is left cracked in Yemen.


Saudis obligingly tossing a few shots short – or just the Americans lying again.

Eric Parlin

You seem to be able to see through the western medias obvious lies. That is commendable. I wish more could. Either that or you’re not in the states under the oppressive umbrella of their propaganda machine.When trying to tell people that 2+2=4 they think I’m crazy. If you’re not in the states can you give me some idea of the media coverage we don’t see? I’m curious of the view from elsewhere. If you are in the states,then no worries.


I’m not in the states. My available media is BBC CNN Sky AJE RT – and the internet. Added to an ability to remember what happened, and what was said, yesterday.

The propaganda isn’t the problem because most of the time it’s pure idiotic nonsensical garbage; the problem is the preference to believe what is obviously utter nonsense.

Some examples: North Korea is going nuke America. ..?? Yeah? Actually the best one was Obama once saying they’d fly a plane over the States and drop one in suitcase out the cockpit! (“For everything else there’s Mastercard!”)

Russia snuck a BUK into Ukraine for the Donbas rebels to shoot down a Dutch passenger liner – and then snuck it back into Russia!! Yeah? Wow.

Yemen rebels fired missiles at American warships! Whoopdedoo. (To say nothing of Iraqi WMD and Syrian CW.)

The worst thing about it (to my mind) is that they don’t notice (or don’t care) how badly their govts insult their intelligence – so I guess they deserve it.

But America MUST be stopped – and I no longer care HOW.

Eric Parlin

Hey Shahna – just saw your response in my feed. Looks like the election worked out. Getting him to the White House is the issue now. Hoping DJT stays true to his word. Thanks for the updates – of your list I trust RT the most but still some propo’s slip in.

Eric Parlin

This is Eric’s wife..commenting. A cpl things you said I feel the need to comment on. Not sure if your comment that said I’m just not a idiot and remember things, it went something like that. Eric nor myself are idiots and not all Americans are idiots but to be honest there are a lot, way to many. I don’t think it’s fair to say America has done this or that and deserves Its ppl being killed and the Americans won’t do anything about wars etc. it’s not our Civilian population doing bombings its government with use of military which the average citizens have no control over. Even if we could stop our military from bombing something across the world from us we aren’t told about it. They don’t share much of our military moves at all and when they do it’s so rare you know it’s a lie if your not stupid. I don’t know what Country your in but I’m fairly positive you have very little say in what your government or military does, just like us except we are farther away on another continent so it’s not possible to know shit. The Europe invasion and all the attacks etc…none of that was shown on our news of what’s going on in other countries. We voted for Trump so I have faith that things will be a lot better it’s been 8 Long years of a global one world order agenda so I know the Opioion of the US isn’t good right now with any other country but most Americans pray & hope its about to get way better. I pray peace and happiness for you and your country’s ppl the same as I do for mine.

Eric Parlin

And just read some of your posts – a little more than half the people here do get it. Trump supporters know what’s happening and know he will stop it. The propaganda is hitting social media too so the view in many controlled environments is askew. The faked social media accounts are much better at camo’ing than they used to be and harder to spot. But can be spotted. I wouldn’t waste much time on those that can’t see their nose in front of their faces. Unless Obama and joint chiefs succeed in starting war in the next three weeks, conflict in our streets to stop the war machine will begin. It is a bold statement to make, but I have no doubt of this.


It’s not starting WW3 that’s the problem – the problem is America BOMBING multiple countries to perdition and no end in sight to that bombing. WW3’s a good idea – if only because Americans will learn WHY they shouldn’t bomb people. And if Russia turns half of the US into glass – sorry – but I’ll cheer – It will STOP THE BOMBING.

Americans get off their arses to stop America’s wars?

Not even in your dreams. America runs, thrives, survives on that war machine. No war machine = no American economy & no American hegemony. No … exceptional people in indispensable nation.

————————– Forget about Trump winning that election – don’t you know – Russia hacked the system and rigged the result so —- Null and Void. Runner up takes it. Clinton’s the next POTUS – and she’s going to war more war.

And you can afford not to take seriously those who can’t see past their noses because America’s bombs aren’t falling on you.

gfsdyughjgd .

The Lord said that there will be wars kingdoms again kingdoms but that wont mean end of the world.First the great whore Babilon must be destroy.Of cause Russia will win against any agressors whether we like it or not.

gfsdyughjgd .

One good thing of Arabs is their are comitted in whatever group their fight in with.Their are honest their will tell you the whole truth and this makes amnesty possible.Their have great respect for their mother land and brothers.The fact that their so ambitious Nato always abuse their trust for devide and rule purpose for their own nato interest.

gfsdyughjgd .

Russia Syria must help this members to go through siocoligical testing to traumatizing the force from child chopping tactic.

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