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Over 5,000 Inhabitants Evacuated from Idlib to Aleppo

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Other 3,000 people will be evacuated from Al-Fouaa and Kefraya towns to Al-Rashidin neighborhood in Aleppo during the day.

Over 5,000 Inhabitants Evacuated from Idlib to Aleppo

Photo: AP

On Friday morning, a column of buses with residents of the Shiite towns of Al-Fouaa and Kefraya arrived to al-Rashidin neighborhood in Aleppo, located 360 kilometers of Damascus, the Al Manar TV-channel reported. Reportedly, over 5,000 people were evacuated from the two towns, besieged by militants.

It is expected that other 3,000 people will arrive to Al-Rashidin during the day. The evacuation from al-Fouaa and Kefraya towns is carried out alongside with withdrawal of militants from the Al-Zabadani and Madaya mountain resorts, located to the west of Damascus and captured by them. Reportedly, 60 buses departed from there in the morning. According to the agreement, reached between the government army and armed groups, 3,800 militants with their families will be withdrawn from the area near Damascus.

Al-Fouaa and Kefraya are defended by units of the National Defense Forces (NDF). Residents, who remain there, are in complete blockade. Foodstuffs, medicine and essential goods are delivered to the towns by helicopters.

The Ahrar al-Sham and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (previously known as the Al-Nusra Front) terrorist groups confront Syrian troops in Al-Zabadani and Madaya. The two towns remain the last strongholds of the armed opposition in the mountainous area near the border with Lebanon. They have been surrounded by the Syrian forces for more than two years.

The operation is conducted under the aegis of the Syrian Red Crescent Society and is accompanied by a pause in the hostilities. According to the Al Watan newspaper, about 8,200 inhabitants will leave Al-Fouaa and Kefraya at the second stage of the evacuation. T They will be accommodated in temporary refugee settlements in Homs and Latakia. At the same time, withdrawal of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham militants from the southern suburbs of Damascus, Al-Hajar al-Aswad and Beit Saham, as well as from the Palestinian Yarmouk Camp, was started.

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Bill Wilson

That’s one way to free-up troops that are badly needed elsewhere.

Dustil schmit

Not really that logic also applies to the HIT alqaeda group that was besieging it with thousands of troops, they are now freed up. More or less equal amount exchange. Apparently SAA will also release some of the “rebels” in the 2nd stage, according to alqaeda terrorist group.

Bill Wilson

Heck, both sides really didn’t need many troops to keep each other in check since those villages were isolated. That government held area inside Idlib grew in size over the past year. I think that became a dumping ground for government supporters that were removed from towns and villages in the general area. Those that live nearer the front lines are pointed in that direction and told to march.


Weren’t they transferred from East Aleppo to Idiib? Are they being returned to Aleppo or are they genuine?

Rodney Loder

MOAB’s are now entering service in proxy conflicts, the Observatory won’t have a leg to stand on if Assad has got the balls that Trump has got, balls legs, maybe we should wait and see how Trump comes out of it, Turkey can’t hold Idlib the rebels there are in safe Syrian hands, it’s not about Syria or the DPRK, China is the target, if Uncle Un can hold back China will have won, it wasn’t only the Tomahawk hit, the threatened Korean invasion, or the MOAB in Afghanistan, included was the demonetization of anti- war activests on the internet, “we are changed” got a sponsor out of it and is better off, the real perculear deal Trump might not be facing impeachment any more but his audience will shift to RT, hopefully then to RtLoder on Quora, see Terry Loder on Quora I’ve posted pictures of my Mt. Scanzi soon to eclipse Mt.Sinai.


I think Syria already in state of division where shiite will give up some of their areas to suni and Suni give up some their areas to shiite therefore that country will never be the same again. The question is who will benefit from this war is it Assad or The United States.

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